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  1. Check out Driving sports on facebook if you're in NSW. They host skid pan days so lots of space to drift on a wet skid pan. You'll need to join a club (may as well join them for better event prices) and a cams L2S license.
  2. S15 leaky head gasket? Help please

    Got the S15 back from the tuner and it's still alive and well! Might be down on power a bit but the tuner said the tires I had on are no good on the dyno as they might be slipping, on the road it feels like it has about the same amount of power I'm very happy with the result I'm glad I put the head back on just to see what would happen. Now time to take it drifting on the 27th and see how she holds up
  3. S15 leaky head gasket? Help please

    Ok so I put it all back together. I had the weirdest problem when I tried to start it. It would idle as if it was running on 2 cylinders and run lean and then die but if i unplugged the MAF it would idle smooth but at like 2000 rpm at the right AFR. Anyways its all up and running now, it seems to be running a bit hotter than normal, it normally ran at 68° but now it running at 75° but at least its steady which i think is good. So far all the problems seem to be gone, no more boiling into the overflow tank after a drive. I feel like I should just run 16psi low boost for now instead of my 22psi high boost.
  4. S15 leaky head gasket? Help please

    Here are a few more pics, head has been cleaned but the block has not and you can see where the leak was happening. This is what I took the other day, head is back on and the intake manifold is back on. Ill take a pic on the gasket in daylight but I think i can see the trails to the water galleries
  5. S15 leaky head gasket? Help please

    From what I saw the bores where fine with no marks on the cylinder walls, I’ve been told by a few ppl that the block is no good and the head is probably damaged as well so they recommended I put in a used motor. Seeing as how that car ran before in theory it should run again right? I might still be able to get some more km’s out of it, it not like I have much to lose trying to see if it will still run. Yeah you’re right that’s why I’m thinking I had the cooling system being pressurized The pitting on the sleeve and block must have been causing the cooling system to be pressurized. Yeah I don’t think I’ll ever use Cometic again, I’ve always hear good things about them though. I’ve installed a standard gasket that I had to see if the car will run again. Ill post some overall pics tonight when I get home but yeah it’s not a raised section of carbon it’s actually pitting so it lower than the deck.
  6. S15 leaky head gasket? Help please

    I think I found my problem, all of the cylinder pretty much look like this I might have to put it all back together and find out what is causing this but ill have a chat to my tuner
  7. Hey all, I swapped out my standard head gasket about a year ago with a Cometic MLS head gasket and also use ARP head studs and all was good I went to one track day and the whole day and I had no problems, then I went to another and I came off track once during the day and it was quite bumpy (not sure if related). The water temp started getting hot on track which is not really normal but the thing is it would not even cool down when i did cool down laps so i just called it and day and drove home about an hour later but on the way home just cruising on the highway I saw that the water temp gauge was maxed out and the cars temp gauge was maxed as well (oil temp was still 70 due to my oil cooler i assume) so i pulled over strait away and as soon as i did the engine light came on and then i shut the car down. (error code was cooling fan circuit) Coolant was overflowing out of the overflow bottle so i just waited for it too cool, I drove to the servo and topped up the water and the temp was fine again. The next track day it started getting hot again towards the end on the day so im assuming i have a leaking head gasket. Symptoms: - Car starts getting hotter and hotter when driving hard for extended periods - I can see something in the coolant, tiny brown/black blobs and it is very minimal I have to really look hard to find them - Some oil? under the radiator cap - When i go for a drive and park the car a few moments later the overflow tank will start to bubble (1 bubble per second) - When i removed the cam cover I saw some coolant near the spark plug holes on the head - I've re torqued the head studs but problem still seems to be there - I've switch the radiator cap to another 0.13 bar - I did notice when draining the cooland the drain plug was not on very tight, still tight enough that I needed a spanner to loosen it but no force need to open it, could air have been getting into the system here? When I drained the coolant and oil they both seem normal, the oil is black and coolant is green and I cant really see anything in it so now I don't know if the head gasket is fine but maybe I have another problem Any input would be great
  8. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Just ordered a 2-pack from your website
  9. S13 problem hitting boost

    When my car did that it was because the coil packs where dying. Some new splitfires fixed it right up I'm pretty sure the third port on the boost solenoid is to vent the bled air
  10. Velo seat into a S15 what rails

    Maybe I should just try and bend my current ones, I don't think it should affect the rails if i do that. The rails look like this:
  11. Just got my Velo seat (GP90 standard) and it seems to have a wide base (420mm), current bucket seat is like 385. I tried to mount it to my current Bride N045VL rails they are 395mm between side mounts I'm thinking of getting some FG rails to get it to work but on the website they specify 395mm wide as well, has anyone tried this Velo and FG rail combo yet? Im not sure but looking at the rails online i should be able to flip to brackets around to make the space wider, the seat might be offset though? Does anyone have FG rails that they could measure to see if it would work
  12. S15 diff swap bolts

    Thanks for the info, the rear hat is fine as it bolted strait in and I just used some washers to space the diff the same that the original one was spaced and that meant that I could use my old bolts Did some figure 8's to run it in and it's quite noisy at low speeds even with the clutch in, it just sounds and feels loose. I also noticed a low pitched hum coming from the diff when driving strait. Getting sideways seem to be a bit more predictable now but yet to fully try it out
  13. S15 diff swap bolts

    I got a used diff for my S15 with a 4.36 diff ratio (ive got a rb25 gearbox) and Nismo centre When i installed the diff I noticed that the mounting holes near the ABS sensor are smaller and I cant use my S15 bushings and bolts I believe that S13's have the smaller holes on the housing, are there any other models? On the diffs with the smaller holes are there any bushing/washers/spacers required or dose it bolt hard up against the body? I could potentially use the current bolts with some washers but it would be nice if i could use the correct gear.
  14. [STOLEN] Black 200SX S14 Zenki

    That sucks man, did you have an alarm installed?
  15. www.autotechnik.com.au for RPF1's www.rimtuck.com for fitment