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  1. This is the ITB setup I have had on the go for some tme now
  2. Something I just finished a couple of days ago. All billet, no sheetmetal and just the one weld for the Wiggins clamp. If it was a single tb manifold, there would be no welds at all. S14/15 and VE head with ITB's or single throttle body coming very soon as well as JZ's RB's CA LS1/2/3 etc etc
  3. My fabrication pics

    Some SR20 goodness for a change Injector bosses and fuel rail should be made by the weekend. 80mm billet throttle body will be on aswell Cheers, Ariel
  4. My fabrication pics

    Haha I highly doubt it. I have seen some sh1t welds with a lot less prep work and still survive thousands of heat cycles, so something like this shouldn't be an issue at all.
  5. My fabrication pics

    That's right, just only adjustable if you use a switch or 2t/4t control. I use a foot pedal which means I have to do it manually, I actually prefer it that way because it is always different
  6. My fabrication pics

    no nothing at all....just straight from the torch. the biggest thing i noticed was that you have to be careful with your dowlslop to prevent cracking. Since i use a pedal, that was up to my foot, but I am guessing about 1.5-2 sec downslope time.
  7. My fabrication pics

    external wastegate mod on standard (disgusting) cast manifold. die grind all the old scaled casting off, then a root pass and 2 filler passes
  8. My fabrication pics

    Unfortunately not, old torch is a long gone My torch is the basic 20 series torch available from ck but by far the best I have ever had and used
  9. My fabrication pics

    dailling in the new Kemppi.........this is my first plenum with it. I am really liking this machine already, it is well worth it!!! For more pics go to https://www.facebook...plenumcreations or www.facebook.com/redstarfabrications
  10. My fabrication pics

    that's right!!! pretty good hey. Rapid Welding is the name, I think just put co.uk on the end of it. Yeah ridiculously light, I cant believe i put up with all the other crap in the past....and to top is off, it has excellent gas coverage so you can turn it right down
  11. My fabrication pics

    I got quoted $8800 here for exactly the same package and got it for $6200 from Uk including duties and gst And that's will full factory warranty and a killer ck worldwide wp20 torch and it turned up on my doorstep in 4 working days
  12. My fabrication pics

    ....Christmascame early......Just to add a little more finesse to my welding
  13. My fabrication pics

    This topic is not an advertisement so either please call or pm only for enquiries
  14. My fabrication pics

    Extractors or exhaust manifold?