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  1. Best Exhaust Systems

    its quite difficult to compare exhausts unless each car has the same modifications exhaust note will be changed by any difference in exhaust components.. high flow cat, different front/dump pipe, manifold, hotdog or midmuffler the difference can only be proven on a DYNO.. i've only heard bad stories about X-Force systems (sounds horrible, doesn't fit nicely etc) in my opinion, japanese manufactured exhausts have had a lot of money put into their research... i've been through 3 exhausts - xforce, trust MX and hks superdragger... the trust MX one was one of the best in my opinion, total quality system... the hks isn't bad either xforce sounded rattly and the build quality wasn't there i'd like to try a fujitsubo system - seen one on a mates car and they look and sound the goods..
  2. S15 Boost

    yes im sure...i've got a boost controller to put in hmmm i just don't like the way the boost spikes..
  3. Hi guys, I've got an S15, when it was totally standard with a pod filter, boost was reading between 0.5-0.6 on WOT. Now, I've added a heatshield, turbo back exhaust (3") and raizin volt stabilizer... The boost has gone mental!! when i unleash the car hits 0.7 BAR from 3000rpm to about 4500rpm (which is normal) then from then until redline, it slowly creeps up to 1 BAR!!! only happens in 1st, 2nd and slightly in 3rd gear... whats going on ????? cheers, Alan
  4. Rockford Fosgate Fanaticx Splits in the front Awesome splits just how I like it - tweeters are not too bright, and woofers sound tight and bassy
  5. Subwoofer in the boot

    i like the idea of L shaped brackets. Velcro doesn't seem strong enough (because the carpet just slides around ontop of the spare wheel cover) and velcro on the back of the box won't work coz my amp is mounted there for the time being, as i'm lazy and have no time, i removed the spare wheel and put the sub in the hole... works nicely
  6. Hey, Anyone with an S15, how do you secure the sub in the boot? My amp is also in the boot screwed to the sub box Cheers, Al
  7. Looking to buy a new headunit

    Honestly, I'd get a DVD MP3 headunit. I saw one on sale at JB-Hifi for about $500... Can't remember the brand I think it was either a JVC or Panasonic. Even if you're not gonna hook up a screen to it (which it gives you the flexibility to do later and play DVD's from), you can play burnt DVD-R's Thats 4.7 gigs of MP3's on a disc as opposed to 700mb! AWESOME!!
  8. In-Dash LCD

    Hey fellas, Just installed a 7" Indash LCD screen, works perfectly however the picture isn't crystal clear. I believe this is to do with electrical interference... what cables could be causing it? My speaker wire and RCA's are electrically shielded and the amp power cable is quite far away on the other side of the car. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Installed Alpine 9835 Headunit

    think u've swapped the acc with the constant power. (you'll know because you can turn on your headunit without even putting keys in the ignition) i purposely setup mine in this way so everytime i turn on the car its 12:00 on the clock, and i can tell how long my journey has taken
  10. Camera in car

    you could remove rear seats and mount a tripod with clamps to rear strut brace although, wouldn't be a view as good as putting it in the passenger headrest
  11. plumb it back - if your BOV can't do this, sell it and buy a plumback one. All the performance without the noise means no attention from cops
  12. Removing Stock Airbox

    WD40 + Elbow Grease
  13. install of boost guage

    wiring is simple as.. just find a light source somewhere that turns on when you turn on your dash lights.. open up the centre console and try to find the wiring to that source and tap it from there
  14. Hey guys, 2 questions. 1 - Which vacuum hose is best to tap for an accurate boost reading? Apparently theres 2 on the left side, the vacuum line coming from the top of the stock BOV and another one running from the topmost point of the Evap Cannister. Not sure about the ones near the turbo. CLICK FOR VACUUM POINTS 2 - Also will there be a conflict if i'm installing a boost controller? And when installing, it says splice a t-piece inbetween a pressure source and the wastegate actuator. is this boost or vacuum pressure? i can only see one vacuum hose coming from the wastegate actuator, highlighted in blue here. CLICK WASTEGATE ACTUATOR is this correct? Thanks in Advance, Al

    Check to see whether all the bolts are tight. I recently swapped wheels with a mate, and my friend helping me didn't tighten one wheel. Sounded really bad, luckily the wheel didn't fall off