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  1. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    That is information I'm having difficulty getting. I don't know what booster came with what car. Best I could do is run your cars details through Nissan Fast and see if I can determine what booster you have from the part number I receive.
  2. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    Going a bigger booster will only make the pedal feel softer. If you find that the pedal if too hard for your liking, going a larger booster may solve you're problem. I have got R33 gtst brakes with a BM57 with the standard 195T booster and I don't mind the way my pedal feels however I haven't street driven it yet.
  3. S13-S14-S15-R32-R33-Z32 Brake Details

    That's currently the set up I have. I have only driven the car up and down the drive way so far but brakes feel good. All boosters with the same number will have the same internals. Read the part number on your current booster.
  4. Vehicle id checks

    Sorry to rub the salt into the wound but you should never had sold your red 180
  5. 2004 CH Mitsubishi Lancer

  6. Various Skyline Brake Parts

    R33 GTST Front and Rear Brake Discs R33 Rear Soft Brake Lines R33 Rear Caliper Brackets R33 Rear Knuckles R32 Handbrake Cables Asking $300ono as a package deal. Willing to separate but easier for me not to. Located S.A
  7. Low-mount manifold options.

    Get a cheap aftermarket one, they look cooler then the standard one.
  8. Good workshop thread

    I have shopped around and have found the workshops I like to use for particular work I'm wanting done. I have spoken to others through general convo about some of the businesses I use and despite me being happy with the business I receive others won't use them from bad experiences. With the idea that "good and cheap does not exist" I don't fully believe in. When I got my head rebuilt I was suggested to go to a particular workshop which specialised with SR engines but I didn't like their prices so I went with someone who specialised in general head rebuilding who were half the price. Even thought it was half price I still got a excellent job done and can't see how the other workshop would have done twice a better job.
  9. Turbo choice 2016

    I have a Precision 5130 on a redtop. My current tune is honestly shit and was only to get the car on the road as cheaply and quickly as possible. Planning on another tune sometime in the future just currently saving up. This is the my previous dyno sheet. There were still a number of problems during the run which needed fixing but we didn't worry about them at the time.
  10. Front pipe options

    When I did my exhaust I just went a cheap ebay pipe like this. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/JJR-Stainless-Steel-Front-Pipe-Active-Flange-Nissan-S13-SR20DET-/371514970059?hash=item5680048fcb:g:zSUAAOSwZ1lWeeQK and haven't had any problem with it yet.
  11. Wheel spacers!

    I have 5mm slip on spacers on the front, as long as you have plenty of thread for the wheel nut you'll be right. A cop wouldn't even know a spacer is installed unless he had a good hard look.
  12. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    I ran without a bov without any issues.
  13. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    Factory ECU will be fine
  14. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    When I installed a T28 it was a direct replacement for me. I found it easiest to have the manifold/turbo/dump all connected during removal and installation. Also a good idea to use braided lines when reinstalling as it will make the job so much easier.
  15. Hesitation when changing gears fast

    If you don't have a seal between the turbo and exhaust manifold the turbo will not work efficiently. I had this problem and it was only a slight leak which went unnoticed until the the gasket burnt out and the car became quite bad to to drive. Fix your leak and go from there.
  16. New engine for 180sx

    Problem Solved!!!
  17. Camshaft options

    What market is there for larger camshafts then? Why would anyone want to loose power for extra torque at a higher rpm range?
  18. Camshaft options

    With my car I was looking for response so when I decided to go BC 264 cams and enlarged valves I was told it should help with power being produced earlier. Instead have I lost response for increase in torque?
  19. High Performance Academy are doing videos for people showing the basic on how to tune an engine. I have signed up and looking forward to checking out all the videos and learning something. https://www.hpacademy.com/ I'm sure there are a few tuners on here, share us your opinions
  20. Buying a turbo s15 on my p's?

    You had what??? What happened to it? Bet you wished you still had it. Farrkk yeh,a couple of years ago I was looking for a new project. Mk1 2door escorts are so hard to find, couldn't find a half decent one without total rust, instead I got my teenage favourite that I couldn't afford so the mk1 escort was the closest back in "86", and that's a mk1 Capri xl 1600 which is worth so much more than a mk1 escort. Am now doing a full restoration back to standard. It will be so nice to drive another weekend car that isn't a police magnet like my S15, even though it only has 98hp at the flywheel. And thanks BOOSTED180 for recognising an awesome old car inthe mk1 escort!!!! I'm a mad small ford fan. I have two MK1 Escort 2 doors, MK1 Escort Panelvan and a MK2 Escort 4 Door. Here I am spending all my money on my 180 when I should really be spending them on my Escorts. I have more people come up to me and complement me on my Escorts then when I'm out in my 180.
  21. Buying a turbo s15 on my p's?

    You had what??? What happened to it? Bet you wished you still had it.
  22. Buying a turbo s15 on my p's?

    I had a VS which had done over 330,000k's and it had been thrashed by the previous owner and then thrashed even more by me. Majority of the K's were done doing burnouts in it but the dam thing wouldn't die on me. I got myself a Lancer (nice cheap car for daily duties) and handed down the VS to my brother. He babied it and it blew up on him within a couple of months. My theory is that it blew up because he wasn't thrashing it enough. In a way I miss that car.
  23. Buying a turbo s15 on my p's?

    You had it all mate. I cruised around in a 1978 Ford Escort with a manual choke, no clock, no tacho and a radio which only tuned to AM stations.
  24. S15 silvia, what should I be paying?

    It's crazy to think that a car that would be 14yrs old at it's best is still bringing as much as $20K. How much were they brand new?
  25. Buying a turbo s15 on my p's?

    If the S15 is illegal on your P's buy it anyway if it's exactly what you want. Then buy a shitbox for the your provisional period. In that time you can keep the S15 in the shed and do little things to it like suspension etc. Once your off your P's you'll have a sweet ass S15 to cruise in. That's what I'd consider doing anyway.