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  1. Hi All Would like to have a pre-inspection done in Sydney for a 2010 Lancer Evolution X I'm looking to buy. Would prefer an inspection by an Evo specialist, any recommendations from people who have had a performance car inspected before? Would like a comprehensive test done (compression test on engine, road test etc.) So far the below have good reviews - Meek Automotive - Tunehouse - CRD Automotive State roads, NRMA seem to have bad reviews.. Thanks in advance
  2. Help Me Raise My Car - Pedders Coilovers

    Pedders them bastards
  3. Help Me Raise My Car - Pedders Coilovers

    Done. I aim to please hope you have the C Spanners if not it's a flat bar & hammer, I have no idea where mine are dammit , ive got to pick it up from pedders
  4. Help Me Raise My Car - Pedders Coilovers

    Done. I aim to please
  5. Help Me Raise My Car - Pedders Coilovers

    Appreciate the advice and have watched countless videos but I am severely , I repeat severely retarded with this kind of stuff. I've f*cked up easier jobs. Since its a safety issue as well I just wanted someone to help/watch over me so I know its done right and not dangerous to drive
  6. Hi Guys So my car is tearing the tyres of my wheels and Im tired of actively not going places because my car is too low so I want to higher it. Spoke to Pedders ,they says its $240 to get the car higher($60 a side) Bought Pedders XA coilovers so I could simply higher and lower as I wanted but dont want to pay this much every time I want a different height. Anyone out there that can help me out, show me what to do etc.... payment is beer, good company and/or a reasonable monetary amount. Car : R33 Coilovers : Pedders XA Location : Southern Sydney 2234
  7. R33 4 door owners

    2 door owner in! Damn 4 doorwers , always making us look bad
  8. Making power safely - RB25DET

    You must have a manual, no way would an auto see those kind of numbers on a stock turbo.
  9. Tuning an automatic skyline turbo

    yes but Toyota auto boxes work differently then nissan ones. Toyota have a seperate ECU for the gearbox change logic and control so it's not affected
  10. Hi I have the following mods: Splitfire coils Walbro fuel pump 550cc injectors front mount inter-cooler 3inch turbo back exhaust electronic boost controller hypergear high flow turbo(able to boost up to 18psi) MV automatics valve body upgrade transmission cooler My car is an automatic 1997 Nissan Skyline r33. What tuning options do I have that retains the ignition cut and retard logic programming of the stock auto ecu? I've heard eManage/SAFC+Sitc does this but are merely piggybacks and are not good for medium power applications. I am chasing 230rwkw, will an emanage/safc suffice for this power? What are the disadvantages in using piggybacks? I know the tranny and engine will handle this I am just finding it hard to find an ecu that I can tune on an automatic transmission and retain auto box shifts. Any recommendations? Is the safc+sitc combo my best bet for 230rwkw and daily drivability ? Located in Sydney Ps: I dont want to swap in a manual or put in a manual valve body - I want to keep my auto I am aware that some ecu's advertise "use able with auto" but this is usually with the toyota autos that have the ignition cut and retard programming in the gearbox ECU's , R33 skylines do not.
  11. Common oil leaks in an RB25DET?

    thanks guys , exactly what I was looking for!
  12. Hi Guys So I'm taking my car to my mechanic for a freshen up and to ready the engine for some proper boost (skyline r33 RB25DET) I want to sort out all oil leak issues - will obviously be doing the rocker cover gaskets,half moons etc... What else should I replace while there? Anyone know what other common leaks the RB25DET has?
  13. R33 4 door owners

    why not just put an rb20det or rb25det in it? it will be much easier
  14. Making power safely - RB25DET

    I have maintained it as best I could (never boosted above 12, oil change + filter every 5000km etc, always check coolant and oil level . always warm car up and check oil pressure before boosting) so hopefully it shall last me many more thousands of km's
  15. Making power safely - RB25DET

    hypergear high flow