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  1. I nearly bought myself another 180sx not too long ago, had plans just to keep it basic and use it as a daily as I don't get the opportunity to drive my current one much. I had no way of getting it back to mine due to it having issues with the fuel pump and I had no car which could tow. I sold one of my Lancers and purchased a VU Ute but by that time it was sold. I must say I'm a little disheartened. I'm sure I'll see it smashed up on the track at some point now.

  2. I'm 24 and got my 180sx which I've had since 19. Always cracking the shits at it and talk about selling it but don't think I ever will. I got it 99% standard with it's original engine which it still currently has. I've invested too much into it to ever let it go. Unfortunately it spends more time as a shed ornament rather then being enjoyed at the moment though.

  3. Dam I thought I knew two people on here, looks to only be one now. A catch up is defiantly in need. Need to put faces to names on here.


    You know me man lol


    Yeah you're the only one though


    if there is 10 different people that reply to this thread in adelaide ill eat my words.....


    black_s13_DET makes 7..........

  4. Who cares about the law,do it anyway. Fuck the police :)


    I had that attitude until my car started to spend more time in the shed with defect stickers rather then on the road.


    In regards to the BOV question, it's illegal to use a BOV which vents to the atmosphere. I've been defected for it.


    In regards to the LS swap, I don't think you'll be able to have it engineered and if you could it would be nothing but a head ache.


    For more info refer to this link.... https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/transport-travel-and-motoring/motoring/vehicles-and-registration/vehicle-standards-and-modifications

  5. if there is 10 different people that reply to this thread in adelaide ill eat my words.....


    I'm number 6, only 4 more....


    I'd be keen for a cruise, just need to get my car off defect. Nearly there just need to finish off a few things and save up to face regency.


    PS: If anyone has seat belts I can buy or even borrow for a 180sx let me know :rolleyes:

  6. Comparing prices looking at $200 + postage for the Intima SR's and $348 + postage for Project Mu HC's. Are the Project Mu's worth the extra money?


    Quite subjective, however IMO the Project Mu HC800 are a bee's dick better than the Intima SR, however once you step up into the Type-D.. it's another level.


    I'd be looking for something suitable for street use but also capable of being used on the track. The Type-D's were only recommended for track use.

  7. are you just moving it due to looks? are there any benefits to this


    yes, you can run BOVs, dose all day, etc..


    downsides to moving a Z32

    - death by oil

    - high boost, housing explodes

    - needs K constant adjusted

    - needs changes to fueling table


    I did a boost leak test on my car and connected it before my Z32 MAF and the top of it started leaking. Would probably see the same problem if you relocate it after the turbo where it sees boost rather then vacuum.