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  1. saw this on the news.... https://www.afr.com/business/transport/digital-disrupter-injects-transparency-into-new-car-pricing-20190626-p521m5 if you can't get through the paywall either let me know (heh... heh..) or see the site it's talking about https://pricemycar.com.au/
  2. My 180sx

    It does look nice, but it's kinda how it's supposed to look from the beginning, there a few ways to make it a lot better
  3. Interesting discussion going on here about freeway driving - http://blog.privatef...rtaking-part-2/ On a related note, is it actually illegal to undertake another car on a freeway in Australia?
  4. cheap car audio

    The only one that I have experience with is e-bay. My friend was trying to buy some car audio too, and I found something for him on e-bay. It was actually pretty good and cheap, still lasts.
  5. swaybar size

    Whiteline sway bars are the best, they are solid & adjustable. The best a car can get!
  6. torana concept was a great idea that generated a lot of interest!
  7. MMA chat

    Yeah that was a good fight, despite the outcome.
  8. Engine not running right?

    ^^^ Sounds promising, it's probably nothing major to worry about if that's the case, most probably could do with a little TLC & if the car has been sat a while... That might be why.
  9. MMA chat

    Any of you guys into boxing much? Was some good stuff over the last week, mayweather being a ppv flop & some big dish-cloth had a fight too... ha
  10. How do Mallala Track Days Work?

    Pretty much as said above, I'd check before you go as well, like phone up & ensure things are all ok.
  11. MMA chat

    What a lovely picture, watched a beautiful girl talking about car things, come to this thread again & there's that picture... Ah can't win them all ha.
  12. Youtube - Multimeter basics

    Nice vid & nice youtube channel too! mmm mmm!
  13. MMA chat

    I agree with that, he's had his day & to be honest that fight bored me to death.
  14. The Internet's Best Build Threads

    Awesome thread this, love that M3.