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  1. OMG I think I'm in love
  2. WTB rwd SR20DET gearbox (ADEL)

    Intrigued in your stated car being a SR20DET panel van. Please indulge us with a build thread.
  3. Budget CA S13 Track Car - Upgrades time...

    Cheers was just having trouble picturing it
  4. I bought one of these for about $80 a while back now and have completely thrashed it and still going strong. I have dismantled and resembled all my suspension and brakes with it problem free. Best buy ever!!! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-UNIMAC-240v-1-2-Electric-Impact-Wrench-Rattle-Gun-Driver-Torque-Tools-Air-/160857702147?hash=item2573ddbf03:g:GeMAAOSwHaBWihlE
  5. WTB---180sx type x!

    I read that as you're willing to sell cheap
  6. another ebc/boost gauge thread

    now b4 this thread digresses, next mod: RB conversion. In all honestly I enjoy seeing peoples SR builds. I guess maybe I just have a soft spot for SR's since buying mine.
  7. another ebc/boost gauge thread

    I bought one of these and then put a hose from the outlet to the actuator and with the ebc in the middle. With the boost sensor I tapped it in between the turbo outlet and the ebc. I also have a separate boost gauge which is connected to the fpr but did end up with a hole in the hose which coursed all sorts of problems for me. Advisable to avoid using the fpr.
  8. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    Hey man not sure where this came from. If you're referring to my post I'd like to make it clear I was simply replying to Tom's post. If you and Stuss are having an argument yous might want to take it to PM and sort it out between the two of yous. Doesn't seem like anyone else here has bothered joining the band wagon against your comments.
  9. Contemplating 300+rwkw Unopened SR...

    But doesn't everyone just want to break the 300kw mark on their sr and just have it in the shed for bragging rights because it has the power but not the performance to back it. It's humiliating being beaten at the lights in your 300kw sr by a commodore because your frying your tires the entire time.
  10. spec r sr20det

    Don't make the same mistake as me. I have 16" wheels and found it very hard finding tires I wanted for them. I finally found a set for the rear but extremely limited on brands so will see how they hold up. If they don't hold up I'll be going 17" as the variety of tire sizes is much better.
  11. Grey Sludge....

    Every 10,000km's I have a bottle of oil flush put into the old oil prior to being emptied and replaced for new oil. The engine is at running temperature prior to the flush going in and the engine is only idled for a small time specified on the back of the bottle. I shouldn't have any problems with sludge since I use flush on a regular basis and shouldn't have too many problems with the wearing of bearing surfaces since the engine is only ran for a small period of time at no load.
  12. spec r sr20det

    Talk to trunya LOL!!!
  13. KTS vs CUSCO vs KAZAMA

    What if you were wanting to avoid pillow balls joints and go rubber for street use and longevity? GKTech use pillow ball joints but use a protective dust boot, how well would that work for a street car looking for longevity?
  14. Grey Sludge....

    Really why is that? I always use a bottle of engine flush every time I get new oil.
  15. Maybe not the case if you are using a drum handbrake. A caliper handbrake may still be good if the failure was hydrophilic issues.
  16. Grey Sludge....

    As Bling said. From the second pic it looks like the sludge is only on the bottom on the pan and not through the rest of the engine. Give the pan a thorough clean with degreaser then put new oil in with a bottle of engine flush. Let the engine run and clean any crap that might be sitting in the engine then replace the oil with new oil.
  17. Grey Sludge....

    That looks a little creamy, is that water in with the sludge?
  18. Probably easier just to get a whole new cluster.
  19. 5 stud conversion...quick question

    This is what I use to do all my calculations http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=524604 Put in your original wheel/tire specs and then the new wheel/tire specs and it will give you a value on how much difference there is going to be in the speedo.
  20. GTX3067r or GTX3071r

    Trunya is sniffing around trying to get some
  21. z32 TT rear calipers and rotors

    R32, Z32, R33 (Excluding GTR), R34 (Excluding GTR) all have the same rear rotors and all R32, Z32, R33, R34 Sumitomo calipers are all the same except Z32 went from alloy to cast from 1992.5 onwards. Might make finding what your after a little easier. I have a set of rear calipers and rotors if you're interested. PM me if you're interested.
  22. Type X Body Kit Needed ASAP!

    I have a set of fibreglass rear pods
  23. Johnny why don't you live in S.A? I need someone like you to pop around and give a hand with doing a street tune on my car so I can at least drive it until I have the money behind me to take it back to the tunner.
  24. NA 180SX BUILD

    As a suggestion for improvement you should get individual throttle bodies with trumpets. Nothing looks better then a set of trumpets on a N/A, will sound wicked as well.