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  1. Hey guys and girls, Just did this on my 180sx SR20DET. i did a quick search on how to do it and had to get info from all over the place to work it out so here is the rundown in a nice neat article. The catch can being installed here is a cusco can. there are many variations of this type so everything should be the same. The idea of the oil catch can is to reduce oil vapour entering your inlet. First thing you want to do is find a spot to mount the can, ensuring you have enough piping to hook everything up too. once you have done this we start the plumbing. In this pic you see the pipe we need to take off. it goes from the rocker cover T piece to the intake between the turbo and afm. Once this has been done, mount your catch can in your desired location. Attach piping between the intake and one side of the catch can. Try to keep hose from touching places of extreme heat eg. manifold Attach other peice of piping from catch can to the rocker cover. double check that all fittings are done up tightly and catch can is mounted securely and your done! Good luck all! drbooooost.
  2. any original ns.coms still here?

    old schooler since 2002.... i still come and check whats happenin every now and then, but not really into the scene since i sold my 1580 :-(
  3. Eminem - Recovery (Latest Album)

    can't say i've listened to it more than once so far, seems so angry. prefer the slim shady lp and infinite days. he had more flow then i think. might have to listen to it a bit more but its hard to turn drake off at the moment.
  4. singapore and phuket

    been traveling for the last 6 months all over but had 9 weeks in south east asia. singapore highlight was the zoo, not much else there really. sentoza island is a bit more for the kids. but be sure to have duck noodle from one of the little shops where all the locals are, best food in the city! as for phuket, we'd already been there twice so had seen most of patong craziness. only had a couple of nights there this time. if you want to chill out by far the best place is nai yang beach, its right near the airport but you'd never know. its on the west coast just south of the national park. we stayed in a bungalow on the beach, about 25m from the water. sweet place. depends what you are after though, if you wanna party or actually get something from thailand culture and meet real people that aren't trying to scam you.
  5. Who here likes Doco's?

    little bumpy bumpy for a good cause... you all seen 'the cove'?
  6. March mixes?

    hey, so havn't been posting mixes for a long time since moved outta melbourne to south coast nsw, now finally settled in brisbane. dusted off the decks and had a crack at a little mix after i crushed my toe and got it sliced and diced, hence the toejam. anyway thought i'd try and kick off some other people to make some mixes this month. Polyflexx - ToeJam '09 minimix 1/ Laidback Luke - Housetrap (original mix) 2/ MGMT - Kids (george monev remix) 3/ Sia - Buttons (chris lake remix) 4/ DJ Slink vs Kid Cudi vs White Stripes - Day N Whitestripes 5/ Thomas Gold & Matthias Menck - Everybody Be Somebody (club mix) Running Time: 23min DOWNLOAD
  7. nice work patty, havn't seen ya for ages now, but you did have a big head haha nice work
  8. March mixes?

    not bad at all bonna, not too sure about the kanye vs pryda... seems like nobody can get that vocal to sound right over anything, jumps all over the place. *thumbs up.
  9. Big L vs Nas

    flamboyant for life, 139&Lennox. mad skills.
  10. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    I remember that thing, damn it was nice, you were like the original strawb front, not even pinkbits (JMS - Adelaide) had their strawb s13 back then. yep. the old days hey, moved up to brissy now, f**kin hot up here. if i had it still it would be missing those cold intake temps down there haha
  11. Kill the boredom at the office classic!
  12. *** pics of the day ***

    movember effort?
  13. NS.COM's 'VETERANS' thread!

    righto.... first car - jap converted 1580. before all the strawbs began converting everywhere....with work 16s with heavy 19s now driving a 05 rodeo and $800 91 dungbeetle laser hatch hence why i am not here much. just got sick of hiding computer behind glovebox and all the other shit i was too scared to get busted with. pulled over once for speeding.... never defected. sold it after the lucky streak and bought an apartment. get another import one day...
  14. SUMMADAYZE 2009

    heard nothing but bad news about summadayze....? who'd you see? was listening to some guy on nova at about 7-8 and it sounded like amateur hour, turns out it was on vip stage or something
  15. my mean 14.5

    hey mate. saw your near cavill ave today, looks really nice mate, makes me want my strawb back
  16. The Rap Battle Thread

    so your sig says to call you jaaaack but you gotta take all those words baaaack ain't nothin you laid down gettin' any props you and your boys better grab your mops cos i'm about help you clean up this shit droppin these hits bit by bit i don't post here much but i am always in the shadows watchin all you peeps seein who spits and who swallows as far as i care this thread is done better lock it up now so i can call your mum

    why are people talking about old movies? is this the vhs section?
  18. well thats kinda good news i guess. better than getting nothing. hope they catch the people that did it and why would they go into a car park there are cctv cams in 99% of car parks. noobs. good luck
  19. What artist/band do you DESPISE!

    hmmm lets see here... i think most of mine have been covered. its really only the commercial ones that i hate the most cos you can't avoid them, i mean if they play something shit on JJJ or RRR there's little chance of hearing on nova/fox/mmm etc. whereas its like nova/fox seem to be running the same playlist at times. I've literally turned the radio off to avoid lady gaga
  20. how to become a DJ

    selling my old setup....*cough link in sig cough*

    well well. yet another pick n mix... some good ones in there but mostly outweighed by the negatives, and i dont understand why people want to pay for a cd of old songs. isnt that why there is no hit machine 701? but yeah i'd listen to it but i wouldnt pay for it
  22. Future Music Festival 2008

    so i dunno about you but this is gonna be another big day! so far confirmed.... The Chemical Brothers (live) John Digweed Sven Vath Roger Sanchez Eddie Halliwell Shapeshifters Who Made Who (live) Diplo Robbie Rivera Mark Knight Aesop Rock Markus Schulz Laidback Luke Kid Koala Elite Force The Black Ghosts (live) James Holroyd DJ Yoda D.I.M bring it on!
  23. ... February mixtapes ...

    continuation of my jan mix. lets get feb rockin. few hiccups but i'm still learning so f**k ya. Rohypnol - NS Summer mix B 1. Mark Mendez - Beneath you (original mix) 2. Felix the housecat & Diddy - Jack U (angello & ingrosso Remix) 3. Pryda - Sweet genesis 4. Hard Fi - Hard to beat (axwell mix) 5. Oliver Giacomotto - Mac Daddy 6. Noir - f**k me (thomas gold mix) 7. Yelle - Ce Jeu (Mr.Ed & Cosmo Remix) 8. Salty - In the air tonight (extended mix) 9. Morgan Page - The longest road (deadmau5 remix) Runtime: 48min DOWNLOAD enjoy! rohan