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  1. My Autech S15.

    Hey guys, I've been around the place here & there for quite a few months, thought it's time I decided to make an account and post a bit about my car. -- Freshly imported 2000 S15 Autech from Osaka Japan. Bought the car at 30,208KM's, it now only reads 35,XXX. I have had the car for approx 6 months now. The KMs doesn't sound or seem legit for a 12 year old car, however the wear and tear, or no tear I should say, and the engine and engine surroundings reflect this. This photo was about two weeks ago, after just a simple wash. -- Since I bought the car, I've equipped a high end alarm system, ripped out the Jap head unit, wiring, & processor, installed complete Type R speaker system with Amps, Pioneer double din, new Toyo's all round, & a few minor things. Now that I have a bit more cash, I've got a crazy list of mods to come. In a few months time, I'll be building a monster SR20 to swap with the Autech engine (If you're interested in an Autech engine virtually almost brand new, inbox).
  2. Price : $2,200 Condition : Used Genuine Volk Racing LE37 (Limited edition TE's) 17" by 7.5". Unsure on offset. Pictures can be shown on request with rims on car. Tyres are; (with both great tread left) Toyo Proxes T1R Front 225/45/17 Toyo CF1's Rear 235/45/17 Rims are currently still being used on car, will accept trade of S15 stockies with decent tread plus $. More pictures can be provided if interested. Please message me realistic offers. Rims are in great condition and include center LE caps (a little sun damaged). Slight gutter rash however not noticeable when further than 1 foot away from rim. *Can arrange through work to be sent interstate with great rates and pricing.
  3. Got done for Coil Overs when going for an ID inspection.. Simply came back with stockies and passed. In other words, as long as nothing is obvious and in front of their face, they probably won't do anything.
  4. tow bar places you recommend

    I've had a few friends use Salisbury Towbars with no issues whatsoever.. Unfortunate bud. But a second + for Hall Towbars too.

    That's awesome, did you wake up each time your head got ripped off? Supposedly you can't die in your sleep? Glad to hear you kicked their ass though
  6. good respray joints in adelaide

    I can't tell you the exact price, but from what he's told me, their price(s) are great. Also - the guy doing the work is amazing. He's literally staying up all hours of the night just to work on the car for him. Great service, top bloke. Unsure on his name. Posting on behalf of Ben
  7. ^ Also agree. First choice Blakeview, second craigmore, and probably wouldn't consider any of the rest.
  8. good respray joints in adelaide

    All Type Crash are great yes, but their quotes are much higher than well, everyone else listed here lol. They're too busy with insurance jobs.
  9. Stolen: Laptop & PS3

    The PS3 might be hard to find, unless they took specific games that maybe sold with the PS3 on gumtree or something. As for the laptop, have a picture? Make & Model?

    ^ couldn't agree more. OP - Glad to see the car is still in your hands though. Even with insurance, the payout doesn't begin to cover the time and effort put into some of these cars.
  11. Where to get car alarm installed?

    John @ Marvey Tech is brilliant. Highly recommended for any audio & security.
  12. Haha. "The man, who lives in the same street, allegedly jumped the back fence and broke into the home about 2am." How stupid. I'd do the same thing though.
  13. House Roof Restorations in Adelaide

    GGG - Dodgy as said. As for Roof Seal, and everyone recommending them, I'm not too sure. Personal experience was awful. The guy coming to do the quote, rocked up more than half hour late, didn't even tell us he was here. He quoted us by standing on the street. Was quoted more than 3 grand more than the few other people we got quotes from. We had compared our quote to a friend of ours, who did actually use Roof Seal. Their house is larger, and idealy should be more expensive. They were charged approx 2grand less than our quote. Might just be my luck, and might have just got a dodgy guy. However after all this nonsense, we spoke to a few higher-ups from Roof Seal.. Got no where, in fact I now very much dislike them.
  14. Marvey tech as everyone else is saying anyways. Great bloke, as said can hold a long conversation haha. DO IT NOW.
  15. Is the (usually blue) Antenna-amplifer wire connected as well as the Antenna plug? My best guess is that this isn't powering up and thus giving shitty quality reception..
  16. Laptop hookups/ advice

    +1 My two cents is that Asus have some very cheap, but rather great laptops. I'd look into that direction of things. I can get you the following for roughly $800-850 Asus - 15.6" Screen, i7-3610QM 2.3GHz with Turbo Boost 3.3GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM, 750GB HDD, NVIDIA GT610M Graphics w/ 2GB Memory. Send me a message if needed
  17. S15 Boot Install

    Few quick questions to be cleared up thank you! I know boot installs have been beaten to death, I've tried to search for these few answers and haven't come across anything. 1. Will a BULK Pack of Dynamat (36 SQ FT) be suffient enough for as much of the boot as possible including lid, and the two doors? (I'd think so) 2. I was thinking about my enclosure and how I'm going to do it, without using too much boot room. Matter of the fact is this is pretty much impossible as half the boot will be taken up. SOO I've looked through some other installs and have across something I don't mind and will work for me. Isn't as 'pretty' or as 'cool' but will still have the job done. Basically have a fake floor made of MDF 1/2", then another fake floor of 1/2" directly over the top of this. The top one will have the AMP shapes cut out where positioned, and the SUB whole cut to suit as well as the bottom MDF piece. So basically the amps will be bolted down on the first sheet and be flush with the top piece. And the sub will virtually be flush too like the amp, however sitting where the spare wheel would be. (I'll be taking this out). So my question is, will this work? Obviously it will, but will the SUB be in an 'enclosure' that will sound fine? The whole spare tyre well will be dynamated as much as I can get out of the bulk pack, and to me it sounds like there'd be a perfect enclosure within this tyre well and it'd be good to exploit it. Will also save time and money on more MDF and material making an enclosure other than what I'm asking here. Thoughts or even links?
  18. S15 Boot Install

    Thanks Simon. It will be a single Type R 12". Yeah I didn't even think of being completely sealed or anything.. I'll only be doing the outer part of the doors. Cbf with the inner at the moment lol. My doors don't even rattle, just want to reduce outside noise.
  19. That would be pretty cool. I'd like to do monthly meets. Possibly in a month or two, when I have more spare time, I might organize some monthly meets for anyone wanting to join. Adelaide is becoming a ghost town, possibly because no one wants to bring their car out due to all these thefts, however it'd be nice to atleast have a monthly meet.
  20. So I'm after some 0 Gauge wire and I'm not entirely sure where I can buy some that's not $30/metre.. Any specific brands I should be looking at, or any places in SA? How about welders cable?
  21. 0 AWG wire at a decent price?

    BOC Gas & Gear. We do purchase a lot from them so we do get looked after for price.
  22. 0 AWG wire at a decent price?

    Incase anyone was curious to know, I ended up getting double insulated superflex 50mm² (basically 0 gauge) welding cable @ $12 metre.. Very good stuff, good price.
  23. 0 AWG wire at a decent price?

    Just realised we have an account with BOC so I'll deal with them. Thank you guys