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  1. uni versus dropping out

    well it took me 6 years to graduate with honors for my Physics Degree - Astrophysics minor just 2 years later im on a 6 figure salary and its only going up I was a broke ass student with a part-time job to make ends meet during my time while studying, but now its the opposite. So as to whether u goto uni or not? For some its the right move, for others its not. In some industries, a degree isnt as required as others.
  2. Jobs - ideas?

    hmmm i just applied to a company which i found through uni laserdyne pty ltd they are a engineering and manufacturing business, make PCB's, laser modules, electrical components etc i am not officialy qualified yet (still at uni) and they are asking for people so mabye a company like that for you in a field you like and can do
  3. Latest Dyno Results for my CA

    lol not all dyno sheets show the correct info all the time kei 300rwkw CA's! thats the way not far to go very impressive i had a measly 180rwkw in mine, only boltons tho
  4. texas hold'em query

    11th confirmation hahahaha anti-spam : seriously any QLD peeps going down to aussie millions? a few of us are going down and more is always better
  5. Learners Bikes

    lol the funny part about all this is most of you have never ridden one of these bikes, not the least ALL of them. anyone who gets a 600/1000 b4 riding a smaller bike is 1) stupid 2) likely to kill themselves, even with a bunch of self control (and you need it) without the experiance of riding, a 600 will be too much too soon. 1st bike, 4 stroke, 2 strokes just arnt user friendly, and are a bit of a pain around town. theres a reason they dont make them anymore so no rgv, aprillia etc 1st bike, cheap, sub 5g 1st bike, legal, so 250cc's in qld 1st bike, realiable 1st bike, fun, and nice to look good like it or not, the cibby is the best of the bunch for learning sportsbike riding, they are slow for a bike, but will still cut a high 13sec 1/4 so in absoulute terms arnt too bad. They handle great, are still light at 150kg so are quite chuckable, sound awesome, and rev like theres no tommorow. ohh and of course bikes are dangeous, but ive been riding a while now with no problems, its about minimising the risks, wearing the right gear, not being stupid, being a bit lucky at times. you could go 20 years without a accident, or have 2 in a week. good luck!
  6. texas hold'em query

    anyone else going to aussie millions? should be rather good
  7. Bathurst 1991 vid

    i just d/l and watched the 92' race im stunned, i had never seen the ending b4 and the way the croud acted, incredible. They were clearly the dominent cars, were winning when the race was decleared, i wonder how would the reception had been if they won over the full race distance? did they not like the decison? or just didnt like the GTR's?
  8. which is your favourite?

    r-32 - better looking, rb20 excellent but lacking torque low r-33 - newer, plainer looking, larger, better around town, rb25 also excellent personally id buy a r33, newer, and suits what i want but the r32 certainly is nice!

    i only get 200-220kms MAX but then again it does only cost me $12 to fill up hehehe bloody bikes
  10. Learners Bikes

    1st bike? CBR250RR no its not the quickest, its not the cheapest, but its significantly cheaper than the aprillia. parts are easy to come by, workshops know them well, they are the most relaible, easier to get insurance etc. get the CBR then sell it in a year , simple as that i did, and @ 19000rpm the fact it has "only" 40 hp dosent seem to matter nemore. remember also that they still do 0-100 in 5.0-5.2sec so they certainly arnt slow.

    2180hp ey? u got nothing i know of a scooter that cracks the 3hp mark!!!! booyaa! lol seriously who cares if ur lieing or not, u have the info, no point in going on and on bout it
  12. Quasiturbine Engines

    i like this idea.....will still be 10+ years b4 we see it in anything production tho. my question was the same...how would they rank sizes/capacity's etc or power at the "flywheel" lol considering it dosent have one
  13. new mods & a power run

    lower boost, more power gotta be happy with that
  14. RB20DET box on CA18DET

    it will not fit straight up same reason a CA box wont fit onto the RB engine
  15. info about my ca18 plz

    my setup had this and made 180rwkw Heat shielded pod --- $50 S15 T28 turbo @ 16psi --- $550 VR-4 FMIC --- $400 with piping Custom 3" turboback exhuast -- $600 13bt 550cc injectors x4- --- $130 (the 13bt injectors are a direct fit and are cheap, just make sure they are all from the same series) Walbro 550hp pump --- $160 SAFC --- $200 Turbosmart boost controller -- $50 total $2140 to go to 180rwkw and a 13.22@106.4mph pass This is with a stock but freshened auto whats your power target? the next step is....bigger turbo/full engine management/cams