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  1. increasing bench

    El Freako- Cheers for that routine! That's exactly what i was looking for. Quick question though, if i done that routine say monday, wednesday, friday, am i able to have deadlifting and squatting days on say tuesday and saturday? Or is it better to just stick with this routine for a few months then adjusting to incoporate the other two lifts? Also that Dave Tate video has opened my eyes up greatly, i feel embarassed by my form after watching that so thanks for that haha And the only reason i was doing shoulder press in the smith machine was that i could start with the weight already up, as i found getting it up from down low is what made my shoulders feel vulnerable. Although its been a while since i tried not using the smith machine so i'll give it a go and see how it feels.
  2. increasing bench

    Rasian - I was also under the impression that a wider grip placed more stress on the shoulder so I like to keep my grip fairly narrow, but not narrow such that its a close grip for the tris. Also oddly enough whenever i done flies with my tricep injury i found it to place a greater strain through the injured area. its almost like it was a burning sensation. its hard to explain cause ive had a lot of injuries and its nothing like ive felt before. And i've already been strengthening up my shoulders and they are now at a point where i feel comfortable doing any shoulder workouts. Ive been mainly focusing on dumbbells for pressing as i do find less stress on the shoulder, but i feel as if they dont put on the same size as a barbell bench. Is there any full body routine that you would recommend? Dr. Cranium - Well at the start of the injury i took a week off cause i thought it was nothing major, went back to training and it started hurting. then i took two weeks off, same thing happened. took a month off, same thing happened. and it would happen like 2 weeks into training so i would get confident that it's healed only for it to come back again. even took three months off for it to come back. even now when i do heavy benching and flies i slightly feel it but it doesnt hang around. like i said i've been to physios, specialists, had ultra sounds and nothing seems to come up so its just one of those things. it actually does feel like a tendon has been torn off my bone but no one suggested that to me.
  3. increasing bench

    ah ok i'll do a bit of research then. any suggestions on a rough program to follow?
  4. increasing bench

    So would you recommend switching back to a full body routine 3x a week or so?
  5. increasing bench

    hey guys, just a question regarding how i can improve my bench. Ive been training for about 2.5 years now, stuck with the skinny guy routine for 2 years and now beginning to move into a split routine. Only problem is that 8 months or so into the skinny guy routine I developed a tear in my tricep. Well thats at least what the specialists thought but nothing came up on ultrasounds or anything. Anyway this took me 9 months to completely get over. During those 9 months i couldnt do any pressing, so no bench or military presses, so my upper body really took a hit from it all. However i still was able to squat and deadlift. Then i got a rotator cuff injury one day when i went back into benching too heavy too soon so that put me out for another couple months. When i finally got back into it i began light dumbell benching and seated overhead presses in the smith machine and slowly worked my way up. Now ive fully recovered except my pressing is way below my other lifts. My current 1 rep maxes are.. Deadlift: 220kg Squat: 190kg Bench: 105kg. Smith machine overhead press: 90kg Height: 6'3 Weight: 99kg Squatting and deadlifting these numbers i thought that my bench should be roughly around 120-130 by now, so im after a way to help bring that up to par. My first thoughts are to train chest twice a week in a fashion like... Monday: Chest Tuesday: Back Wednesday: Shoulders Thursday: Legs Friday: Chest Saturday: Arms for fun Sunday: Rest Just thought i'd share and ask for some input into what i could do, if i should split it different, what rep range i should focus on, if i should go heavy set/small reps monday then light set/high reps friday for example. Diet is fine so no need to worry about that, im currently in the middle of my bulk. Cheers in advance