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  1. Hey everyone, hoping to purchase this Spec R GT s15 soon, only problem, I’m still on my P Plates for 10 months so can’t legally drive it yet. So, when I have the car sitting in my garage for that sort of duration what can I do to look after it? How do I prevent myself from causing damage to the car if it isn’t being driven very often? My main concern is the mechanicals of the car and the fluids in the engine/transmission/diff/turbo/fuel etc. Will these go off over time? Paint care, do i need to worry about it if it’s not getting a wash very often? Can tyres go bad? Electrical/battery damage.. Can my ecu be effected if the battery dies (car has an electronic boost controller too)? Also being a GT it has all the options including leather seats, how do I care for leather that is sitting for a long time? I probably will take it for a drive around the block once a week/fortnight even though I’m not meant to, or have my parents drive it round a bit to get the engine moving but what else can be done to keep the car in mint condition till I can legally enjoy it on the road Also a bit off topic here, insurance? If any of you out there don't drive your car very often, what do you do with your insurance to keep it to a minimum seeing as the car is low risk because it doesnt see the road much? Should i insure it at all and cancel rego so save some bucks? Thanks everyone, all the tips you can offer will be helpful. Cheers.
  2. I think a bit more than 56 mate. I'm on my p plates, 21 not 40. I don't want a drift pig of a car, not my thing. Looking for a great looking jap car that goes great on the st, and being able to eat v8's driven by complete toothless bogans. Might look for a spec r with standard interior but has a sun roof then. Still willing to spend more for low ks though. And paint has to be perfect, don't want to fork out for a re spray. Anyway thanks guys that contributed to the actual question at the beginning of the thread haha. Cheers.
  3. car is located near me haha. the thing is i want the side skirts, the sun roof, and maybe the leather (depends if i want to switch out for some proper bucket seats). il need to think about it. main purpose of this thread was how to look after the damn thing, not weather i should buy it or not haha, if i can get it for around 18-19k then il be tempted, if not then il just wait i guess. still wondering what the sum cost of the mods are that i listed above? anyone?
  4. You do have a point there saying that I can buy a cheaper car and make it look like a spec r GT, but isn't there any value added to the cars overall worth being that it is a spec r from the factory and not a spec s? Surely a car that was the top of the line model has some value to it over a lesser specked up version?? Or isn’t that the case with the Silvia, I have no idea this is the first jap car/sport car that I’m looking to purchase? Also, any idea as to the sum value of the mods?
  5. hmm, i'l think about it. i have had a look on carsales, all the cheaper ones 14-18k either have body kits, a lot of mods (which i don't want, in my opinion brings the value of a car down if they are crap brands), dont have the original parts to it, have ks above 100k, and in OK condition. i want to buy a car with low to mid 80k on it, max low 90ks. i plan on having the car a LONG time, last thing i need is for the engine to get tired with high ks making it harder to have a reliable car for the street/track/meets. also going back a few posts ago, whats wrong with the ARC front mount? i thought ARC made one of the better quality goods out in the aftermarket world??
  6. so the consensus is that this s15 is not worth 20k even with the low ks, mods, and fully optioned last year manufactured GT, and that i should be offering the seller something along the lines of 18k??
  7. This guy^^ hilarious haha, thumbs up mate it has, 80k on the clock, full books with Nissan, trust power extreme II turbo back exhaust, ARC turn flow intercooler, air diversion plate, strut brace, whiteline sway bars, high security paging alarm system, bosch 40 fuel pump, ecu nistune upgrade, greddy boost controller, full tune, sticky dunlop tyres, koyo alloy rad, defi gauges. I honestly think it’s worth what he is asking for. I’m not too sure what the sum value of these mods are? Any of you guys want to have a guess or know how much he has put into it. Purchased the car stock and has stock parts. I am pretty keen on getting, I think I will go the fire and theft cover for insurance because you never know even though I don’t live in a bad area and the garage is locked.
  8. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Only reason I’m keen on getting it now is because I see it as the perfect example of an s15 that I would be happy with. it isn’t a cheap one either, $20,000+ has most of the mods I already want (mostly supporting mods) and the thing is mint, looks like it was picked up from the factory last month, low k's, last year manufactured, GT model, all the options. it will be insured under my dad’s name seeing as I can’t legally own one, was just curious as to the best method for insuring a car that will rarely see the road for the next 10 months, or if I should even bother with insurance/rego/RWC? It will be locked up in the garage. During the 10 month wait I plan on full suspension work, exhaust and intake manifolds, body work (spoiler removal, boot lock delete) wheels, possibly new turbo. If it’s insured and rego-ed it will get tuning. If I don’t get insurance/rego then I’ll probably wait to mod it further till I can take it on the road legally.
  9. Nissan S15 Video

    i second the vote on wanting the wheel specs if possible, car sits perfect! im guessing 18" Work Emotion XD9, offsets.... ?? very nice car, wish more s15's looked like this haha.
  10. Hey everyone, as my user name suggests I’m new to all things Nissan and I’m very very keen on all things Nissan, in particular the s15! I’m looking at buying an s15 spec r with low ks, near enough to stock. I have come across a perfect car, all original, all log books, serviced at Nissan, one owner since new, ONLY 57,000ks!!!!!!!!!!!! Selling for $12,500. It’s the perfect s15 in my opinion only problem is it’s a damn automatic which I DONT want, really want a manual. Anyway what I’m asking everyone here is what would you do with this car? Would you walk away because it an auto? Or would you snap it up because the engine is perfect and pretty much new and do the full manual conversion with say an s14 gearbox/rb25 gearbox? What would you do? I was always going to eventually swap the box if I bought a manual car because my goal is 250Kw at the rears, but is it worth the time and money to swap the box in an auto car? Too much time, effort, fiddling with, money, loss of reliability? The auto car could be mine for around the 13000 mark, would the cost of the conversion be beneficial or would it be better to spend more (say 18-19000) for a good s15 spec r that is manual from factory and start modding that? Reason I asked here is because you all own Nissan’s and s15's, and many of you have a great mechanical knowledge of the cars you own, so you all have the knowledge to help me out I hope this can turn into a discussion that will help make up my mind. Thank you all!
  11. i did jump on it, was on his ass about it every week. problem is the car is in his mums name, and his mum is in china for 6 months "on bussiness" so they cbf with sending papers overseas to get sighned and sighted for. meh. il get an already manual, hopefully mint cond s15 at the end of the year
  12. just checked out that clutch looks good! well i got a call from the seller, they pulled out and took the car off the market. waste of my time really. anyway, thank you everyone that replied to this topic, i have learnt heaps and will take this knowledge with me for when i do actually buy my s15 probably the end of the year il have my own! thaks everyone, appreciate all your comments
  13. yeah the box and the clutch alone are about 1400. then all the s15 bits, and the s14 flywheel and tail shaft. havent included lines and other small components. just waiting on shops to get back to me with a quote, which none of them have.
  14. thanks for that. well i spent some time online today, got some rough prices for all these parts. total came to about 2000 just for the parts. does this sound right? i would imagine labour would be a fair bit too
  15. also, as for the list of parts mentioned above, such as master cylinder, am i looking for the s15 component, or because its an s14 gearbox that im using should i be getting the s14 component? same goes for things like the flywheel etc.
  16. the dark patch is rain, i went to inspect it and it started to rain. well hopefully it doesnt effect roadworthy. the seller was good, he is getting a roadworthy if i go through with the sale and he agreed that if it affected the car he would give me the option to pull out of the sale. hopefully its all good though. are the aftermarket components just as good as the nissan parts?
  17. anyone know what this damage could be caused by? will it effect roadworthy? this has been on my mind alot because im in the proccess of buying this car!
  18. thanks again scott. i have attempted to up load a picture, hope it shows up. it looks like you can see points where it has taken alot of load, looks as if it has been lowered onto something, or jacked up incorrectly. i didnt get the jack out to compare the marking which i should of done. also, on the actual location where the jack is meant to go, there is a slight bend right next to it also indicating that someone didnt know what they where doing and put the jack to far toward the centre of the car, this is out of picture unfortunately. does this damage look like it will affect the car or roadworthy? are those parts that i need to get new from nissan, or an aftermarket manufacturer?
  19. as for parents, they dont support me money wise, its all on me and i have thought about this. only help i get is dad pays for insurance up front, and i pay him back in monthly deposits which is very helpful, awesome dad haha.
  20. i have a part time job while studying, earning more than enough for my age, 21, (last year with all my parting and stuff still managed to scrounge up 11000, so maintaining the car shouldn’t be a problem. as for insurance, i cant legally drive the car for a year so it will be un insured and remain in my garage while i SLOWLY do mods to it and drive it up and around my block once a week to keep things moving and in good order. i inspected the car today, drove it, and it goes really good, very smooth. Exterior is spotless bar one or two little dents on the passenger door. Interior is great, lady driver haha. so if she agrees on the price im just going to buy it i think. and thanks scott for the list of parts i need, really helps. and yes, the clutch master location is stamped on the body, just not cut out. i think im going to go with the conversion. what parts do people recommend that i buy new or have the shop source new, and what can i get away with being second hand?? there was one issue with the car though. where the jacking point at the rear of the car it, right behind it (further into the centre of the car) is the end piece of the chassis rail. There is some sort of dent/crush in it, like if has been lowered down on something and it has deformed the thin metal abit. is this a problem? i have a picture i can possibly upload.
  21. so no negatives to converting an auto, no hidden problems that im going to come across? way i see it is this, i can have this car, with the conversion done for around 16000, that sound great to me because a similar manual that still has the 6 speed which i dont want would be around the 20000 mark. @scott, if you have done many auto to manual conversions how much would you say it would cost if im lazy and get a shop to do everything with mostely new gear used (s14 box will obviously be second hand) im guessing around the 3000 mark for them to order in all parts and cover labour. another question, will i need a new centre console? or can i use a manual centre console and addapt the shifter boot thingo to fit around the s14 shifter?
  22. the only reason im buying an s15 now and not 10 months down the track is because i have found this one with 57,000 original ks, one own, nissan serviced. if it wasnt for this car i wouldnt even be considering buying now. my only worry is that in a years time when i was originally going to buy, i wasnt going to find such a un molested manual spec r. looking on carsales mint cond manual spes r's are going for 20,000+. i dont know why im just not keen on buying a car that has already had mods done to it with high-ish ks. i like my cars with low ks, and i like knowing it hasnt had a hard life. this is the only reason im considering converting this auto. if you were in my situation, student, steady but not massive income, and this car was staring you in the face, what would you do? I was always going to get rid of the 6 speed box when it stuffs up because il admit it i will drive the car hard on occasion (track) and i was always going to change my injectors for 740cc items, and i was always going to switch the ecu with a powerFC or similar computer so whats wrong with starting with an auto car? If im missing something HUGE here that i have overlooked let me know because im test driving the car tomorrow and probably buying it! and as if i wouldnt convert it! in my oppinion no auto car shouldnt be performance modified. thats why the very first thing is a box swap haha. worste case, i buy the auto, find something better 3 months later, sell the auto for 1000 more. money in the bank! no loss.
  23. money is tight atm, if the s14 box is going to be less hassle and more reliable from the get go then i think im going to go that route. if 2years down the line when i reach low to mid 200kw range and my funds are healthier i may consider the rb box conversion and sell off the s14 box. correct me if im wrong, but the rb box MUST have addaptor plates, where as the s14 box does not need this, just slides in place, of course with the addition of a clutch etc..?
  24. so everyone is for the rb box over the s14 box?? what are the main pros for spending more on the rb box over the s14 box... i thought the s14 box was good for around 250kw and doesnt involve cutting up the bell housing?? imo, the fewer the things i need to cut and hack up, the more reliable the car is going to be which is important for a car that will spend 75% of its life on the street. and help on the ecu, should i be going aftermarket if i plan on doing mods with injectors, turbos, and cams?? or will the stock ecu do for tuning??
  25. and what about when i start modding the engine like cams, and turbo? what do i do with the ecu situation then? well il see what sort of quote i get, if its around the 3000 mark (s14 box) then il get it done at a shop for peace of mind that its done right. might get all the parts myself, do what i can with a mate or someone else that can help, then get the shop to do the rest? car for about 12500 + 3000 for conversion = 15500 for an awesome cond engine with s14 box. sounds ok?