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  1. Straight Through Exhaust

    Hey all, Your feedback is greatly appreciated
  2. Straight Through Exhaust

    Would this require a dyno tune or does the MAF work it out. Thanks for your help.
  3. Hi all, I have a SR20det in my grandpas Gemini. it has a custom 2.5' exhaust system with a very quiet muffler (great for street). The car will be used for mainly track only this year and I was wanting to slip off my muffler (which its at the very rear of the car) and simply slip on a straight through tail pipe! What im wondering is......... will this cause issues to my engine due to having less back pressure or is it common to run track SR's with no mufflers? I want that SR growl around the track J
  4. Hello all, I was hoping for some advice on this topic. I have a stock s13 sr20 with after market front mount and fuel pumps. I have installed a turbosmart duel stage. Pre dyno tune is it ok to run about 12psi????? On stock my boost gauge is suggesting it is already running 9psi!! This may be because of the front mount? Thank you,
  5. Hello All, Can some one please assist me... I am looking to convert my sr20det speedo sender from electronic to cable. After some research I hear the r32 had a mechanical cable drive. When I looked on line the shaft looked like it maybe too long? Can anyone tell me if the r32 mechanical speedo drive will fit my sr20 box? Thank you,
  6. JDM Super SQV 3 BOV

    Hey peeps, What is the deal with the JDM SSQV BOV on eBay? Are they worth buying or are the a complete waste of time? I see you can pick the up for around $50.. They would obviously be a copy of the HKS but I wanted to know if any one has any experience or feed back on these? Thanks Steve
  7. Hi people, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with these particular bleed vales? Look at this on eBay: ADJUSTABLE BLUE BOOST CONTROLLER S13 S14 S15 R32 R33 VL http://www.ebay.com....#ht_4284wt_1039 They are quite cheap on eBay. Or should I stick to gfb or turbosmart Steve ***NOTE TO OP, I HAVE REMOVED YOUR VIRUS URL AND REPLACED IT WITH THE EBAY LINK, DOUBLE CHECK THE URL BEFORE LINKING ON THE FORUM *** - ONE_VIA_S13
  8. Sr20det splutter/ lag question?

    Ha ha nice one Str8E180 It has standard ecu 400 hp fuel pump (no surge tank) The mechanic suggested a adjustable actuator may over come tge problem. The have fiddled with it on the dyno, I just never now if I am getting the story straight. Cost a lot to put in there
  9. Hi there, First post ever... I have a sr20 in my Gemini (recently converted). When the engine is under light acceleration on lew revs as boost is just starting to engage it will splutter and lag a bit. If you are taking off or giving it power it will not do the above mentioned symptoms. I have spoken to my mechanic about it, they installed a new air flow meter but the problem remains. Any one experienced this??? Thanks heaps