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  1. I'm offering up swaps for 2 CH Lancers I have. Looking to swap for one car. Show me what's on offer. Happy to negotiate cash either way of the swap.


    Alternatively can buy one car individually.


    Details are as follow....


    - 2005 CH Mitsubishi Lancer

    - 196,xxxkm's

    - 2.0L engine

    - 5 Speed Manual

    - Comes with Rego

    - Serviced every 10,000km's

    - Timing Belt Replaced

    - Majority of travelling has been open highway

    - 14" Alloy Wheels

    - Good Tires

    - Dash Mat

    - Momo Floor Mats

    - Seat Covers

    - Electric Mirrors

    - SRS Airbags

    - Rear Spoiler

    - Tinted Windows

    - Pioneer Head Unit

    - Trailer Plug

    - Tow Ball


    - 2008 Mitsubishi CH Lancer Limited Edition

    - 246xxxkm's

    - 5 Speed Manual

    - White

    - 2.4L MIVEC Engine

    - Comes With Rego

    - Serviced Every 10,000kms

    - Timing Belt Replaced

    - Majority of Traveling had been open highway

    - 15" OZ Racing Alloy Wheels

    - Good Tires

    - Black Interior

    - Leather Seats

    - Sports Dash

    - Sports Pedals

    - Floor Mats

    - Electric Windows

    - Electric Mirrors

    - Cruise Control

    - SRS Airbags

    - Rear Spoiler

    - Exhaust Tip

    - Tinted Windows


    For any further information can contact me on 0474 086 470.

  2. Make and model: Nissan 180SX

    Size of engine: Redtop SR20DET

    Modifications to the car: BC Adjustable Cam Gears, +1mm Enlarged Valves, Ported/Polished Head, Nisstune, Splitfire Coil Packs, 3" Turbo Back Exhaust, Z32 AFM, Front Mount Intercooler, Nismo 740cc Injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump

    Type of turbo: Precision 5130

    Trim of turbo: 84

    Rear Exhaust housing: .64

    When does vehicle begin boost: 3800rpm

    When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: Redline @ 23.5psi

    Does the vehicle have Cams? if so;

    What brand: Brian Crower

    What lift/duration etc: 12.06/264

    Max power achieve at what boost: 224kw @ 18psi


    Dyno Sheet #2.jpg

  3. Went out camping and my fan belt started squealing really badly. Since I was a bit out of the next town I continued in case I got stuck after turning the car off. Got into the next town and poped the bonnet to find the bolts which held my alternator on had all fallen out with only the fan belt holding it. Lucky the alternator didn't fall out onto the road.

  4. - I've got 200,000km from a timing belt before and the mechanic was amazed it hadn't snapped on me due to the condition it was in when they removed it.

    - Cruising down the road one day and one of the wheels fell off due to me putting the wrong wheel nuts on and them fulling off.

    - Number of times I've been extremely lucky not to have been rapped around a tree drifting around on dirt roads.

    - I guess you can call it luck or stupidity but when I bought my 180 I saw it and bought it without even checking it over. Was a direct exchange of cash and keys and my test drive was the drive home. Never gave me any problems until I started modifying it.


    That's just a few luck moments I've had related to cars.

  5. Booster has no number, its been removed and painted at some point. I know the car was originally a ca18det auto . Had a BM33 as well. Is there any other way to tell ?


    That is information I'm having difficulty getting. I don't know what booster came with what car. Best I could do is run your cars details through Nissan Fast and see if I can determine what booster you have from the part number I receive.

  6. Is it common practice to upgrade the booster too when you upgrade calipers/BMC?


    Going a bigger booster will only make the pedal feel softer. If you find that the pedal if too hard for your liking, going a larger booster may solve you're problem. I have got R33 gtst brakes with a BM57 with the standard 195T booster and I don't mind the way my pedal feels however I haven't street driven it yet.

  7. Has anyone tried HFM BM57 on there s13 with gtst brakes?


    That's currently the set up I have. I have only driven the car up and down the drive way so far but brakes feel good.


    Thanks, also I have a s13 1990 automatic booster, can anyone confirm these are the same internally as the s15 booster 210T?


    All boosters with the same number will have the same internals. Read the part number on your current booster.