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  1. I want to put two 12" subs in the back of my 180 and came across these.

    I really don't have much knowledge about these sort of things, was hoping someone could tell me if they would be ok or just complete garbage.

    Also what sort of amplifier would I need to run them?


    12" ONOYX Series Duel 4-Ohm Voice Shallow Mount Subwoofer


    -Power Handling:

    Peak: 1800 watts

    RMS: 900 watts

    -Stamped basket Structure

    -Rubber surround Material

    -Polypropylene Cone

    -Frequenecy Response: 28Hz-2kHz

    -Impedance: Duel 4 ohm

    Mounting Depth: 3"


    1 Year



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  2. I'm in need of a pair as well, my 180SX has a custom S14A front bar on it with the indicators and someone has tried to put the stock globe holders into the back of them and f**ked them up.

    Does anyone also know what sort of globe holders I need to fit into the back cause I still have the stock 180SX ones at the moment.

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  3. When I first started this forum I seriously didn't think I was going to get anything from it but everyone who has had a say in this topic have really helped me rethink my approach on my Escort.


    At the moment I think I will keep the original engine in it and just rebuild it. I recon if I was to do a real serious and in depth Escort build I'd do it on a 2 door, unfortunely I have a 4 door.


    I wont sell my 180 just cause its been a dream car for me and I've been working towards getting one for years and have only had it for 3 months.

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  4. its not about physically fitting the engine in the bay, you can make anything fit but it depends what you are prepared to do and how many skills you have, this shit aint cheap even if the engine can be had for stuff all. not as simple as dropping in an engine, I dont think you will go through with it when you actually sit down and think about it.


    Well my dad's a mechanic and he's done engine swaps before and he's already made me aware on how difficult it's going to be. However if I am able to afford it I recon it would be a good project that I will learn heaps from.


    The things I have considered so far is that there will be need for modifications to the car for a new engine to fit in, I need a engine loom, change my fuel system to high pressure with electric fuel pump, custom tailshaft, with CA/SR apparently I'll need to change the steering rack set up, a brake upgrade might be needed and might need to replace the diff. On top of all that I also understand that to do all this it's defiantly not cheap.


    When doing a swap like what I want to do what else might I need to consider which I might not have considered?

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  5. At the moment I have the stock 1.6L in it but when the oil is full to the very top of the dip stick with milky looking oil which also smells like petrol I'm pretty sure the engine is dead.


    Rather than getting it rebuilt I thought I might put in a fuel injected engine and make the car into a really reliable everyday car but not completely sure what engines will fit into it.


    These Toyota engines mentioned sound like a good choice but how well will they fit in?


    The car is RWD so I'd imagine a RWD engine would be easier to deal with than a FWD.


    How many of the engines mentioned are RWD and how hard would it be to change the FWD engines mentioned to RWD?

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  6. How easy will a 3sge Beams fit in? Apparently with a CA/SR the gearbox is to big and requires cutting done to the car to fit in.

    Will I have any similar problems with the 3sge? Has anyone put a 3sge into a Mk2 Escort before? and how does it compare between the 4age and 3sfe that were also mentioned?

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  7. Cosworth/BDA, 3sfe, LSx, Standard 2L, SR20DET, CA18DET, Zetec, and Single Cam Pinto have been all the engine suggestions I've been given so far.

    I would love to use a Cosworth especially a YB but way to expensive, I'm not quite sure what the 3sfe or LSx engines are and will do some research on them, standard 2L or single cam pinto would be nice but was looking at going fuel injected, SR20DET would be a good option however that's what my 180SX has and wanted it a little different from that, CA18DET would be another good option but was looking at going non turbo just because its a 4 door and wanted to use it as a nice everyday car, Zetec sounds alright but I haven't done much research about them plus are they FWD or RWD?

    My overall plan is to go a N/A fuel injected engine that'll be cheap to run. What are some other suggestions?

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