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  1. r32 Daily Driver

    No restrictions on having a charged v8 on L plates here in NT lol
  2. Steering wheel quick release?

    Yea i have black works bell slim boss with rapifix 2, not installed yet need rwc in qld not sure if theyll approve?

    Hey man have u Specs on materials? Ball joints etc.. Cheers

    Hey man. Still for sale? Would u take $120 for the lot inc. Postage to Alice Springs? Cheers Kb
  5. Brake Re-build Kit

    Thank u mate I have exact same problem! Part number is much appreciated
  6. Suspension advice for s13 Sr20Det

    Thanks man, yeah it seems like a good buy, I would upload pics but I'm on an iPhone atm! I had it inspected today, my compression came back cyl 1-4: 125, 126, 125, 127. Is this good compression for sr20det? So you would suggest doing more engine mods before worrying too much about current suspension? I think the s15 seat is a good idea, I was thinking recaro sr3 driver seat but I would prob rather the comfort of the stock s15 Seats.. Also I hav an 09' Yamaha Fz1n with tasty upgrades so that's my speed rush covered.. For now! Just need something that'll take me slideways lol
  7. Hello NS members, I'm new to this forum and have recently put a deposit on an s13 Sr20Det. Not a Ca18deAuto like my username suggests lol Anyway so I'm looking at getting a few suspension upgrades to assist in making things a little more predictable. I am looking for a street car that I could take to a drift meet ev now and again and compete in.. I have about $4,000AU to start with and hav been looking at driftworks products but still unsure, I want something reliable and adjustable The s13 iv had inspected seemed to check out fine today and the mods are: . Brand new Blitz alloy radiator, factory shroud . Brand new Blitz Dual SBC Spec S single solenoid electronic boost controller . Non HICAS . Boost set to 10 PSI on factory turbo. . Front mount intercooler sprayed black, unsure of brand but does a good job . Boost guage . Factory Blow Off Valve . Coilovers all round in great condition they dont knock at all, Tein HA's in the rear ( very good condition, the boot on the shock is still intact ) and unknown brand in the front ( I think they might be Koniq ) . 3" exhaust . Viscous Diff (POO I KNOW) . 18 x 7 BSA chrome wheels (Changing to 5 stud and puttin on WORK rims later) Anyway I'm not sure what else to add. If someone could help id much appreciate it!! I'm also sorry to mods if iv put this in the wrong section =\ Thanks KB