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  1. 1994 Nissan 180sx - $8,500

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 110000 Price : $8,500 Condition : Used http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details...mp;sort=default My pride and joy ( cliche ) 1994 Nissan 180sx up for sale. Blacktop SR20DET (TypeX) which was put in with 100,000 on it T25 Turbo FMIC BOV 3" Catback to twin 3" Blast Pipes (black) TypeX Rear Lights 17" Drift tek Koyas - Gold Lug Nuts (Staggered 9.5s on the back) Gold Calipers 6000k HIDs DeepDish Steering wheel Drift Button Hand Brake singledin dvd player boost gauge manual boost controller Kingsprings Stripped boot interior All other Interior - Top Notch (minus cracks in dash as usual) have few other goodies which i will throw in for this price like stainless steel manifold original lights hks ss bov This car is quick - 160-170kw on 9 pounds. P Platers can also drive it provided they get an exemption. Un molested clean 180sx keen for quick sale. Add Coilovers and camber, you got your self one clean as jdm porn star. comes with rego and roady located 4113 0431 501 862
  2. Hey! Pickng up my hatch today, was wondering if these photos where accessible anywhere... they have only "?" displayed..
  3. Sr20det - help!

    Sorry about the lack of detail, but it's really hard to describe. Why would it be dropping off first is my main question, no boost exactly like an NA engine, but secon third an fourth and fifth be pullin like normal.. Zzzz
  4. Sr20det - help!

    Also, I have checked the actuator and all hosing. Nothing noticeably wrong.
  5. Sr20det - help!

    Hey, So I have a 84 180sx with a sr20det from a type x - 80000kms.... 10 pounds - t25 - bov - front mount - cat back - I just bought this car, sounded so healthy it was awesome, and not any noticeable problems until the other day.... Soo, I suddenly noticed two days ago a few weird things which started happening. I have lost boost in first gear but Second third fourth fifth, boosting really well.... Gets to 0 on the boost gage then just drops back down andsoundss like an NA engine Second third fourth and fifth may have lost power too but it's hard to tell... Still boosting the same 10psi (read from the gage) Secondly, I have notice a weird sound which is pretty hard to describe but ill give it a go. So when accelerating hard it's like a mixture of the normal sound I usually get a really nice vibe&pur, but some sort of mixed sound like an NA engine and it feels like its struggling. And when letting go of the pedal the bov goes and sounds like an NA engine coming down.. Different to before It's so frustrating, do you have any idea what could be goin on? I know my description isn't the best but any advice would be great. When I rev on neutral as well it's like an NA engine too... I am aware the car has been runnin rich, and I h e been getting a few back fires. But I don't think that was to concerning but will chuck it in here anyway. Julian..
  6. Blast Pipes

    Hey Guys, First Post... Just got a 180sx (with a typex SR20DET) and it came with a ridiculous Nismo cat back with a cannon the size of my face. I am dead set on Blast Pipes for the look and sound, but am curious whether or not I will be defected. So its simply a decated cat back at the moment and will be chopping the muffler our to fit the new pipes obviously. Ahh any advice would be much appreciated.... Cheers Julz