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  1. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Hi Folks There are numerous threads on the same sad topic....I am now trying to bring them all together. (I think I can do links now.....the old fella is learning) Sincere thanks "the old fella - Mark" Another thread with additional posts PS ....the only way I could achieve this link was to use the late dr1ft_pig13's membership....hope you folks don't mind.
  2. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Thanks again guys for your ongoing support & kind words. We will be able to give you details of dr1ft_pig13's final resting place, this (coming) week. We have tried to honour his love of this sport. Mark & Julie Simpson
  3. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    From Mark & Julie Simpson Our sincere gratitude to all her put their cars on display at the funeral today, for those who also attended the funeral service and following cruise. a special thanks to Shaz for her empathy & organisation of the cruise & vehicle display. We are unable to express in words the joy you have given us....none more than the wonderful salute/driveby you gave us, at the TTG pub today. Please enjoy your cars, stay safe.....but the next time you "loose it" think of Ben. Our best wishes to you all Mark & Julie Simpson
  4. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Hi Guys (its Mark Simpson) again.....I have spoken to the Funeral Directors & they are very happy for you guys to form a line of cars in front of the chapel.....so if you want to come (and we certainly want you to attend) can Sam, Shaz or 1 of you be the organiser....then ring Brenton Hill (the funeral home manager) on 8447 1255....he will tell you where to meet & line up up outside the doors.....maybe you could start the cruise from there ....just a thought. .....if you do & you want to attend the funeral (as well), please bring your bear inside with you....then Julie & I will be able to pick you out, from everyone else....no-one else will be bring a bear. Again, my sincere thanks ....words cant descibe what this page is doing for us both, at the moment. Regards Mark Simpson
  5. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Yes unfortunately it is....Ben worked at Holdens on night shift. Thanks for your support. Mark & Julie Simpson
  6. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Guys You have touched our hearts and your thoughts mean the world to Julie and myself. Your suggestion of a cruise with a gold coin donation to "beyond blue" is wonderful, as is your offer of a seat on the cruise.....can we suggest, you have the cruise, we will come and see you all off ....and each car keeps one seat empty for Ben......he loved teddy bears, so why not find a loved bear and put it on the empty seat. We are sure he will be there with you all. You organise the cruise, date etc & we will keep watching the site. Again, your sincere thoughts and gestures are appreciated. Regards Mark & Julie Simpson
  7. R.I.P dr1ft_pig13 (aka Ben Simpson)

    Hi Guys I am Ben Simpson's dad (Mark)....thank you all for your kind thoughts at this time...Ben's funeral arrangements will be in tomorrow's paper (Thurs) & his funeral will be on Saturday morning at 10.30am at Harrisons Funeral Home Golden Grove Rd Ridgehaven ....you are all most welcome to attend & say goodbye to Ben. There is some further bad news though....unknown to us & you all Ben was apparently very troubled and he actually took his own life....and yes it did involve a motor vehicle. We are all very distressed by this but please remember him as you knew him. Again, your wishes are greatly appreciated...we will keep our eyes on this site. Mark & Julie Simpson PS Maybe you guys could cruise in his honor ?
  8. *** SCS ***

    check out small album (56k WARN!) late .. but still alrite :: Small Car Sunday '04 ::
  9. *** SCS ***

    check out small album (56k WARN!) late .. but still alrite :: Small Car Sunday '04 ::
  10. draining battery part 2

    21MRK, I have similar problems. Just got brand new alternator ... but whilst driving the battery light comes on .. can do anything or nothing and it will play up ; start up car - speed up to 110 - turn on music - !!!??? hav no idea, its not consistant either so i can put my finger even close to problem ... actually thought it was when i was turnin the steering wheel too-much the powersteering was draining alternator haha?
  11. wheels too wide?

    I'm looking at getting 45 offset wheels ... if possible could S13Power and Vintec either post or email pictures of your guards and tyres (from rear looking down side) if possible ... much appreciated ps - bsimpson03@hotmail.com
  12. SCS

    28th Nov'04 Small Car Sunday
  13. fuel pumps: Walbro vs Bosch

    going back through the threads, using SEARCH BUTTON!! I wanted to check out ppls opinon on fuel pump upgrades. I saw a lot of WALBRO - Bosch, learnt Walbro = USA, Bosch = EUR. But wat i wanna know is wat is the JAP = GTR fuel pumps like overall and v. Bosch. ps- i currently run a sr20de, is it possible to upgrading the fuel pump before upgrading the engine? Am i going to gain - lose anything. Any advice would be excellent.
  14. SP33D Mag. Artical

    ..pages from speed'bout EVLR34
  15. S13 dr1ft_pig