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  1. My S15 has one, I still have it hooked up as well as an oil cooler with thermostat, brings up my oil temp in winter, but still cool in summer.
  2. boots back on the ground in Iraq

    A comparo to Nazi Germany is a little different, as it wasnt an ingrained religion, but an encouraged belief in their country. Honestly I dont think it is something tht will be ever solved, due to the extremist/ isolationist nature of the crazies in the mid east. But due to removing the dictator that had it all under control (however evil he was), I believe he are obliged to make an appearance, but would rather not have troops on the ground. There is a sad, resigned part of me that wishes the extremists on both sides would just blow themselves all sky high, and someone with some sense could try to reign things in.
  3. ORC 559 vs ORC 659 Twin Plate

    As someone who had this EXACT setup, this is hilarious. I went thru 3 boxes in 6 months, with NO abuse of gearbox or clutch (daily driver/casual hill run toy) Hopefully you can limp it home to reconsider when it goes Bang. And trying to source an S14 flywheel on its own is hard, and $$$. I made one out a stock S14 flywheel and a lathe, after giving up.
  4. I have a dampened ORC in my S15, unless its for a track car, dont do it - demolishes gearboxes. Compared to a single plate dampened, there is a heap less damping (feels like same size springs, but twice as many. Unless your going BIG power, just get a good single from someone like NPC. I only have it, cause it was in the car when I bought it, and have since upgraded to a Z33 box after breaking 2 boxes with only light abuse.
  5. Use Lockys idea, but only use the grill section of the LHS, plastic welded to the mount/surround of the RHS? No real fab involved, just a bit of plastic welding
  6. I am wondering how strict the ACT cops are regarding defects, I know most mainland states are a bit sucky compared to Tasmania, just wondering actually how bad? I am hoping to move there in the next 6 months, and am unsure what to do with my S15 - keep it, or sell it. I use it as a daily down here without hassles, but thinking I might have dramas up there. It has pretty much everything done - highmount, brembos, etc, except a stripped interior and cage, but looks reasonably respectable (except for the hot pink vented bonnet) and I dont drive like an idiot. What are my chances of being defected? It will only be a rainy day car, i have a bike for the rest of the time. Stephanie

    Might be a dumb question, but can you get 20-30mm spacers for a Ford FG ute? Just got a new daily.
  8. Hi, Just wondering where the best/easiest place to get some thin wall Ti tube for a motorbike exhaust, and maybe some lobster intake piping. Found this company in the states - http://www.titaniumjoe.com/ - that will sell in lengths from 1 ft and longer. Any other places
  9. Did you sort your trigger setup out? Just looking at the ATI picture, and knowledge of dampers, the outer shell is solid mounted the to crank side, and only the damper ring/hub are allowed to move. So you should be fine to mount something on the face of it. All the end tanks are looking porn Steph
  10. Z33 6 speed. almost identical ratios, unkillable.
  11. Rather than start a new thread, I will post in here. I have picked up a job in Canberra, will be starting around November, and am starting to look for housing. Is the anything other than realestate.com or gumtree to help me find something? Need 1 off street park, preferably lockup, other than that, I am pretty non fussed. Silv will be staying in Tas for a while, will be getting a work car, and bring up my roadbike
  12. Where to get Titanium thinwall tube?

    TBH, I have no idea. Dont have access to much fab gear other than my TIG, bandsaw and random tools, so hoping for tube, so I can just lobster it. Any ideas on the sheet tho? Thanks Steph
  13. Dont think so, I remember a friend had to pull his head off to put it back on after he forgot to install it after machining
  14. You and Your Bike

    Finally got my 05 ZX10R sorted after getting it back after it was stolen for a few days. Getting it ready for a big ride up the east coast of Aus to try and find somewhere new to live. Spent a heap on it lately getting it to how I want it - -PowerCommander III (getting tuned on Sat) -Brembo front master cylinder-Braided brake lines all round -Braketech 330mm oversize iron rotors -Toby steering damper -Akropovich shorty -Revalved suspension -Scorpio alarm -Full custom China fairing kit - amazed at the quality and fit! -Renthal chain/sprockets with shorter gearing -Double bubble screen -Oxford heated grips -Braking clutch lever -Custom rear numberplate mount -Intergrated tail light, smoked indicators, HID conversion, mirror delete There is a heap of other smaller stuff, but the bike is looking super trick Also have a custom rack made up, and a full set of soft luggage for the trip. Bring on MotoGP at The Island, then let the adventure begin! Hoping to head as far north as Mackay, then work out where I would like to live Stephanie
  15. blue smoke no boost

    Is there oil in the dump pipe? This is all to coincidental, Remember the KISS principle (keep it simple Stupid). sounds like a butt ton of oil in a cylinder, loose cooler piping, or cam install gone wrong.
  16. I have had the box in and out about 10 times now, rebuilt it once, and tried another 2k gearbox. Just driving till it breaks now, when it does, I will put the spare box and different clutch in
  17. I have never seen a centre muffler that doesnt hang lowish, and there is plenty of room width wise for a flat twin 3inch muffler, with piping wrapping around the side instead of over the top. The other plus for this setup, is I can use a Vband just after the diff, then have a straight pipe for a quick trackday swap over.
  18. both our boxes are designed for a 6 cylinder engines, which have a much smoother torque pulse. If re balancing doesnt fix it, I would be talking to jim berry or NPC about getting softer springs in the clutch disc. When I can be bothered pulling the box again, this is what I will be doing. Steph
  19. Rather than start a new thread to be flamed, I might just ask in here - I am wanting a super quiet exhaust that will still flow well on my S15 with 3082 and external gate, plumbed back. I am wondering about using a 3in twin muffler right at the very back, and turning it into a custom twin loop set up, with a hot dog in between the 2 muffler pipes, with nothing but the cat before this. Something similar to below, but using a 3 inch muffler, and custom fabbing it all. I am thinking it would have the similar effect as a reduced diameter enhancing torque, but still flowing well up top for the larger frame turbo/cam setup. Thoughts? Stephanie
  20. I have the same issue with my Z33 6speed conversion. Tail shaft vibrations are speed dependent, not rev dependent, so that can be ruled out. I have the same brand of clutch, but twin plate, and after a fair bit of research, it seems to be gear chatter due to poor damping characteristics of the ORC clutch plate. It sounds exactly the same as gear chatter on large trucks (I am a heavy diesel tech), which occurs due to pulses in the drive line power. I have replaced all gearbox bearings, tried a new gearbox ($2k), re balanced tail shaft, new eng/box mounts, beaten out the gearbox tunnel to make sure it doesn't touch. I have also triple checked spigot/clutch plate engagement and tried 3 different oils. So I have pretty much ruled out everything suggested. I am now considering either a new clutch, or getting the damper springs swapped out for a set of much softer items. I have been dailying it for 30,000km and a couple of track days, no metal in the oil, its just annoying but wont hurt anything. Stephanie
  21. S1480 widebody build.....

    Tough!!!! If only I had the motivation and time, I could sell the S15 for a project like this
  22. Dan K's Pewter S15 Spec R Project

    Nice looking car, looks like a sweet base to start from. Please no lugnut talk tho - we are Australian - wheel nuts!!! lol
  23. Voted For, because one day I want to settle down with a Wifey Stephanie
  24. The ORC was quiet on the S15 6speed , using the ORC flywheel. For the conversion I made up a new slightly lightened flywheel out of an S13/14 flywheel for clearance. I hope that helps. Steph
  25. If you end up doing the conversion, dont use a lightened flywheel - the gearbox will chatter like hell. I have a lightened flywheel and ORC twinplate, chatters like a bitch unless there are some revs on. Stephanie