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  1. 2 FOR 1 CAR SWAP!

  2. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Quite subjective, however IMO the Project Mu HC800 are a bee's dick better than the Intima SR, however once you step up into the Type-D.. it's another level. I'd be looking for something suitable for street use but also capable of being used on the track. The Type-D's were only recommended for track use.
  3. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Comparing prices looking at $200 + postage for the Intima SR's and $348 + postage for Project Mu HC's. Are the Project Mu's worth the extra money?
  4. tips for moving afm into cooler pipe

    yes, you can run BOVs, dose all day, etc.. downsides to moving a Z32 - death by oil - high boost, housing explodes - needs K constant adjusted - needs changes to fueling table I did a boost leak test on my car and connected it before my Z32 MAF and the top of it started leaking. Would probably see the same problem if you relocate it after the turbo where it sees boost rather then vacuum.
  5. tips for moving afm into cooler pipe

    Best solution if you don't want you're AFM to be seen is to go MAFless. All problems solved
  6. SR20DET sleeved block ?$

    I could be way off track but I thought the idea of sleeves was that once the sleeves wore out you just replaced it for new sleeves. Saves having to do any machining to the cylinders.
  7. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    I usually get off the shelf RDA pads. I haven't had any issues with them due to only using the car on the occasional weekend on the street but just curious to how they rate to other pads.
  8. 1996 180sx Type X for sale

    I really want a Type X especially one which hasn't been modified like yours, unfortunately I don't currently have the cash for one. Good luck with the sale and I hope it goes to a good home and doesn't become a drift pig.
  9. Bushing kit

    SuperPro or Nolathane are the two I would use. I know SuperPro do complete front and rear bush kits.
  10. Defiantly makes a difference, obviously the bigger the leak the bigger the improvement once fixed.
  11. I made my own and used a PVC pipe with a tread, glued a cap on and drilled a fitting on the end. Connect it to a air compressor and spray soapy water all over the engine. Found heaps of leaks that I wouldn't have been able to locate without the test. My last test I did I was holding a solid 35psi. I was happy with that considering I'm never going to boost that high.
  12. For a few bucks you can make a boost leak tester, that'll at least rule out that side of things.
  13. WTB: Following 180SX Parts

    Looking for the following 180SX parts. Located in Adelaide - Right Hand Rear Seatbelt - Cigarette Lighter - Boot Parcel Shelf - Right Hand Rear Speaker Cover - Standard S13 Cat Converter
  14. WTB: Following 180SX Parts

    Cheers Robbo, I'm currently looking locally but I'll defiantly get in contact with Tim is I cant find what I'm after in Adelaide
  15. Z32 AFM

    I went a ebay Z32 afm and had problems trying to tune the car. Ended up finding out the afm had fried itself.
  16. Make and model: Nissan 180SX Size of engine: Redtop SR20DET Modifications to the car: BC Adjustable Cam Gears, +1mm Enlarged Valves, Ported/Polished Head, Nisstune, Splitfire Coil Packs, 3" Turbo Back Exhaust, Z32 AFM, Front Mount Intercooler, Nismo 740cc Injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Type of turbo: Precision 5130 Trim of turbo: 84 Rear Exhaust housing: .64 When does vehicle begin boost: 3800rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: Redline @ 23.5psi Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; What brand: Brian Crower What lift/duration etc: 12.06/264 Max power achieve at what boost: 224kw @ 18psi
  17. R34 GTT brake/Hub upgrade on a 180sx

    I have a HFM BM57 in my 180 with R33 GTST brakes all round and it feels great in my case. I have heard a lot of people do have problems with them though. I originally tried using a R33 BM44 which should have matched the brakes but was way too soft.
  18. Hopefully this will help people when they are looking at changing their brakes. I have a list of disc sizes, brake master cylinder sizes, calipers, brake boosters, split points and reducing ratios for the S13, S14, S15, R32, R33 R34 and Z32 series. If there is any information which isn't correct let me know Disc Sizes S13 CA18DET (4-Stud) F: 250x18 (Vented) R: 258x9 (Solid) 1991-1993 S13 Silvia (4-Stud) F: 252x20 (Vented) R: 258x9 (Solid) S13 SR20DET (4-Stud) F: 280x22 (Vented) R: 258x9 (Solid) S14/S15 F: 280x30 (Vented) R: 258x9 (Solid) R32 Turbo/R33 GTS-4 (4-Stud) F: 280x26 (Vented) R: 266x9 (Solid) R32/Z32 Turbo/Z32 >1991 F: 280x30 (Vented) R: 297x18 (Vented) R32 GTR F: 296x32 (Vented) R:297x18 (Vented) R32 GTR V-Spec/R33 & R34 GTR & V-Spec F: 324x30 (Vented) R: 300x22 (Vented) R33/R34/Z32 Non-Turbo F: 280x26 (Vented) R: 297x18 (Vented) R33 Turbo F: 296x30 (Vented) R: 297x18 (Vented) R33/R34 GTR (Rare) F: 324x30 (Vented) R: 322x22 (Vented) R34 Turbo (GT-T) F: 310x30 (Vented) R: 297x18 (Vented) Brake Master Cylinder Sizes BM33 – 13/16 BM38 – 7/8 (USDM) BM44 – 15/16 BM50 – 16/16 BM57 – 17/16 2 Port – ABS 3 Port – Non ABS Split Points and Reduction Ratios S13 BM33 Split Point xxxpsi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (CA18, SR20DE) BM38 Split Point 569psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (KA24DE) BM44 Split Point 569psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (SR20DET) S14 BM38 Split Point 284psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (USDM) BM44 Split Point 569psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 BM50 Split Point 569psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 S15 (All ABS) BM44 Split Point 427psi, Reducing Ratio 0.2 BM50 Split Point 427psi, Reducing Ratio 0.2 R32 BM44 Split Point 567psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTS-T, GTR N1) BM50 Split Point 284psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTR, GTR V-spec N1) BM57 Split Point 356psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTR V-spec) R33 BM44 Split Point 491psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTS-T) BM57 Split Point 356psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTR) R34 BM44 Split Point xxxpsi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GT) BM50 Split Point xxxpsi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GT-T) BM57 Split Point 356psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 (GTR) Z32 BM44 Split Point 498psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 BM50 Split Point 356psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 BM57 Split Point 498psi, Reducing Ratio 0.4 Calipers S13 F: Cast Iron 1 x 57.2 Piston Sumitomo R: Cast Iron 1 x 38mm Piston Sumitomo S14/S15 F: Cast Iron 4 x 40.4mm Piston Sumitomo R: Cast Iron 1 x 38mm Piston Sumitomo R32 GTS-T, GTR & GTR N1/R33 GTS-T/R34 GT & GT-T/Z32 F: Alloy 4 x 40.4mm Piston Sumitomo R: Alloy 2 x 38mm Piston Sumitomo R32 GTR V-spec & V-spec N1/R33 GTR/R34 GTR F: Alloy 4 Piston Brembo R: Alloy 2 x 40mm Piston Brembo Z32 >1992.5 F: Cast Iron 4 x 40.4mm Piston Sumitomo R: Alloy 2 x 38mm Piston Sumitomo Brake Boosters The size of a brake booster is in relation to the numbers in the final section of the part number. It should be easily read on the booster M23 - Single 230mm Diaphragm 195T - Dual 180mm and 205mm Diaphragm 210T - Dual 180mm and 230mm Diaphragm 215T - Dual 205mm and 230mm Diaphragm NOTE: The following may not be accurate however it could be possible that brake boosters have a relation to BMC's BM33: M23 BM38: M23 BM44: 195T BM50: 210T BM57: 215T
  19. FOR SALE: R32 GTR rear brakes

    For Sale: R32 GTR rear brake set up. Complete excluding handbrake assembly. Bought them thinking they were GTST. My loss, your gain $300.
  20. How close were you

    Went out camping and my fan belt started squealing really badly. Since I was a bit out of the next town I continued in case I got stuck after turning the car off. Got into the next town and poped the bonnet to find the bolts which held my alternator on had all fallen out with only the fan belt holding it. Lucky the alternator didn't fall out onto the road.
  21. S14 series 2 clear guard indicators.

    You talking about the indicators which are also the same as the VP-VS Commodores?
  22. How close were you

    - I've got 200,000km from a timing belt before and the mechanic was amazed it hadn't snapped on me due to the condition it was in when they removed it. - Cruising down the road one day and one of the wheels fell off due to me putting the wrong wheel nuts on and them fulling off. - Number of times I've been extremely lucky not to have been rapped around a tree drifting around on dirt roads. - I guess you can call it luck or stupidity but when I bought my 180 I saw it and bought it without even checking it over. Was a direct exchange of cash and keys and my test drive was the drive home. Never gave me any problems until I started modifying it. That's just a few luck moments I've had related to cars.
  23. Learning to drift in Adelaide really cheap

    Get in contact with James on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/james.d.mardle?fref=ts His a owner of a drift track at Mambray Creek and has only recently got a car for people to use on his track. Other option is get yourself a cheap ass car and go to Tech Port
  24. S13 SR20det head with lines in it?

    Did someone say speckle top?
  25. A BM37 won't keep up. The R33 GTST ran a BM44 standard with only difference from a S13 BM44 being the split point. However when I installed R33 brakes on my 180 I found the BM44 was way too soft so swapped it for a BM57. The booster will only need to be swapped if you find the pedal is too hard.