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  1. Steering Wheel Shake on Freeway

    PROBLEMO FIXED!! steering rack issue.. replaced and now its all goood again ! Thanx guys!!!
  2. Steering Wheel Shake on Freeway

    Johnilicte!- i did read your post The other side tie rod and tie rod end are fine! theyre not worn or bent/damaged the car is 84,000km.. legit! and the only reason why i replaced one side was becuase i hit it into a roud on the left side about enough to slighly bend it, do i stil have to replace right side? even if it made no contact watsoever? or is it replace.. u must replace BOTH regardless if damaged or not?
  3. Steering Wheel Shake on Freeway

    i might have a closer look again at the tyres, coz ive only noticed this happening after i replace the front tyres.! ive already replaced one tie rod and low cntrl arm. hope i dont have to replace the other sides -__-
  4. Steering Wheel Shake on Freeway

    okay thanks!! Ive had the wheels checked and definetly not buckled! shame car has done 84,xxxkms and so many things are worn already But i will get my mech to check all those things!
  5. Hi Guys, Ive recently noticed a shake in my steering wheel whilst I am on the freeway. it starts to shake at around 90kmh-110kmh Althought sometimes it shakes only a little, sometiems a little bit more, sometimes none at all.. note* i did hit into the curb at the round about on the left side, hard enough to bend the tie rod. I am running stock tyres, Yokohama on fronts and continental fronts. tyres are rwc, stock suspension , stock bushings I have done the following things in attempt to fix this problem. 1. Change lower control arm front left 2. Changed tie rod on front left (Mech said was needed to be changed 3. I have balanced and aligned the wheels twice. its slightly better is it because of mixed tyres? Tyreshop guy told me can be play in steering rack or perhaps bushes? What could the problem be? desperately need to find the cause, because its annoying. Car does not shake when braking or turning. just at the speeds of around 90kmh-110kmh thanks!
  6. hey is the super dragger still for sale?
  7. S14 Gearbox INTO 180sx!~!

    i drive pretty sensibly.. has not seen the track yet after the retune (current 260rkw) Daily driving i dont slam gears, shift pretty slow even IF i do give it, was always afraid might break the goddamn thing as it is my daily driver too. Or no one mentioned yet.. rebuild/ reinforce the stock box or is that silly and better just to fork abit more $$ for 33/z32? anyone dealt/ had exp with NPC clutch?? i want to make the right choice on clutch!
  8. S14 Gearbox INTO 180sx!~!

    whoa whoa chill out peepz! i should have stated the reason why i said original s13 box is on its way out due to crunching in 1,2 and 3 is like.. sometimes its easier to skip to 4 knowing now that there is not much or almost no difference between 13/14 box, whichever i happen to find first or if i find both, ill take the better looking condition one. very very! much appreciated with the replies and helpful information!!
  9. S14 Gearbox INTO 180sx!~!

    Thanks for the input so far guys! i see, ill just save the extra few hund and get another s13 box then? then will it be safe to also asssume s13/s14 diff is not much different too then? good thing i have a spare then anyone recommend me a clutch please :?
  10. Hi Guys.. time for me to get new gearbox , clutch and perhaps diff! my 180sx! Any suggestions for upgrades?? excedy HD clutch def needs replacing, - slips hard! stock gearbox wont hold much longer s14 diff i dunno . Idk what clutch i should go with , heard alot of good things bout NPC, and was thinking of going s14 box prob need to swap speed sensor as ive heard or do i just some certain type of oil into my stock gearbox ? and diff ive only reason put it in got it dirt cheap from mate wrecking s14. car is 260rkw if it helps. kinda on a budget atm too. recommendations very welcome! and if estimated prices would be much appreciated too! please. cheers!

    +1 robbo_rb180 too bad i dont have any family members that live interstate, all down in vic now! But i thought it wasnt true, if the car is registered in NT, darwn lets say. if its down here in VIC it cant get defected or EPA? woudlnt they just slap you with one and have to get a rwc back up in the state the car was registered at? Iv heard of poeple doing that with their licenses.. so they dont loose points just cop the fine?

    yeah ill do some more research, before making decision to purchase, il defs go for the stealth look. and top mount to lower mount will probably be one of my first things, such shame australia allow the sexy top mounts ONE DAYY!! and probabl get a varex control valve , and twin tip to go for the stealther look and perhaps try quieten down those stage 3 cams. a mate of mine has s15, had group M intake all covered and boxed and front mount, popo still slapped a fine for 2 intakes? he told me the cop said as long as their suspicious theres a pod underneath they can still get you.!??

    say what?? theres a vicpol on the forums? shiiiii! well the car has has a turn flow. and that was my plan to to pain everything black, heat adhisive paint. and yeah put a lower mount turbo on. boost controller well hidden too. stock airbox. try to make it look stck as possible i guess?

    yup its a couple of grand for emissions test regardless pass or not.! and i dont think it will pass I have a stock CA complete running just high kms on motor from my old car, maybe another solution is to engine swap them out? seems like a fkn headache, but then again engine swap labour 1K in and out, then repeat... Or should i just get rid of the top mount and replace with a low mount and retune..?

    soo.. pretty much the car is goners if i get epa-ed!! unless i can source stock parts! doenst seem worth it, :/ thanks, ill have a look at the EPA guidlines on vicroads site.