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  1. Following this thread. I've got a CD009 at home waiting to be installed, i'm going to be using a bolt on engine adapter plate from Speedtek Auto Racing Parts to bolt it up to my built CA18DET, along with the GKTECH crossmember, and short shifter kit once it arrives. Benn told it should bolt up with no cutting / no tunnel bashing... *fingers crossed* Good to see others running this box with some success!
  2. ca18det power fc

    Any reason why your after a power FC? If your interested, i have a Greddy E-Manage Ultimate with CA18 harness, full plug and play setup for sale. ECU is tuned for a Z32 AFM, 550cc injectors. Only had it in my car for 4 months, then i upgraded to a Haltech. PM me if interested.
  3. Those look pretty damn impressive.. If you get them you should post up a review of how they compare to stock setup
  4. I have the super clear Raybrig housing on my 180sx, running the stock white bulbs. definitely a noticeable difference. I remember taking some before and after photos of them after fitting them many years ago, they are definitely an improvement over the stock housing... they were bloody expensive at the time. $250 each i think from memory
  5. Forgot to add. When i got my manifold coated, they actually recommended doing the exhaust side of the turbo (it wasn't my idea initially). Apparently if your doing one, its best to do the other as well.
  6. I got the exhaust side of my GTX3076r turbo and 6 boost manifold ceramic coated when i got the new setup last year. Mine was a brand new setup and i wanted it done for piece of mind, so i cant compare it against the same un-treated setup. Engine temps aren't too bad though, and even after a decent run there is noticeably less heat radiated from my new setup compared to much much smaller/older setup. Spoil times would be minimal if anything, you would probably notice better spoil increases with a turbo blanket. One thing to note is: be very careful when adding any oils or engine cleaning additives into the oil.. In my case some dribbled onto my manifold which i didn't notice at the time, and it has started to eat away at the ceramic coating in that spot ! =(
  7. WTB - 180sx front quarter panels

    I have a pair of stock 180SX metal front quarter panels in black that are taking up room in my garage, i live in W.A. though.. Let me know if your interested in them
  8. Price : $100 Condition : Used STILL FOR SALE 180SX DMAX smoked tailights (BRAND NEW, NEVER FITTED) - $350 ono Greddy eManage Ultimate ECU (tuned for CA18DET with Z32 AFM, 740cc injectors, 18psi. Only used for 3 months!!) - $450 ono Genuine Z32 AFM, and K+N Filter. - $150 ono Sparco F1 style steering wheel + Boss kit to suit. (Leather in excellent condition #1) - $150 ono SOLD!! CA18DET stock ECU with Nistune Type 1 Board (tuned to suit Z32 AFM, 560cc injectors) S14 series Garret T28 BB turbo, modified to suit stock CA18 intake pipe, and steam pipe manifold Apexi Power Intake with included CA18DET AFM. Message or call me on 0422 003 859 to arrange pickup, happy to send items via Australia post at buyers expense.
  9. I'll give it a go tomorrow and see what happens I had the exact same hose blow on my CA earlier this year, i did the same method by cutting it in half and scraping off the bits of hose. Space is tight, so its not easy but is possible. Not sure if its quicker this way, or removing the plenum
  10. Bought a set of Taark, and they slip in good. Cheap cheap
  11. What to do with my s15

    Fix the things that are wrong with it, you'll get more for it then. no ones gonna pay 10k for a damaged / un-drivable stock car.
  12. The Heavy Music Thread

    Haven't read this whole thread, but lately I've been listening to a lot of Heavenshallburn.. German melodic death metal , brutal riffs and vocals. cant flaw any of their albums.
  13. Air lock / vacuum lock diffs for drift ?

    Yeah thats what i thought, it could be useful but probably more as a handy gimic to switch between street use and the occasional track day. I've set my sights on a proper Nismo 1.5 way for my CA20DET now Cheers Blingy, I've sent Jesse an email. =)
  14. Air lock / vacuum lock diffs for drift ?

    Thanks for the feedback guys! It's not something i was going to attempt for my 180, i was more interested for the sake of my own wild curiosity =) Do you know of any sellers on here who can source Nismo GT Pro TT (38420-RSS17-C5) or Nismo Pro model (38420-RSS15-C5) diffs ? Cheers