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  1. They are going up in price. Supply and demand. Even stock Type X's are fetching 13-15k at times. I bought a Type X just to stay loyal to the Silvia family, but I sold it because it rarely got driven. Im sure if I held onto the 180sx it would just go up in value but my space is limited + I didn't mind the extra cash especially since I sold it over double what it cost me.
  2. I'm 22 now, looking for a Series 8 RX7. I was 16 when I bought my first S13. At 18 I bought a turbo S13 after someone rear ended me and my N/A got written off. I got an exemption to drive the turbo on my P's. I got pulled over on a weekly basis. 20 I bought my 180sx Type X off Andy who is a moderator on here. I wasn't bothered getting an exemption for it so I just drove it for 6 months P plates showing and everything lol. I even got brembos and TE37's, imagine that. Now I'm 22 and looking for a change :-).
  3. Future JDM classics

    too late, prices on the FD3S will only keep rising, buy now if you are really keen. i'd love to own one myself but no funds... What makes you say that?
  4. Future JDM classics

    It's quite ridiculous how expensive these cars have become. Early this year I was in the market for a 01/02 FD3S RS which were around 24k max for a really good one. Now its hard to find one under 30k, locally and even aboard in Japan. I was talking to a few import brokers and even they couldn't explain the price hike. Im going to stay patient and see if prices drop by next year. My future classics would be R32 GTR's, FD3S, S2000 etc. I remember when I was in California in July I was passing through a small town called Palm Springs and noticed a classic car dealer. It had the usual Mustangs, Camaros, Impalas etc. but in the back it had a mint red NA6 Miata that looked fresh off the factory floor. I was told it had gotten a full restoration was was fetching $8000USD (usually they are 2-3k max on craigslist) over there. So I would definitely say the first gen MX5 is already in classic territory.
  5. Clutch slave issues.

    I had the same problem, we removed the dampener and it bled straight away. I had a vacuum bleeder too, still didn't work. Not sure what the issue was, but it seems common. Don't stress about removing the dampener, I really couldn't feel the difference when it was gone.
  6. Random jdm goodness

    Plenty of flares, some sort of drink can I think it was a 7up can exp 1996, Japanese parking sticker (still on the car), thats all I remember for now. My daily which is a 1988 Honda Civic had 1 and 2 cent coins scattered around the back. I believe they started to phase them out of circulation in 1989, cool find if you ask me.
  7. S13 SR20det head with lines in it?

    As stated no fins = redtop head, fins = blacktop head. Assuming you have a blacktop engine and not just the head, your pistons (and/or rods?) will be a bit different but they are the same engine for the most part.
  8. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    I gave you an PM regarding this earlier today
  9. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    Yeah, I knew a guy with GTT 34 seats in his S13. Not sure how they were mounted though. Edit: http://www.skylife4ever.com/2011/01/custom-cockpit.html Scroll down that link, 34 seat install in a 32, apparently one of the tabs needs to be bent down. So you were indeed right, strange....
  10. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    I meant the booster not BMC. Already upgraded to a BM57 with the Brembos I have, just contemplating buying a GTR booster now. It's not actually hard, the first push is soft and the second it nice and firm. I've heard that the ABS module needs to be bled seperately, apparently involving some thing that triggers all the relays so it bleeds fully. I have tested it out and it seems like it's not vaccum related since it does the same thing even when the cars making positive boost ie: driving. I've done some common tests to rule out the booster being faulty. I'm pretty stumped at it as it has been doing this since before I got the Brembos and with the previous braking set up which was GTST calipers. Edit: took the car for a drive again, seems like it's soft all the time now... Lots of play and spongy + the abs isn't working.
  11. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    This looks much more tidy. Also I just saw it's not compatible with R34 GTT seats? I always thought they were the same as any other Skyline seat.
  12. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    Is it common practice to upgrade the booster too when you upgrade calipers/BMC?
  13. Skyline into Silvia front seat swap bracket

    Great idea, seen too many sketchy "mods" to make Skyline seats fit. You should try get them ADR approved if the process is easy, it'll give you some extra selling points.
  14. bringing my jdm s14 Silvia to Australia with me

    No time limit, my mate registered/complied a Skyline that was shipped here from Japan 7 years ago lol