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  1. Also just picked up the $130 mensbiz kit. Had my first shave using the Feather blades and it was great. Had the same issue with drying around the neck like Pervy, will try the water on hand trick next time. Very happy with the result. Neck bled a little, didn't think I knicked it but must have, other than that, it cut through 2 weeks of growth no worries and without the pulling pain I'm used to with multi-blade razors. With some practice this will be a very worthwhile investment. Might try running against the grain on the sides of my face next time too, only did down and across this time. Should get rid of any last bits of stubble. EDIT: I watched this a couple of times and once when I was shaving, very helpful.
  2. COD: Black Ops 2

    Good luck finding a local game on MW3, that's why I now have BO2.
  3. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Good to hear that you are doing that for no benefit of your own. Well done, Greg.
  4. COD: Black Ops 2

    Just got this. Every gun sounds like a stapler. f**king lame. Other than that, all seems ok.
  5. What wheels are these...

    I believe my brother has a set of these in the shed.
  6. Wheel Calculator

    Time to turn it in to an app and put in on Google Play and the ApStore.
  7. Best BBQ ribs in Adelaide...

    How has no one mentioned The HWY? I can't get anything else whenever I am there. Fall off the bone awesome. What are your best home cooking methods to get them awesome?
  8. Samsung Galaxy S II

  9. Samsung Galaxy S II

    I did see that. I need to read in to getting GApps, Odin, how to boot in Download mode. Should be sweet when I work that out.
  10. 70 inch plus Tv

    Sharp do an Aquous 80", Mind you it is $10999 at JB hifi. As the others have said, the image couldn't be ideal in that size.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Not muppety haha. Will look for a good guide that is very specific.
  12. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Had a read of the 'noob' instructions on the CM website. It's not as easy as I thought. Fingers crossed I get it right hahahaha
  13. Samsung Galaxy S II

    AH HA! I wasn't being patient. Few seconds hold and it works. Awesome! Still going to look in to CM9 though.
  14. Samsung Galaxy S II

    No dice for me I'm running 4.0.3. I've tried home+power and power+home and at the exact same times and nothing. Google search still not showing any other options. Might be time to try my hand at CM9?
  15. Samsung Galaxy S II

    What are you calling the lock button?
  16. Samsung Galaxy S II

    Same problem here. Also searched online, no suggestions worked. wah
  17. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Make that 45 haha
  18. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    ill be on in about 20 or so.
  19. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Is the clan invite for Elite only? If it is, meh, otherwise I'm down. Will try jump on tonight.
  20. The iPhone Thread

    I like pyro. hahaha
  21. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    I heard that was added but I couldn't see where in the MP lists. I'll have to scoot over and check out SO again.
  22. Battlefield 3

    So, I bought this cheap brand new on Ebay the other week for PS3. Kind of rushed the purchase and didn't realise it is the Asian version. Everything is still in english and single player is fine, but I cannot get online. I checked the ebay advert and it mentions i might need a PSNasia account. Has anyone else made a bad move like me and has set up a PSNasia account successfully? I think it will be a PITA as no one on my friends list will see me logged in etc if I'm correct? Failing getting it working, anyone want BF3 on PS3 for $40 lol
  23. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Good way of getting rid of lag issues when it is a small map and only 6 people. Played a couple of the other new maps after everyone left. Foundation is so cool! I got owned because I had no idea where people were or what the map looked like. Also, Terminal should be out today I believe. One thing though, I HATE, and I mean REALLY HATE the PP90M1. That would be the single most overused and over-spec'd gun in the game. Impossibly accurate, zero recoil, oddly long range, decent magazine and very good maneuverability. What is the challenge in using a gun like that? BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  24. MW3 PS3 - NS Meetup?

    Nah I'm on normal. I've accepted an invite from Hefner, that's the only one I've seen though.