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  1. POWERTUNE R32 GTR Twin intank pump kit

    Hey, I want to get one of these so I pulled out the setup in my GTR, I just cant figure out how the standard fuel level sender and light sender will integrate with this kit? Can you show me some pics on how I will fit that onto this kit?
  2. Looking for Pulsar sss parts?

    PM me mate got a gtir bonnet.
  3. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    I see you are just a beginner No your work is awesome mate keep up the pics. Gives good inspiration for my own projects.
  4. RB26 Rebuild

    If you need a RB30 sump adapter I have one here from a batch I had machined up.
  5. Trust T78 oil restrictor

    why use a restrictor? It is a plain bearing turbo, no issue giving it some oil.
  6. Hindley st Beating

    nothing happened to you when we got kicked out of the palace lol
  7. rb26 with rb25 gbox

    well.....some rb25 use pull too, like all the R34s.... R32 GTR early is push, R32 GTR late and R33 GTR are pull.
  8. Ever wonder why My budget is a multimillion dollar business? Why pyramid schemes still make money? Why Nigerian car sales still exist? this is why....
  9. Removing Suspension Bushes

    what are the bushes in? Most of them in knuckles in skylines and silvias have a 1mm or so metal jacket, real pain in the ass to get out. I use an oxy the die grind the shell out.
  10. Are you sure of this? I thought air injection systems were made redundant by the time EFI came around lol yea I'm sure. Wrong. In the workshop manual for an s14 it clear states it as an EGR "The EGR valve controls the quantity of exhaust gas to be diverted to the intake manifold..." You are right, S14 is EGR, S13 pumps air into exhaust.
  11. Are you sure of this? I thought air injection systems were made redundant by the time EFI came around lol yea I'm sure.
  12. its not EGR on a s14, its putting fresh oxygen into exhaust to help the catalytic converter.
  13. S15 6 speed gearbox removal

    it is a pain in the ass, i lower the front sub frame a bit on the threads.
  14. you do realise that this just means that they are loading up the highest load row of load cells with fuel, its not ideal but not the end of the world.
  15. engineering cars in SA

    Like I said, been there done it. R31 are just vented discs, passed brake fade easy with some decent pads in them. I have no idea why I didn't do torsion test, even though it is a complete waste of time and no car fails anyway. All my friends 1600s had to do torsion, maybe its because mine is a wagon (no idea why it would make a difference)