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  1. RB20 Issues

    and fixed that and having one last issue cause i need to recirculate my blitz bov cause its running Extremely RICH, bogging, black smoke, and crappy idle and its annoying and i fixed the timing on the motor and should look if my injectors r working
  2. RB20 Issues

    yes its tuned for it and the timing is off and one other thing i noticed that the wires for the maf plug are a little stretched so ima check that out and check to see if one of the injectors is misfiring too
  3. RB20 Issues

    got it running its a rb20 silvertop in my s13 now the other problem is when i try to rev it it bogs and smells foul and running really rich and i already fixed a vacuum leak and cant fiind the prob and cleaned my z32 maf
  4. RB20 Issues

    hey im having issues with my rb20 it cranks over but doesnt start and i checked the grounds and still looking at the wiring and i have spark and getting fuel and now for some reason the ignition relay pops and have to replace it again and idk what it could be and the timing is right on the motor. So does anyone on here have a rb20 so i can trouble shoot this

    its pretty clean
  6. S13 RB

    Hey whats up i have a 91 s13 hatch and i have a rb20 redtop which has cx aluminum rad 44cc gtr injectors,t3t4 turbo,synapse motorsports external wastegate Megan street coilovers,stance bushings rear subframe,welded diff,full 3"exhaust,lightweight flywheel stage 3 clutch stock side mount intercooler that came with the rb20 which il change to a fmic lol,blitz bov,black box rom tune ecu,z32 maf car is tuned at 14psi which is pushing 300whp. I was also thinking bout later do a rb30 with a rb25 head on it and wondering whats the pros n cons doing a rb30 swap or doing a rb25 neo in my s13. The most power i wanna make is 550whp in my hatch but keep in in the 300's for daily
  7. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    im talking bout what motor is gonna b good to swap in my s13
  8. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    idea bout what
  9. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    o i would never throw that motor in my s13 i would regret that for sure maybe a sr20 would be better like a s14 sr in my coupe or build a 13 cuz ive seen them hit 600's n 700's
  10. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    yeahh your right plus sum say ca18's r better then sr's n ive seen crazy ones too n sum sick rb25's n all n thinking i mite regret something
  11. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    over here i see sr20's some with rb25's n 26's but not that much with a 1j or 2j ina 240 in my area n i see my friends gtr evo n supra
  12. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    yeah thats true n friend with a s14 kouki had a fully built one drivin it everyday n had the same motor almost 7yrs
  13. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    nd rb25 would b cheaper with little bolt ons
  14. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    prob end up doing a 2j since u dont see one all the time ina s13 plus friends rollin around with their gtr's
  15. rb25 vs 2jz swap in s13

    tough decision lol really thinking whats gonna b better for daily use