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  1. Wanted jeccs five0 sidefeed

    Need one 1200cc five-0 jeccs injector for sr20 sidefeed thanks
  2. I need a td06H 20g 8cm top mount t3 vband rear housing if anyone has what im after let me know with pix and price
  3. For sale $650 ono cusco rs 4.11 r33 / s15 2way DIFF 5bolt shafts in abs housing was in my s15 for a few weeks didnt like it as a daily diff please inbox if interested no swaps will post at your cost
  4. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    Diff can be adj to 1way 1.5 or 2way
  5. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    $500 pick up or will post at your cost
  6. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    Few more pix
  7. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    Pm sent :-)
  8. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    Will sell center only no gearing $500 plus postage
  9. CUSCO RS 4.11 R33 / S15 2WAY DIFF

    Location moe 3825 vic east side of melb
  10. Ok so I have a s15 cant drive at nigjt as my main lights on cluster wont light up pulled the dash apart to try solve the issue turns out I have el dials (electronic)cluster dials and my issue is the power supply box that powers the lights has died , where can I biy new lights the same thanks .
  11. No idea heaps of ppl are looking for them mine came with the car .
  12. Awsome thanks I found them there cheap to buy been a big help :-)
  13. Do you know how many volt the inverter converts to as I tryed to bypass the inverter and they still wont light up ?
  14. No way do you have a link, as yeah the inverter box if thats what its called has gone my cluster would take ages to come on then just stopped working so I think the dials are ok just the box is f**ked .
  15. The big black box is what has gone
  16. 6 speed s15 box

    Needing a new 3rd ring but need to know its correct name and where to source One thanks
  17. s15 cyber2 bumper

    For sale in Moe Vic 3825 black s15 cyber-2 fiberglass front bar $200 pick up in good cond few stone chips small slice at bottom corners from.car ramps small easy fix inbox any questions or if more pix needed cheers
  18. s15 cyber2 bumper

    $140 .
  19. arp head stud

    Anyone have a arp head stud for a Sr20 I broke one ?
  20. s15 6speed box

    S15 6 speed manual box for sale perfect cond $450 has shifter clutch fork throw out bearing/holder nismo knob location 3825 not needed going 5 speed no crunches or grinds.