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  1. how to identify engine year s15?

    oh kool ill try it out..nothing wrong jus that i wanna no if he was lying or not..also if i go to a mechanic im gonna hav to tell him right that its a s15 not s14 and 2001 so he can out specific oil.. another question is there much difference between the s14 and s15 engines i mean arnt both the det engines?? thanx
  2. Hey guys, i recently bought a 200sx 1994 s14 but the engine is from a 200sx 2002 s15..atleast thats what i was told.. i wanted to ask if there is anyway of finding out the year the engine was made like a serial number on the engine itself or mayb the engine number mayb able to tell me somthing any one here know how i can find out? thanx
  3. 200sx s14 seat passenger seat removal

    thank you all for ur help..job done
  4. 200sx s14 seat passenger seat removal

    Hey guys..i checked out the seat but theres a problem.. There r 2 bolts at the front of the seat which i can take off..simple.. Now the back right hand side near the middle of the car--again simple. But the left hand side closer to the door has some sort of plastic covering over the Bolt..i cant pull it off it seems to be attached to the seat railing..How am i suppose to take that off?? Thanx
  5. 200sx s14 seat passenger seat removal

    oh ok kool guys so theres nothing on the sides its just bolted to the floor?? thanx very helpfull
  6. Hey guys i am new here . i recently bought a 2oosx s14 1994 model...my dog ate the passenger seat and its really disgusting..i need to give it to a leather interior guy but i need to pull it out as he wants the seat.. Can u guys give me detailed instructions on how to do this as i havnt done it before. thanx