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  1. What about cas gap? Do they run 4 separate pickups with no 1 being the abnormal one? Scope CAS output and check for pulses per rpm?
  2. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Wouldn't pedal be stronger cut and welded on a diagonal? Sketchy... At least you're getting somewhere
  3. Haha I'm a diesel mech by trade.... I've spent 60k on snap on gear and probably around another 4k on kinchrome and still don't have enough stuff... There is always a better tool for the job.
  4. 4 Door R32 \(^-^)/ Calsonic.

    Getf**kedthatscool. Looks touring carish.
  5. Tyre Review thread.

    123s 205 40 17 on the front 32psi Hiflys 215 40 17 cold 30psi I get about 4 trackdays on the 123s with flipping them once And about 11 laps at tailem from a set of hiflys 240rwkw 1080kg car
  6. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    Try bringing front and rear track closer together
  7. "New" car time, what to get?

    This guy... E60 might be the go, didn't realise how far they've come down in price
  8. "New" car time, what to get?

    The g6 are auto only I thought? I've got an 09 triton with some goodies as the tow/4x4 rig. Thought about going turbo falcon but I still haven't had a decent v8...
  9. Trading in a car soon will be around 25-30k, what do you guys recommend based on knowledge/ experience? I'm leaning towards something like a fg xr8, no commodores... Any ideas? I've had wrxs, turbo foresters, bmws...
  10. applying for the police force?

    Ah shithouse. I have an inner forearm tattoo, but would be happy to wear long sleeves...
  11. applying for the police force?

    That'd be awesome mate cheers! I've been itching for a career change and have always wanted to join
  12. applying for the police force?

    So I live in lower SA, I'm a qualified diesel mechanic, I own my house and am looking to become a police officer. Obviously I will need to move to Adelaide for a period of time, just wondering how long are you in the academy? Do you do the testing all at once to find out if I'm eligible? Or is it over a period of time? I've heard there is a physical test, psychological and aptitude test? A little concerned at how difficult, or easy it will be to get a job down here closer to home?
  13. R33 Drift Rig

    That is quite a low power figure for 18psi on that turbo? I have rb25 gt3076 14psi 240kw
  14. Where did you get that power distribution block? So neat!
  15. generic topic title

    Cheap! I paid 240 for my interface when I had a 31...