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  1. Kory Leung Photography

    Hey guys, I thought i would create a thread with my own photos, just so i can put all my photos here for some constructive criticism and just to showcase what I do Feel free to go to my website HERE and browse around there. You can also view the Project 365 photos in there (I upload every sunday a weeks worth, so i don't spam the subscribers everyday). EDIT: The desktop section is finally up on my site! Please see this link: Desktops! Please comment and let me know what you think and if you would like to see more desktops i'd be open to suggestions but looking at adding 2-3 a week hopefully Cheers everyone!
  2. Kory Leung Photography

    A shot from Vivid Sydney last night: Vivid Sydney 2014 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr
  3. Kory Leung Photography

    just got back from Vanuatu. So epic. Here's some pics from there and a shot of a mates JZX110. And the only modded car i saw over there was USDM evo! Awesome! 110 JZX Detail Shot by K.L.Photography, on Flickr Vanuatu Sunrise by K.L.Photography, on Flickr Vanuatu Milky Way by K.L.Photography, on Flickr
  4. Kory Leung Photography

    Haven't posted for ages in here! KLP Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR by K.L.Photography, on Flickr Bee and Flower by K.L.Photography, on Flickr Mitsubishi Evolution 8 MR by K.L.Photography, on Flickr Sydney Sunset, Tom Uglys Bridge, NSW, Australia by K.L.Photography, on Flickr
  5. Kory Leung Photography

    hhmm random shots since october. Loads more! Go to www.facebook.com/koryleungphotography WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr WTAC 2013 by K.L.Photography, on Flickr
  6. Small photoshop please!

    FYI - Donno if it was done, but that steering wheel pic would of been easier to just post the pic with no text and say what font and hex colour code you wanted.
  7. Kory Leung Photography

    Newer more updated shot of the car!
  8. Kory Leung Photography

    Rainy saturday night so shot my own car
  9. Kory Leung Photography

    Wow, completely forgot about this! My own car.
  10. Kory Leung Photography

    Thanks Kyle and Angus and Sidd Been absent trying to boost up Garage Affair lately. But got some more buttery goodness for you! Internet is capped until tomorrow so will upload a tonne more then, but for now.. Enjoy!
  11. Kory Leung Photography

    Thanks Man! Yet to see your 180 yet!
  12. Kory Leung Photography

    I been busy as f**k. Here's some more recent photos!
  13. Kory Leung Photography

    Haven't posted for a while! But yes, it would be insane to do a full shoot of it! Chester Ng got to do one in Hong Kong, i'm jealous! Hahaha. New pics coming up soon
  14. Kory Leung Photography

    Nah bro. No bee's lol. If i buy new lights i'll be looking at elinchrom's properly. These were just light painted and flashed. One from yesterdays AIMS. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. Can't believe we got to sit in it!
  15. Sidd Rishi Photography

    Great shot Sidds. You've improved a tonne.
  16. Some of my stuff.

    Good stuff mate. Good capture with the 32!
  17. Mitchell Abbott Photography

    Looks promising mate. Post up some more stuff in bigger res preferably!
  18. Kory Leung Photography

    One from last night of my own car.
  19. Kory Leung Photography

    Thanks Jay! One more:
  20. Kory Leung Photography

    BOOM! One mean ass evo.
  21. Kory Leung Photography

    Cheers Sidd. Have to catch up sometime soon.
  22. Kory Leung Photography

    Long time no update I put together a best of from my WTAC shots on my Facebook page, but i'll post a few in here! Let me know what you think. P.s. Sorry for the change in watermarks, i've changed the whole branding of my thaaannngggg.
  23. Kyle Skuse

    I would definitely say to shoot in RAW. aperture 3 is a great program to start editing RAW's in. Have a play around and see what you like. If you're starting to get a bit more serious, i'd recommend getting a monitor calibration tool like a spyder 3 and an IPS monitor too. Photos are looking good, some photos are soft so maybe try work on your focus/keep your shutter speed a bit higher. It's all about capturing the moment and enjoying what you're doing. Looks like that's what you're doing, so good on you!