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  1. The other day I popped into Jaustech to see them about getting a service done and I didn't recognise anyone working there. Apparently they have changed ownership.


    Anyone know the new owners? What happened to Anthony and Pete?


    Unsure about taking my 180 there now because the previous owners have helped me get my car to what it is today and know the complete history of work done to it. I don't like the idea of starting again with someone I don't know anything about.


    I keep being refereed to Morpowa, considering of going and seeing them about taking on my 180 if I can't be guaranteed of the new owners at Jaustech.

  2. Did u tee the average into your fuel pressure regulator?


    Avcr *** damn autocorrect.

    Did u tee the average into your fuel pressure regulator?


    Avcr *** damn autocorrect.


    Do you mean did I tee the avcr into the fuel pressure regulator?


    I teed the pressure sensor to my pressure regulator. Thought that might have been causing the problem so I then used another place (think where the bov use to be connected) and still had no change. For some reason the avcr pressure reading wasn't changing on either locations. I've now disconnected everything and put it back to what it was prior to the avcr and still having the problem.

  3. The Nistune was running fine prior to installing the AVCR. Started having problems as soon as it was installed. Now it's still having problems even after disconnecting the AVCR. I haven't been driving it any differently then prior to the problem starting. I would take it to the mechanic to have a look at my tune and see if anything is wrong but was hoping that maybe it is something I was able to rectify.

  4. Hi everyone, I installed a Apexi AVCR on my 180 and every time I take it for a drive then turn it off it wont start again. There is a strong smell of fuel so I checked the plugs and they were dripping wet with fuel. I disconnect the injectors and let the engine run itself dry and starts up fine. I disconnected the EBC completely and ran just the actuator but no change. I'm wondering if it's possible that the ACVR has altered my ECU as I did reset it when I installed it. Its a SR with 740 injectors and Nistune or could it be another problem. Cheers

  5. Been defected twice. My car would be very lucky to have seen 12 months on the road over the last 5-6 years I've had it. Currently working through getting my second one off now. Even regency laughed at the defect notice when I gave it to them but they then found a couple of more serious things under the car.

  6. Unlucky, what for?


    I couldn't provide a certificate for my steering wheel, eyebrow level was 5mm too low in the rear and a loose battery which was honestly secured. I also got fined for allegedly making unnecessary noise when pulling out of a car park. Don't understand how that works when the cop agreed that the exhaust would be under legal decibels, I didn't loose traction and I didn't exceed the 60km speed limit. I tried to reason with the cop and explain that all those issues I could fix as soon as I got home and wasn't aware they were an issue. I had made sure the steering wheel was at the legal size, the car had at least 100mm ground clearance (wasn't aware of eye brow level) and the battery was never unsecured. I feel it was just a case of pick on the import driver. Oh well what can you do?

  7. I found this on Facebook


    N12 Nissan EXA Turbo


    Registered for 2 ish months, expires December 22

    This is an amazingly clean and 99% original example of a hard to find N12 EXA! She drives nearly as good as when she rolled off the factory, the interior is in great condition with all of the original colours vibrant and clean, the drivers seat is a tad worn.


    The car has been well taken care of and services regularly with high quality items.

    Car has recently had replaced

    Coolant flush and replacement

    Oil flush and change (ULX110 10/40)

    Spark plugs replaced

    Oil filter and fuel filter replaced

    Rear quarter window replaced and seals ( previous window latch broke)

    14" era appropriate style rims fitted with brand new tyres

    Within the last five months:

    Retune and service back to factory standard ( timing, AFM fuel adjustment and idle / cold start )

    Remote central locking kit installed( functions perfectly, with no shitty aftermarket immobiliser)

    New vacuum hoses and fixed all vac leaks

    New headlight globes

    Replaced Front Left pop up motor

    Dyno tested ( sheet provided in photos)

    Car is running a healthy 61kw and drives well video can be provided if required

    Compression tested 145-150 across all 4 with a cold/ and then wet test once warmish

    Within the year or two

    Head has been replaced with a reconditioned item

    Turbo has been replaced with a rebuilt unit.

    AC system has been replaced with new or rebuilt components including AC lines, condenser, compressor and AC catch can( not sure what to call it).

    Plenty ( several large bags) of spares to go with the car including manifolds, turbos / cores, hoses, piping and an original air intake which has recently been found.

    Run on 98

    Happy to arrange inspections and test drives

    Only downsides: the audio system while decent , is not original and at some point a past owner drilled them into the body trims in the rear half of the car

    Body is clean and very straight, but does have a few minor nicks. No fade or peel car has been kept under cover in a garage or under a verander and under car covers when parked outdoors at my partners place

    Price is 3800 ONO.

    She was my daily driver but have recently upgraded to a newer, roomier car for a road trip so now she's all lonely sitting around except for the occasional Sunday drive.

    Have taken her all around SA up to Strathalbyn, Murray bridge and Handorf and drives to Nuriootpa, handles long drives like a champion and doesn't leak or drink any fluids!

    Would love to keep her, but between the holiday season, road trips and my desire to get my cammed pulsar project going, she's listed for sale.