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  1. SR20DE+T Conversion!

    Hey Guys, So I've got a 180SX that I purchased with a low comp SR20DET. Cranked but didn't turn over. Long story short it needed new pistons so I went and bought myself an SR20DE to +T. Now I've done some research, seen what's needed and what's different between an NA and a DET. What I am unsure on is what can be taken from my DET block and used on the NA. Necessities/What I've Got: - SR20DE - T28 BB - Braided Lines - DET Head - JDM S15 SR20DET Injectors - Tomei 1.2 Metal Head Gasket - DET Sump - Exhaust to Suit SR20 180SX - Rocker Stoppers - All Gaskets Ordered awaiting arrival As I stated earlier it is a factory DET 180. Now I'm unsure if there is anything I've missed, or what else I may need. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Hi all Name: Victoriaaaaaaaaaa Nickname: Kitty or Tori Where I live: The Lovely Gold Coast. What I do for a living: I'm a Parts Delivery Driver. What I drive: Nissan R32 Skyline GTS-T, RB20DE NEO Mods/future plans: Individual Throttle Bodies, Short Shifter, 25DET box Reco'd, Replace the 20 NEO with a 25DET NEO, Front Mount, Work Meister SP2's, Pearl White with a polished lip, GT-R Interior, Guards & Front Bar, Painted Midnight Purple, Purple HID Kit, & to top it off Purple Dash Lights & Gauges Dream Car: As much of a nugget my car is at the moment.. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Although, I would LOVE a Trueno, painted in panda with Hot Wires, bolt on flares & a worked 20V 4AGE. <3 Interests: Cars, Tennis, The Beach, Animals! Shopping for Parts & Constant upgrades for my baby! Contact: Facebook