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  1. S15 boot lid with option spoiler $400 Located North Brisbane
  2. Oli's ADM S15

    Hey guys, just thought Id share with you my S15 that ive had for a few months now, want to keep a little bit of a diary for this one as I plan on keeping it for a while. This is my 2001 Spec S, I picked it up at the beginning of June and it was my 7th car ive owned, Prior cars include S13 NA, R34 NA, R32 GTR and an M35 Stagea . Ive always loved the look of these so I was on the look out for the most tidy and close to stock S15 I could find. Found this one just 5 minutes from my place and picked it up for just under 12k with 146 thousand on the clock a new battery and six months rego! Completely stock apart from some mad altezza taillights, an auto barn muffler and some hideous wheels. First thing I did was lose the wheels it came with and chuck my R34 GTR's I had these on my stagea but decided they were a little too big, sold them and got some stockos till I found some wheel I really liked. Gave the car a real good look over at work and oil change, and found a leaking lower radiator hose and completely filled sparkplug tubes! So I started collecting some service parts(all genuine Nissan) for a major service including Diff and Gearbox oils, coolant, rad hose, rocker cover and tube seals, plugs, Splitfire coilpacks, fuel filter, aux belts and Brake fluid! The seals were pretty rooted! Next on the list was to switch those horrible lights for some Crystal LED's And I finally landed on some gorgeous wheels, Desmond Regamasters, wrapped in RSR's! As well as getting some personalised plates for my 21st Then I started attacking the suspension with some whiteline sway bars and end pins and Blitz entry level coilovers I always liked the look of the factory boost gauges so I bought the pillar mount but wasn't prepared to spend 500 bucks for the gauge! So a turbosmart mechanical gauge would suffice. And finally I swapped out the old gearbox mount for a Nismo one Got plans for a new Exhaust and intercooler kit, ill keep you guys updated
  3. Oli's ADM S15

    Thanks for the advice, yeah i have been told people are doing things like 2871 with a .68 rear housing ect I just assumed they didnt offer a GTX in that size but there you go. I intend to keep the VCT for that very reason so yeah when the head work goes in ill probably throw one in as preventative maintenance.
  4. Oli's ADM S15

    Little Update: So did a couple of little things to the car, i bought the JDM tail light harness' and bored out my tail lights to cater for the double stop lights, plug and play super easy! I also whited the tyres, who knows how long itll last but ive had the week off so im pretty bored! Will probably replace the bulbs in my AC control today. Also a little glory shot from the weekend. Now I've been so confused as to what i want to do with this long term, ive had thoughts to sell it and get a 370z, to rb it and now ive owned it two years I'm now certain on whats going to happen to it long term (ie over the next 5 years due to placing a house deposit down soon haha). First step: Will be a pair of Velo Fixed back seats and a battery relocation hopefully in September. Second Step: Aiming for 220ish RWKW so a GTX2871r, manifold with external gate, 3 inch dump, probably 740ish cc injectors with an 044 or equivalent pump, Link ECU, ill do the clutch at this time, 264 cams with gears, (havent fine tuned what exactly i want as this wont be till like april next year) Third Step: Genuine Rocket bunny kit with stupid sized Work Meister M1r's (this is a long long time away but i cant shake wanting this kit, the car may then come of the road and be a circuit car) My inspiration at this time, bloke in NZ building this nuts s15 and i cant help but melt reading the build over and over again. Post this who knows whatll happen, probably VVL head with 2.2l stroker and so on and so fourth. Seems like this will be my forever car!
  5. Oli's ADM S15

    Cheers, yeah a bloke at work has his tweeters fitted there and I looks so nice, unfortunately previous owner has already glued tweeters to the corner trim behind the wing mirror. Yeah I did read on the info for the coppermix bearing vibration will be felt, I'd imagine the six speed design was matched with the dual mass flywheel from factory for that reason, hence all the six speed failures post solid flywheel fitment. Its still a while away so some research will still be due.
  6. Oli's ADM S15

    Subframes all back in with the new bushes (didn't end up getting the reo plate kit as both my insurances and regos came through so money is tight) they came with optional 5mm spacers which i thought why not try since i payed for them. Holy shit! The car is completely different now, the potential is just crazy! Some consequential understeer has occur which ill dial out with sway bar adjustments but far out! Highly recommend doing this to get the true feel of the S15. NVH obviously is increased, combined with no rear seats there is high driveline noise on decel and the diff being at a slightly different angle to the tailshaft a little more backlash can be felt on low rev clutch release. Also has the driver side Escutcheon replaced (door handle surround) due to my OCD on the interior I was too eager to refit so apologies for no pics of the new bushings up close. But the diff and subframe got a nice tidy up. Next on the list is a Nismo Coppermix and battery relocation, but wont be for a couple of months so the thread may be a bit quiet.
  7. Oli's ADM S15

    Im pretty excited to see how the car behaves with them! Have not heard of these but just looked them up, they seem well worth the effort I think that purchase is in order as well!
  8. Oli's ADM S15

    Yeah pretty much along those lines, I won't get the full benefit until the new clutch is fitted up, the Silvias just a snowball of to do this I need to do that. The back lash is not really noticeable the way I drive, but there were a couple of instances where I did feel it on light clutch release at low revs, nothing major though. I'd imagine with higher k's and depending on oils and how often they're done mixed results will occur. No I'm pressing out and pressing in most likely a whiteline bushing set rather then doing the collars, I don't like the idea of spacing the subframe, kind of a duct tape fix but each to there own. Basically higher speed concerning you can feel the slop in the rear on abrupt change in direction and upon further inspection with a pry bar some movement was seen up on the hoist.
  9. Oli's ADM S15

    Look they are great dont get me wrong, just a little mishap in the office is bound to happen once and a while. You feel a bit more feedback from the diff on clutch release but my original bushes weren't that bad, only was getting them replaced with the subframe ones hahaha
  10. Oli's ADM S15

    Car is officially registered as a 2 seat capacity now, and had a minor setback with bushings. Took the car to Fulcrum Suspension whom quoted me (supposedly) on Diff and subframe bushes, how ever when I dropped the car off the two parts ordered showed Diff pinion mount and Diff to X member bushes. I asked the "suspension specialist" if this was definitely all 8 bushings diff AND subframe to which he assured me they were. Picked the car up at the end of day to no surprise only the diff bushes were done, along with the wheel alignment.... Yes a wheel alignment for Diff bushes only... "suspension specialists" hmmm maybe not. Anyway being a major inconvenience Ive decided to stop being lazy and will do the subframe ones myself (being a mechanic of a hyundai/nissan dealership i probably should). You want something done right you do it yourself! All bitching aside the workmanship was well done, was a simple misinterpretation from the office side of things, just figured common sense says doing the diff bushes with the subframe removed would be much easier than in the car. Anyway on a positive note, my airbags are operational with the new Clock Spring fitted! I posted the Part No. for anyone else that is after one. They were Ex Japan so you may be waiting roughly 3 weeks
  11. Oli's ADM S15

    Little update, another service completed on exactly 6 months coincidentally, just oil, filter and fuel filter. Have changed to Castrol Edge 5w30 as the genuine oil was on back order, so far so good though. Had a bit of spare time today so i got around to getting the car ready for a two seat mod plate, all holes covered, belts removed ect. Just need the plate than its ready for some fixed backs. Subframe and diff bushes getting done on the 19th, super excited for that followed by a nismo coppermix clutch. Have also had to order a new clock spring which was found to be the cause of my airbag light, classic s15's.
  12. Oli's ADM S15

    Fit some new goodies yesterday a Cusco tension arm brace bar, Garage Defend carbon fibre cooling panel and a Nismo radiator cap Subframe and Diff bushes should be done in the next month or so, they have gotten to the point where the rear end has a mind of its own, fixing this will make all the arms work to their full potential, super excited about that!
  13. Oli's ADM S15

    The thread has Been pretty dead lately, have had to slow up on the mods as my spending money on the car got a bit silly, so bit of an update to where the car is at, raised the front 10mm for a bit more clearance as the bigger tyres were heading towards the loom! Replaced the side indicators with genuine ones as well as the fuse box cover (sticker only came with the cover) and acquired a Cusco Type 40 rear strut brace. Next plans are subframe and diff bushes replaced followed by a battery relocation 🙂 Found one of the first photos I took of it so here's a then and now, I need an aero front bar!
  14. Oli's ADM S15

    Got my hands on a set of Federal FZ-201 Tyres, 255 and 235 - 40s. Absolutely mental tyre, with some heat in them its like the car is on rails. I put the rear sway bar on the soft setting and found there was way to much pre load on the end links and the rear was just stepping out a bit too easy, but once i adjusted it correctly the car became a whole different feel. Gave them a good test run yesterday
  15. Oli's ADM S15

    Bit of servicing action doing gear and diff oil every 12 months
  16. Oli's ADM S15

    Arms all fitted, running a mint wheel allignment at the moment, Front: -2.25 degrees Camber 7 degrees Caster 0.05mm Toe out either side Rear: -1.2 Degrees Camber 2mm toe in either side Car handles amazing, a shame i need some new rear tyres due to the -4 degrees of camber i was running pre arms! Mods may be on hold for a while due to a possible new tow rig on the way. Will keep the thread updated apologies on the shitty android spec photo on the alligner.
  17. Oli's ADM S15

    Bit of an update! Got a present today. All of my adjustable arms managed to fit the front castor arms in but due to lack of tools at home the rears will have to wait until next week when i can bring some proper tools home that wont bend on me then an alignment will be done to push that rear camber back out in preparation for some Nitto NT-01s. Followed by subframe and diff bushes.
  18. Oli's ADM S15

    Got a Turbosmart boost controller and some weathershields, running 10psi low setting and 14psi high, so much nicer to drive now, no where near as doughy. Cars coming together quite nicely! Thinking of getting the spec r GT spoiler, kind of over the lip, if anyone would like to swap im open to offers
  19. Oli's ADM S15

    Just another quick update, not to sure why all the images aren't showing on this thread, bit disappointing. Acquired some Work RS wheel nuts and my Jap spec rear bar finally arrived after a long wait from Japan. Should be ordering full Cusco adjustable arm set in the coming week so stay tuned
  20. Oli's ADM S15

    Gave the car its first proper shakedown drive, haven't really had faith in it to do a semi big drive (OCD life) but finally trusted it enough to do the big Somerset Dam loop, went through Samford to Dayboro, through Mt Mee, then Kilcoy/Woodford to Somerset dam and finally up Glorious and down Nebo. Was a brilliant drive and the car loved the cold air (left at 12 midnight) The thread may be a bit quiet for now as mods will be seldom but a boost controller is on the way, Cusco arms will be after.
  21. Oli's ADM S15

    Got a bit bored and tipsy last night and decided to strip my boot! For maximum respect when I pop my boot at Harrys Diner on a Thursday night But on a side note, this is the second car out of a total of 8 that i have owned for over a year! Woohoo
  22. Oli's ADM S15

    Got a bit bored this weekend and my friend wanted to try the Regamasters on his s2000, looks mint as! So i tried the 18 inch Enkies on, unfortunately not my taste at all. Not too much of an update added a little more camber on the front steering feels alot more responsive and predictable but definitely need some adjustable camber and toe arms to back the rear camber off (standard eccentric bolts do sfa) and would like to toe out a bit, super keen to take it to the track though! Payed two lots or regos and insurances so no mods for now but a boost controller and clutch/flywheel kit is next on the to do list.
  23. Oli's ADM S15

    Yeah, looks real retro racer haha, fit up the T3's front and rear last night, so much bite absolutely love them! Look the part to
  24. Oli's ADM S15

    Thanks mate wheels are 17x8 +25 and 17x9 +38.
  25. Oli's ADM S15

    Got my timing case all sealed up! Plus a Cosmetic Head Gasket, Tomei Rocker Stoppers, New timing chain kit and ARP Head Studs Couple of pics of the job Big thanks to Marty at Ignite Mechanical and Custom car runs mint as now! Have some DBA T3 rotors on order, then a Turbosmart boost controller will be fitted then i might have a bit of a smash around Lakeside General practice