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  1. Cooler pipes don't change Tailshaft is custom I just had a 33 yoke welded onto a 32 tail shaft and then balanced
  2. Hey guys does anyone know how to bypass the heavy steering in a r32? Steering is fine for the first 2 minutes of driving then goes heavy , it's because I don't have a speedo cable attached , and its not attached because I have a 25 box .and I'm waiting on a conversion part but I want to bypass it in the meantime for matsuri Anyone done this before? I've read you can wire 12v into the plug on the rack however that was all I read so I'm a bit unsure about it Thanks
  3. Sinergy Motorsports - opinions?

    its my old car its completely perfect in all ways. has had a few owners in adelaide and sinergy have owned it a few times now but i was first owner in aus when it had about 90000 k's on it about 1 and a half years ago. pm me if you want pics and info on it
  4. R33 gtst

    bought some jic rear coilovers, and bought a blitz oil filter plate off a mate so i could get my oil pressure gauge working again the thread in the manifold for the cluster water temp gauge was threaded and leaked coolant, so i threw one of those rad hose adaptors on, and fitted a water temp gauge and also a boost gauge on the fascia set my front toe by eye after the lock spacers messed it up, probably is still messed up but no more toe in found out r32 exhausts are interchangeable with r33, so I've got a 3 inch exhaust i made left over from my old 32 4 door I'm gonna cut the hangers off and re weld new ones on to suite the r33, and probably make some sort of new tips while I'm at it
  5. R33 gtst

    all together and running now got a few annoying problems, few coolant leaks, stalls when its on idle and won't start when warm - ordered a new coolant temp sensor to fix problem and thermostat doesn't seem to be opening few more small things to do but hoping to make august drift prac & september matsuri
  6. R33 gtst

    re made my engine loom today as some plugs needed to be moved (throttle body/iacv) so was easier to just remake it and tuck/neaten it up. also got a bit of interior back in once my mate finished wrapping the wiring behind the dash
  7. R33 gtst

    gates water pump kit on ... water pump is the biggest piece of crap, so might order a oem one. wasnt happy with the intake side, it was a mess under and above the plenum, so pulled it off, figured out i could delete more coolant lines so i did, re routed fuel and vac lines, pulled apart the starter loom and re made it so it runs along the chassis rail and theres not a big mess like from factory. pulled apart the injector loom and ran it under the plenum, so much room under there now. and neater. got my covers powder coated all wiring should be finished this weekend then dash/etc will go back in. got a problem though, picked up a new shifter bush today from nissan (one one was split and broken) put the shifter in and the box wont select 3rd 4th 5th or reverse . so need to pull the box out and send it off to get sorted. will probably be leaving the motor in as i need to tig up cooler pipes, intake pipe, and i want to get it started to test out this water pump and get timing right etc.
  8. R33 gtst

    cheers haha hard to find people that like r33s.... bit of stuff happening, knocking off heaps of little jobs and that. got a front reo so i could throw the front end together more wiring done, front end is nearly sorted i think. fuse box in engine bay is gone as we only needed one fuse out of it... took diff out to lock it, back in, cars now rolling got a bit of the cage sorted, plates and rest of the tube is cut, cant really go much further with it until i sort out the seat positioning... and i dont have a seat bought some rpf01s 17 x 9 +22 17 x 9.5 +18 stock rear suspension made me sad so a mate lent me his rear coilovers until i find some got it sitting a tad better , front coils are max low, bit sad
  9. R33 gtst

    did matsuri , i think something went wrong every session but i still managed to get 6 full sessions in water pump went in the 2nd session starter motor loom was loose - a few times i span out couldnt get the car started again battery died wheels hitting castor arms left a cooler pipe inside a tyre stack took about 10 wheels and only used half a pair of rear tyres the whole day haha not many photos probably because the car looks like a pile of crap noone wanted to take a photo of it pulled the gear out and sold the silver r33 got a mate onto some wiring put the cooler under the rad support threw a rb20 oil filter block on and my other newer clutch slotted the motor and box in also fitted some slip on lock spacers, hicas lock bar, ISC front coilovers, and bought a gtr strut brace still need to sort out a seat, cage, wheels, rear coilovers, diff, water pump/timing belt kit. and the rest to get it all running again
  10. R33 gtst

  11. R33 gtst

  12. R33 gtst

    i bought a silver r33 track car not long ago which i am going to use for a few events coming up while i fix up and build another r33 that i bought last night on the side, and then transfer the running gear over into the white shell. the silver r33s a s2, 110000k's front coilovers, chopped rears ... hicas lock steering lock spacers rear adjustable camber arms new atomic coil packs gtr spoiler gktech fan turbosmart boost t boost gauge exhaust front mount white r33 is a s1, but is all fairly stock apart from pedders suspension and a full s2 front end going to continue stripping the white one, clean it up a bit, add some parts that i feel it needs, then transfer the running gear over, aswell as the s2 dash, hicas lock, camber arms, fmic etc. pics to follow thanks
  13. Parting out a r32 & r33

    Bump update R33 greedy front brace 100 R33 rear strut brace 100 R32 front cusco strut brace 100 R32 rear cusco strut brace 100 Rb25 gearbox 1200 RB alternator, starter motor, r32 ps pump, rb20 ecu all 70 each Rb20 full engine loom 80 Super spark coil packs rb20 rb25 s1 and 26 250 R32 Lukey cat back exhaust 150 R32/33 FMic kit everything there 250 R33 rb25 turbo braided lines 200 R32 abs unit 50 X over pipe 30 with bov
  14. Jzz30 1jz turned Jza80 1jz build thread

    Yeah motor looks great !