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  1. Apprentice mechanic

    Decided I want to start a career and wanted to do something with cars..... I was thinking mechanic and doing a mechanical engineer course further down the track. Does anyone know the best sort of places to look for for starting an apprenticeship? As in: Dealership or small business workshop? Or even a franchise work shop? Also what sort of areas might have more jap cars or performance cars and do more than just servicing? Around Sydney area..
  2. I've probably posted this before and never gotten a definite answer.. I'm trying to figure out what rails to use, I've heard the seats are SIMILAR to sr4's but ATM not having too much disposable income and don't want to waste money I don't particularly want to order the wrong rails and find they don't fit. SO I've measured the mounting holes in the bottom of the Evo 7 recaro and they measure 30cm x 40cm and I'm wondering if there's anyone on here with an sr3, sr4 or any other sr series or even other bottom mounting recaros that could Measure their seats and tell me what type of rails to buy (e.g bride MO etc) Thanks guys;)
  3. Clearing out garage of rest of my silvia shit and spares as i am moving into an apartment. Need this all gone soon. WHEELS: SET of 4 Buddy club P1's. 5x114.3 15"x8" +10 with 4 x 225/60 falkens (near new) Fantastically rare and awesome sizing/ offset, could use nice clean $1000 ono SET of 4 'Stayer' 5x114.3 17x9 +45 with 2x 225/40 and 235/40 drift tyres Came with a car i got, no more use for them $300 BREMBO's!!!!! Bought a full set of evo Brakes with intent on fitting them on my silvia, decided against modding i anymore and selling it, so don't need them anymore. Will come with front and rear callipers, front and rear discs, and rear setup of shoes etc inside rear disc. $1100 as is $1250 with a nissan bm57 $1300 with bm57 + fresh machine on all 4 discs HALF CAGE!!!! Bought for my s13 with plans to fit, never got around to it, selling separate to the car, bought off some hit n run dude, no certification to prove, but i believe he said it was a bonds half cage to suit non sunroof s13. Its currently a faded purple which will suit a quick sand and a new lick of paint. all parts are here for it, just need some high tensile bolts, a drill, and you can be a DK $500 ono RANDOM SILVIA PARTS: S15 doors - 2xblue, scratched from storage, no dents, both with mirrors, one with door card (shit condition) both with glass and looms etc $50 S15 side mirror - blue off JDM - $20 S13 stock radiator with chewed shroud - $20 S15 stock rotors - $50 freshly machined S15 'silvia' kick panels - $20 S15 stock rear callipers - $20 S13 Stock AFM - $10 S13 gbox crossmemeber off auto (used for 6 speed conversions or rb boxes) - $20 All parts located near hornsby, p.m me for more info, pics, or to organise purchase. cheers.
  4. Wheels/ brembos/ cage/ other assorted parts

    also have some LMGT4's for sale now pretty sure the specs are 17x7.5 +35 and 17x8.5+40? need to double check offsets though atm sitting on 225/45 dunlop fronts and 235/45 federal 595 rears they're bronze and have 4x genuine rays centre caps as well. was hoping for $1600 ONO Also have some evo 7 recaro's for sale. drivers side has some silvia rails welded to them passenger has no rails attached but i have a passenger BRIDE MO genuine brand new rail which i have been lead to believe will fit with minor modification (pretty sure just a bit of drilling) was hoping for $1100 ONO for both seats and rails and everything cheers.
  5. Wheels/ brembos/ cage/ other assorted parts

    p.m me any offers mate. pretty sure i replied to everyone in personal messages, if theres anyone i missed send me another message kthx
  6. Wheels/ brembos/ cage/ other assorted parts

    sorry guys, can't access p.m's atm and i will be in tasmania till end of weekend, will sort you all out then
  7. cleaning S15 IACV tutorial?

    Ever lived in an isolated place and had to improvise? Well I do so I generally take my time with things so I don't f**k gaskets up, and there is also this magic thing called gasket goo mate, google it u will see what I am talking about. If u don't brake the gasket in the first place why would u bother getting a new one? Seems abit silly to me. You are an hero m8 That's better advise sorry boys, instead of paying $3 for a new gasket, just pump your Iacv full of sealant.
  8. cleaning S15 IACV tutorial?

    would definitely replace gasket, they're only a few dollars from taarks, and whats the point of cleaning iacv and not replacing the possibly 2X year old gasket…. not going to solve any issues! also found them to be quite brittle when they're old, so if you don't have a new gasket there, and this one damages while you're removing it, you're stuck!
  9. 4.3 diff with a 6 speed

    That's entirely based on what your daily drive is, I daily drive that exact setup, 6soeed with 4.3 on 235/45 17 and I have no issues, how ever my daily drive doesn't ever include a highway where I go 100.... Max is 80 which is perfectly cruisey and fuel economic in 6th gear.
  10. Hi im johno, 20, on my greens, and i like N/A powaah Heres my builds restart: BACKSTORY: Had an Autech S15 But unfortunately being a massive *richard cranium* I've landed myself in this mess: So basically the plan is: firstly get a 180sx rolling shell (put deposit on one this weekend should be here by next) Then I'm gonna start putting everything from my s15 that will fit into it... this includes 5 stub hubs, brakes, diff (if i can get it to work) engine and gearbox (obviously) dash + centre console, whole front end and any sway bars/ extra bracing i can fit in.... meanwhile selling any s15 stuff i don't need and using money for stuff which i need for the 180.. e.g suspension setup etc. >Buy clean as f**k registered s13 N/A >swap in all my autech running gear (engine, subframe, brakes, LCA's, suspension arms etc etc etc) >give other cool mods >be an N/A baller >steal underpants >??? >PROFIT
  11. Quoted for truth; Johno to a tee haha So which turbo/engine/car will the new one be Johno? Going on an adventure to Tasmania to buy something dean doesn't approve of. A Toyota :|
  12. Need help with choosing the right tyre

    Also when it comes down to it, if the tyres are cheap, then more than likely they're shit... There are exceptions but even good brands make shit cheap tyres
  13. Need help with choosing the right tyre

    Smallest I would run on a 8" wide wheel is 225's And remember the profile number is not a level of profileyness, the Side wall size is calculated from a percentage of the width e.g 225/45 = side wall is 45% of 225mm so if you're running staggered setups or changing tyre size you might want to take this into consideration to not mess up your rolling diameter As for what tyres, If you're looking at stretching that much the cars not going to handle well so who cares what tyres you put on it... Otherwise just Google some of the main brands: hankook, falken, kumho, Pirelli etc and read some tyre reviews, figure out what suits your life best.
  14. 4.3 diff with a 6 speed

    I have autech s15 motor with 6 speed and 4.3, I think it's an awesome combo for n/a but wouldn't really run a 4.3 on anything with more torque Highway driving on 17's 100km/h is about 3,000 rpm in 6th gear from memory
  15. rough idle sr20de

    Injector cleaner is a precautionary thing, not a quick fix
  16. selling this f**ker soon if anybody's interested, am moving onto new things (turbo's)
  17. So a mate has decided against a braking setup on his car, and has sold me his evo 8 brakes for cheap. I am aware that to fit the setup i will need a BM57, and to fit the fronts i will need to either remove or modify the dust cover and get some conversion brackets. but what I'm struggling to find some hard evidence on is how people setup the rear…. Some people say STI brembo's on the rear need some washers or spacers and they just bolt on…. some people say its the same case for the evo brakes…. some people say the evo brakes are different and i saw on one forum someone mention evo rear callipers will need grinding and re drilling in order to fit…. But the evo runs shoes for the handbrake on the rear just like the skylines and z32.. i haven't seen anyone mention anything about this so does that whole setup just swap in? I know i can easily just buy a rear brake setup off a z32 or a skyline or something and swap it in… but i already have these as i bought the whole package… so just wanted to find someone who has done it, or knows exactly whats needed to do it, and weigh my options from there. anyone with actual knowledge on the matter will be highly appreciated
  18. Yeah have just decided to buy r33 rear setup and a bm57, just need to get some handbrake cables from taarks and an adapter for the front. Also found out my lmgt4's don't clear them on the front I don't have abs lel Cheers for the advice. Will probabwly be hitting you guys up in the near future
  19. Fair enough. I just thought since I had them already I'd give them a go... But if that's the case may as well just do what you said and get r33 rears. Do you know any cars that upgrade to Evo rears? So I have a general idea of who to pitch selling the rear setup to huehuehuehuehue Or I'll hang them in my garage to forever symbolise my failure
  20. evo 9 seats into an s chasis

    Genuine recaro sp-j rails for s chassis will bolt an Evo 7,8, or 9 into an s chassis.
  21. Car insurance for modified cars

    When I waa doing my insurance I had a similar quote of roughly 4k a year with just car to full comp my car....
  22. Modern cars

    Have driven the 4 door genesis and we don't even get the v8 so it was a gay v6..... Firstly it's f**kig HUGE like obviously built for the American market.. Secondly you'd have more fun in a commodore... The car was comfortable but you couldn't even tell it was RWD or anything.. Do not rate... Maybe the coupe with the v8 would be cool but the model we do get now is shitty
  23. Car insurance for modified cars

    Am also 21, drive an n/a Silvia and am a mechanic and Shannon's wouldn't insure me... Also I thigght Shannon's only did full comp? I went with just car simply because they will insure me, but have never made a claim so can't really comment on their service or anything like that...
  24. Recommend me a hatch?

    Abarth 695 pls huehuehue
  25. evo 9 seats into an s chasis

    If I was to do it all over again, I would've just bought genuine brides and bride rails to begin with... Way more supportive and heaps less f**king aroubd... Although the Evo 7 seats do look really damn good ^.^