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  1. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    Try micks Motorsport. They started tuning them again
  2. Haltech vs Power FC vs Nistune

    http://www.nistune.com/equipment-products-type4.php Sounds like way too much
  3. I don't think you can be to old to enjoy them! I still love driving mine and look forward to taking it for a run, I don't care what anyone thinks I consider myself old as I go to bed at 9
  4. Hey guys can you get the xxr 521 in black with machined lip 18x8.5? 114.3x5
  5. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    I have buddy. Had many. At the end of the day I say what I get and I have change some of the opinions or at least had them questioning. The thing is most skeptics I encounter are at platforms which are audience readings, not one one ones. Like I said I don't try to change people's minds. Each to there own. Some people I read don't believe and have never seen a medium
  6. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    That's cool like I said before the only people I have to prove myself to is my clients
  7. What cars have you driven/owned

    Chrysler Centura with a worked 318. Gone are the p plate v8 days
  8. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    There's been a lot of lols in the posts. At the end of the day there are a lot of people that do believe in what I do and there's a lot that don't. I was expecting this reaction as I get it all the time and it doesn't worry me. I have no doubt the world exist and everyone that doesn't will find out one day lol
  9. Would it be better to go 3inch pipe as the intercooler out let are 3 inch and reduce them at the turbo and throttle body or the other way around?
  10. F**k that's nice and I'm not a fan of wheels with lots if spokes. Did you have to flare the rear to put a 245 on?
  11. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    Unfortantly I have no more ammo. I'm 34 married to a Female, don't wear purple shirts and sweaters. Most in tshirts and hoodies. Been to a few meets and I don't discuss what I do,and don't give psychic readings to everyone I see
  12. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    ^^^ Thanks buddy, the thread title says Who believes in ghosts. I said I do. I don't have to prove myself to anyone on ns. I give my clients enough evidence that I have there loved one with me. I tell them things, that they say is impossible for me to know. They are the only people I need to prove myself to. I believe in them like I said from my own experience in the last couple of years How many people believe in god. It's the same thing
  13. My 1993 S13 silvia

    Nice car bud! Lucky you didn't get done for the high mount
  14. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    Just like any other industry there are shit psychics and mediums that give us a bad name. How many shit mechanics are there? Psychic and medium are 2 very different things. Psychic is reading the future. Medium is talking to dead people. Lisa Williams and tony stockwell are mediums
  15. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    Like I said buddy. I don't push my beliefs on anyone. That's your opinion and good on you for having one. As I said that's your person experience and my post is mine
  16. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    Ok. I'm ready to be be hammered by everybody! Short version. I was a non believer before the following happened. My brother passed away a couple of years ago, and not long after I would see him standing in my kitchen at home. We were very close and did everything together. Anyway long story I decided that there was something there as I wasn't nuts, so I started training as a medium to strengthen my abillities so I could keep in contact with him. Now I work as a part time medium connecting people with spirit (ghosts). So I see, hear, feel, and talk to them all the time. Please remember before you guy flog me I am normal. I love my cars and have been posting on here for ages. I don't push my beliefs on anyone.
  17. Who Believes In Ghosts?

    I do believe, only because I have experienced it myself. Not being attacked but seeing ghosts
  18. There's knock offs of rotas now so are they still a knock off lol. Each to there own is all I'm saying. There are nice jap wheels some rotas look nice some xxrs look alright
  19. ^^^ agreed. Get what you like and what has the best offset for your car and the look your after.
  20. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    Hey buddy there's a white lid with a origin lip in the classifieds Yeh the roads out here are shit. Burragong and silverdale rds are a nice drive but really bad surface.
  21. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    I'd get rid of the wing. But that me I don't like shopping trolleys lol. That kit might look alright with just low and no wing
  22. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    Yeah good drive in the rain, was going to stop but was raining too much. Nice too see someone local that has a nice car! We Should meet up somewhere.
  23. Froggz S15 Jap Import.

    Dude did I follow you and then you followed me in my 180 the other day?