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  1. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    Il find out on monday when we pull the head off. Im guessing the tiny section between the water jacket between cylinders 3 and 4 gave up.
  2. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    So the last gasket to blow was a tomei 87x1.2 Ive got 87mm pistons. Shouldn't i use an 88x1.2 gasket? Could that have caused the leak?
  3. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    We are pulling the head off again on monday and will check to see where the headgasket failed. Then we will thoroughly go over the block again and have it decked if need be...
  4. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    You're right and i learnt the hard way. I now deal with one of the best workshops around. Im just gathering information because he wants to pull the motor out, get the block decked and install a girdle. All up around $4000
  5. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    I will try this. The engine has never overheated in its life.
  6. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    Either way the head has to come back off to replace the gasket. We went over it prior and it checked out. We will check it again when the head comes off next week.
  7. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    The following was done. Even replaced valve stem seals.
  8. Blew 2 Headgaskets in 2 weeks

    The head was off and a brand new headgasket fitted a week ago.
  9. So a year ago my sr20 gave up and so i went ahead and rebuilt it. Forged bottom end gt3076r cometic headgasket etc. It made 240kw at 20psi and i was happy with that up until a few months ago. Took it back to a shop and had a set of poncams and type a springs put in. Was warned that the engine rebuilder reused the factory head studs.. went back to the dyno and made 292kw at 22psi when the head lifted. Engine got pulled apart and checked. Machined head new tomei head gasket and arp 2000 head studs fitted. 1 week later its back for another tune. 2nd run in it starts to miss and a few drops of water in cylinder 3..... Is my block warped or what?
  10. Help with engine cutting out

    I have the software and i will try the data logging feature. The knock sensor was switched off according to his tuner.
  11. Help with engine cutting out

    He has like 12 month old splitfire CPs We tried standard ones and even my Splitfires with no luck.
  12. Valve Springs And VCT

    Thanks for your advice everyone. Im going to order tomei springs and get them fitted then tuned.
  13. Im posting on behalf of a friend. I thought i was skilled enough to figure out his problem but i cant for the life of me. So the engine sputters, pops from the exhaust and cuts out when boost goes above 8-10psi (sometimes it does it up at 18psi). It happens at about 4000rpm+. The car drives and idles fine apart from when boosting. Before all of this suddenly happened he was getting 550-600ks to a tanks. Now he struggles to get 400. Mods: Forged bottom end (20000ks since build) Some precision turbo (equivalent of gt30) Boost controller Splitfire CP Haltech ecu (built-in MAP sensor) Walbro 255 (brand new) Full 3inch straight through exhaust The problem comes and goes. Something to note is that the car was tuned with a kakimoto muffler in place and have since deleted it making the system straight through. We did a boost leak test and a smoke test. Both showed no leaks. We have checked the TPS and had it calibrated by the ecu. We replaced the spark plugs 3 times from bkr7e to bcpr7es both gapped at 0.75 then down to 0.6 with no luck. The bcpr's made the problem occur more often. Something to note is that the spark plugs came out white all 3 times. We also tried other coilpacks with no luck. We also checked the ground on the coilpack harnesses and it was like new. We replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump with no luck. We also checked the FPR and it seems to be working fine. We replaced the oxygen sensor even though it doesnt function above a certain rev. The old one came out really white as well. We even tried unplugging it with no luck. We have exhausted our options. He has come to a point where he will just give it to his tuner (unigroup) to deal with it and hope for the best (price wise) My mechanic (not his) reckons its tune related, ignition timing related or the injectors are shitting themselves (i thought bad injector symptoms were different) Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you.
  14. Valve Springs And VCT

    Mine has been fine so far. I dont like the idea of $500 for a new vct gear.