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  1. old school s13s?

    Can someone ID this lip?
  2. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=340020816096608&set=vb.100002660781530&type=3&theater Not sure if you guys can watch it, but in short the cop pulled a guy over, called him a *richard cranium* for driving an unsafe car and said 'too much nissansilvia.com' LOL Might already be a thread somewhere.
  3. You build the best looking cars every time, not over the top but they still look somewhat aggressive. Where'd you get the bonnet struts from?
  4. I only found out today that SR20DET and SR20DE Gearboxes are actually different, they also use different clutches and fly wheels. When doing a conversion, I'm sure most people have been putting in sr20det boxes, does that mean you guys also used an sr20det flywheel and det clutch? What are the key differences between the n/a and turbo flywheel/clutch
  5. Regarding Insurance & VicRoads with Manual Conversion

    If anything you want to keep it as an auto registration/insurance because when you stack it, auto has more market value (dumb vicroads is dumb)
  6. Do we have them? Whats the scene like?
  7. old school s13s?

    I think it's a members, can't remember.

    I've seen that r35 too, I tried to keep up with him on east link one day, had no f**king chance he was flying. It looks wikid too. It's a gold onevia, drift pig. Different rims front and back. Looks so good.
  9. Stuff you got picked for

    Windows too dark? Did you guys know your tint was too dark when you got it done? I swear some of the new holdens and what not come out with tint way darker than 'legal darkest'
  10. Stuff you got picked for

    Hahahaha I've cut up a plastic office tray that goes over my entire battery tray. The whole thing's been rusted through.. and vic roads have to check it in two days.
  11. old school s13s?

    Can anyone tell me whether these are genuine watanabes or are they rotas? My favourite Not s13's but
  12. Stuff you got picked for

    By cops or by vicroads, what about your car did they defect/didn't pass your car on?

    A R31 got stolen in my area. I'm installing a full alarm/immoboliser asap aswell as a quick release.

    V VSPEC euro plated R35. Noticed I was checking it out and decided to floor it off at the lights, was insane.
  15. Black with a vengeance.

    Been a while. Run into some shitty problems with roadworthy. Found out one of my tie rods was bent, I knew something was wrong but I assumed it was just a wheel alignment problem. Little things like tiny bit of rust on the radiator, murky rear tint and a rusty battery tray was also on the list of non-roadworthyness. Bunch of bs really. So I got these: Tien Tie Rods, got them for a bargain. JUST below legal height, maybe 1 or 2cm, mechanics haven't picked up on it. Thank god. [