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  1. People who don't live life for the moment. So many seem seem to be in some awesome moment in life and the first thing they do is pull out a phone and FB it, twitter or instagram it FFS enjoy your live and enjoy the moments in in. Who spend s300 bux on a ticket and instead of enjoying the concert/show./event sit there and tag themselves at the venue, then upload pics to prove they are their on instagram and then film the whole show on a phone..only to upload it to youtube where its blurry and the audio is muffled and nobody watches it..this is what the youth of today have become
  2. COD: Black Ops 2

    gotta add the guy from the last page....haven't been on the ps3 most of the week..im up for an NS clan....I got no idea how to start it or join one...but im in !!!!!
  3. COD: Black Ops 2

    pay for a preorder and get the nuketown bonus only to have it last a single f**king week...lot of shit. Not enjoying it as much now after notching up a few hours online. Playing 'hijacked' on the cruisliner, killed everyone and stood at the front of the boat ready to kill anyone coming up starboard or portside only to find the enemy spawn behind me and kill me, what the hell is that all about, how are you suppose to man an area with that happening. Alsoive got a 41ms ping time and download speed average of 19mb p/sec and it runs like a pig in mud, I have full 4 green bars and its noticeable lagging, that connection bars mean shit all...as you can tell I've already lost interest.
  4. Ban on high powered magnets

    if you want decent magnets, rip open an old 3.5" drive and under the head you will find 2 magnets which are used to keep it aligned....these things will cause some damage if you try to pull them apart or put your fingers between them

    haha after a quick google seach looks like a similar idea has been done http://www.afs-securitysystems.com/Vehicle-Security.php

    a lot of old school auto's , the owners throw a padlock between the top of the shifter and the leave to pull up and change it from park to drive..Im thinking for the manuals out there get a square piece of steel that lowers down over the shifter and then ontop have like a padlock that wraps around the base of the shifter and stops the stick moving...so that it cant be throw into gear and rolled away nor towed, as they will break the gearbox if they tow in park EDIT: Its quiet at work so I done a quick sketch....basically where the red arrow is, would be a hinge, so you open it up throw it around the shifter and close it up...where the padlock is you have a raise metal sleeve so the padlock loops through and locks in place. thinking now how to lock it down so it cant be slid up
  7. COD: Black Ops 2

    I'm getting the same error as rocky88...looks like as soon as multiplayer get around 150,000 connections it won't allow any more, so can't get any multiplayer action to tonight ...time to campaign to kill time
  8. COD: Black Ops 2

    I haven't touched single player as yet nor zombies. I have knocked up about 3 hrs worth on multiplayer. Starting with the audio, the gun sounds are a lot more realistic they don't sound like the toy gun sounds of black ops 1. The gameplay is quiet smooth, the gun changes are more realistic, care packages can be collected within a second or two, unlike MW2 you done need to wait for the bar to load for 3-4seconds to pickup your box. I didn't notice a cool sound effect letting you know you have levelled up. You player card is made up of 15layers and you can create it straight away, you don't need to buy the layers like BO1. Im currently at level 16 and yet to unlock a call card, so there not as easy to collect as MW3. mmmm what else.....the lobby problem was inexistent for me so far on ps3..you no longer get kill streaks based entirely on kills, its now based on xp points, so it like 400xp to get a UAV ..so at 100xp per kill 50 per assist and in a game like domination you get 100xp per flag, so two kills and two flags gets a uav, so unlike all other COD games it actually pays now to be a team player and complete the tasks not just run around and shot. that's the biggest things ive noticed so far, ill throw it on again tonight for a few more hours and post up anything else interesting I notice
  9. COD: Black Ops 2

    got BO2 last night on the ps3. No lag at all, no matches dropping out and looking for a new host, so no complaints from me yet. The gun class options for the 10point system makes it real interesting....the maps are wicked, especially the cruise liner one. basically your on a narrow cruise liner and you literally rack up the kills.
  10. Stuff you got picked for

    x2 Too loud - Both times I cleared EPA without any modifications x1 not enough meat on the tyres - my fault x1 custom fabricated pod enclosure not 'enclosed' enough and my fav boy in blue, who tried to ping me for, the following and after explaining it to him, handed me a running a red light fine instead..turd! -He could see 'Bigger pistons' -Aftermarket BOV, which he heard as I past him (was factory plumb back) -Not running a std cooler and aftermarket, somehow i was expect to run both?
  11. Brought one those myself last week Bouy...what I found with the wireless network was that I I tried to setup in the 'settings' and just scanned and select the wireless network . I put in the wireless network password and it connected but after a while it would drop the connection or say obtaining IP.To resolve this when you go to settings, click 'add network' in the top right corner and add the SSID, password etc and connect...since doing this I haven't had any issues with streaming using es file explorer and mx player
  12. The Shire..... (the shite)

    Ha $10k an episode so the most you will make this year is $20k, I make more than that comment of the day!!!!! the blonde chick who claims to be 'good looking' with the nose job looks like a botched Cher....the only thing that would keep me watching is Vanessa's rack.....those two could have there own spin off show like a kath and kim
  13. gotta agree www.uncrate.com is a top site. Here's one you can add to the cycle www.Slashdot.org ....lots of tech news there and bucket loads of updates. www.booko.com , tightass way to find the cheapest price for a book. Apart from that I seem to be stuck in that same cycle of sites everyone else has
  14. VITL - Very Important Tech Links

    www.ninite.com http://10minutemail.com/10MinuteMail/index.html www.filehippo.com http://www.phenoelit-us.org/dpl/dpl.html http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/enterprise-client/w/wiki/2065.dell-driver-cab-files-for-enterprise-client-os-deployment.aspx http://md5.rednoize.com/
  15. the possibilities are endless with this sorta technology...really got me thinking how I would use this on a day to day basis