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  1. Price : $75 Condition : New FOR SALE: BRAND NEW: 215/45R17, 235/45R17 & 235/40R18 Sagitar/Rapid P609 Tyres. $75ea (FIRM). Supply only price. Fitting service available on request @ extra charge. Perfect tyres for skids, & proven drift tyre (Heaps of Traction, Heaps of Smoke & NO blow-outs/delaminations). Any questions, just ask. You can also check us out @ http://www.facebook.com/OnAllFourTyreService?ref=hl Cheers, Toni - (M) 0412-930-943
  2. Hey guys & girls. This is my own little part time business I run from home. I'm the go to guy, when you dont have time during the day, as I do most of my work after hours. Legit set up, all work & product guaranteed & receipts given for all work & products supplied. I dont keep any stock on hand, as most of my stuff I get same day or next day, depending on the brand. (Plus it becomes a security issue). I have access to anything & everything, and can generaly match or beat most prices, so just ask. Any questions, call,sms or email. Cheers, Toni. Workshop Name: "On All Four" Tyre Service. Type: Tyres & Wheels. Contact Details: 56 Eddie Street, St Albans. PH: 0412-930-943 E-Mail: sales@onallfour.com.au Feedback:
  3. Something for the enthusiast's.

    Are they the same as mine or do they look like the one's in my pic below?? If they're the one's in the pic below, I sold them those tyres about 5 years ago. They're called Cheetah Monoforms, also known as "Smokin Joe's". I've got 2 left, one 17" & one 18".
  4. Something for the enthusiast's.

    Thought this might be of some interest to everyone. Check it out. http://firesport.com...s--ad220843.htm
  5. 1200hp in a 1200kg car... WOW!

    Looks like a gokart on roids.