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  1. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    Looks tough nice work
  2. Hey guys.. Thought i make a new thread and keep this for spotted section (sutho shire only) So if you spot someone in the shire, then post away here. Keep it shire only, otherwise use the nsw spotted section!! Cheers!! Just follow the format below: ---------------------------------- Car Spotted: Date: Time: Location: Your car: ----------------------------------
  3. The Walking Dead

    Next twist. Walter White Jnr wobbles after them in a dramatic slow chase spanning 5 episodes. Walking Dead + Breaking Bad spinoff series starring Walt Jr - Walking Bad HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA The last two eps were a bit slow and boring. Hope it picks up.
  4. Sidd Rishi Photography

    Well I haven't created a thread in a long time (since last year). Might as well create one now as 2011 will be a very busy year in regards to photography. So there will be plenty of pics updated on a regular basis. Hoping one day to make photography full-time and open up a studio.. but thats a long time goal.. Still got a long way to go for that to happen. Some random pics: - From a e-shoot: - Behind the scene shot from a model+car shoot: - Blue lake?? Cant remember the name now... - Cute little toes: I love big bold beautiful eyes: A close up of one of my coral: The colour in the middle is just amazing!! The colours are really popping in my tank Everything seems so healthy!!
  5. green_pea

  6. Kory Leung Photography

    love the last one
  7. Sidd Rishi Photography

    Been ages since I have updates this. Will post lots of new pics soon.
  8. Sidd Rishi Photography

    hahahah yeah love getting in on the action : ) Sometime I wish I was dancing during reception haha. Been ages since I have posted any pics here. So many new pics. Here is my most recent one:
  9. my photo ography - CAVEMANgentlemans club

    Nice macro shots there : )
  10. Ruben Di Liberto photography

    some great pics in here. Keep up the great work
  11. Kory Leung Photography

    nice man
  12. A new year, a fresh new start perhaps... What ever it is, post all your random photos in here. Lets make this an epic thread!! ----------------------------------------------------------- Just a random pic taken few days ago...
  13. Random Picture Thread

    Would not want to be near that thing in the wild!!
  14. Sidd Rishi Photography

    WOW I havent posted in here since start of the year. Got hundreds of photos. Where do I start lol. Three light setup Plus two existing lights already there but they sucked!!!!!!!!!! Taken in the pouring rain. Sydney vivid shots.. Photographed a wedding on the cricket ground!! Pretty damn unique. Thats me on the right taking photos. One from a pre-wedding shoot. another pre-wedding shoot. One more from another pre-wedding shoot lol Lots of awesome dancing lately Some awesome henna work One of my stunning brides.. Two speedlites for this shot plus window light on camera right. I think that will do for now.
  15. Typo

    Will try and change it. Cheers
  16. New spotted thread for this year: Sutherland Shire only So if you spot someone in the shire, then post away here. Keep it shire only, otherwise use the NSW spotted section!! Edit: Format removed..
  17. Aquarium Chat Thread

    The new tank just has more depth than the old tank, but its better designed. Loving the euro brace as well!! hahahah yeah the cabinet is so much better. Also designed a new sump with a RO chamber. The new tank is just better designed with lots of good gear (like ecotech lights, pumps etc etc etc). Get a new tank and you will be heaps motivated!! DO IT!! HHAHA
  18. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Transferred half the stuff back into the tank. 3 weeks later.. 4-5 weeks later: My new clam Thanks itzmatty!!!! Freaking love the colours. Just some more quick random shots. Will take proper pics soon. For now you can view theselol. Remember that tiny frag i had a while ago. Well its a massive colony now. Would have been even bigger but had to frag it a bit. Closeup Wider view My massive elegance. Grow a lot in the past 4 years lol. My three beautiful clams: Top down shot: Damn hard to get shots with these radions showing its reflection in the water
  19. Aquarium Chat Thread

    ^ Do a lot of research before purchasing anything. There are so many various setups that we can talk all day about it. Best to join masa or reefuge and go thru everyones tank journals. This will give you a good idea of whats involved and how much to save up for. I recently upgraded my tank and built a whole new custom made setup. Display System: Strike up Date: 10/03/2013 Display Tank: 4x2.5x2 - Euro brace, Single corner weir, kitchen splash back, Star fire front glass Display Lighting: 2 Ecotech Radion Units Stand: Custom made steel stand. Hood: None. Open top!! Sump: 3ft with RO chamber. Support systems: System Water: Natural salt water purchased at Aquarium stores. Display Water circulation: 2 ecotech mp40wes. Return Pump: DC5000 waveline Skimmer: RLSS r6i Evaporation Top Up:4 Stage PSIFilters RO/DI Unit Chiller: Teco RA-680 Chiller - Going to upgrade and get something bigger and better. Top up: Tunze Osmolator Iphone pic for now:
  20. Not the best lens for low light. But for outdoors in bright day light its an alright lens. I reckon just get the body and get a better lens.
  21. Rules: In General, Do not quote pics!!! 1. No Discussion (Warnings will be given out)) 2. Do not quote all the pics. 3. Do not post LONG CAT 4. Replies like "lol" are not acceptable. Failure to follow the above criteria WILL result in a warn/holiday. Unwanted posts are not wanted as they just beef out the thread with BORING material. This is a "PICS OF THE DAY" Thread, let's keep it that way.
  22. Random Picture Thread

    aaaand some wet darkroom stuff of the missus; ^ Nice man. What film?