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  1. 98 Octane fuel

    BP isn't real common down here so im experimentin between optimax and synergy at the moment, lol, they both good but ive heard shell's fuel is goin bad -HiBz
  2. boot enclosured

    where have you got your fans in there??? don't you have a heat problem with that sort of install??? -HiBz
  3. boot enclosured

    that looks f**king unbeliveable, thats one of the tidiest installs i have ever seen, how many comps you entered that in and how many prizes you won lol....... -HiBzl
  4. nah multi reigon needs a new laser so i think thats a fairly reasonable price, thats the dearest part of any disk drive, you spend less you get cheap shit -HiBz
  5. Promlem

    tell pete i said he's a tight ass and he should help you out lol, but yea that guy did fob you off, check all the wiring on all your aftermarket electronics cos something is obviously not right...... good luck with it ne ways... -HiBz
  6. my boot install

    nice work, who cares about your amp it does the job, its all about what you can do with the amount of money laying around, i say congrats you got a great install, too bad ya teacher prolly wont see the artwork. -HiBz
  7. ALPINE!, can't really say anything else i love there stuff especially their F1 status its just artwork. But its all personal preference these days. -HiBz
  8. condolances to family and friends, the forum will be a lesser place without him. peace -HiBz
  9. Fibreglass wheelwell sub box

    in regard to the DIY thats a great idea, there's a lot of people that would like something to use as a reference wether they have a 180 or not, they only have to make slight mods to get it to suit whatever sorta car they drive, not a big issue...... -HiBz
  10. Alpine Speakers, but what type?

    id recomend type R's, they aren't all that expensive and if you take the bass out of them with an amp and sub they work like a dream, im purchasing type R splits and running either a type X sub or a type R, with either 2 or three amps. I would recomend running the speakers of their own amp though. Good luck. -HiBz
  11. ^ interesting idea, but it works lol, much physics involved there.... smart ass! lol, good work i'll remember that one. -HiBz
  12. Alpine Type X, and Type R

    if you want clarity, got for the r types, thats what im going, the x types are for doof factor and if you want low spl like me.... id say your better going for the r types... good luck with it ne ways... maybe show some pics when your finished? -HiBz
  13. New turbo installed

    everyone is right on the money, you cant judge your turbo until it is configured, basically its sitting there for looks at the moment, and its not doing anything, once you tune and have everything running smoothly then you just see what sorta reaction you get, i think you'll be much more pleased.... keep us posted. -HiBz
  14. new turbo

    ^you prolly shouldn't have mentioned that, now everyone will think your rippin them off lol if you need to resell it, but i agree with the other dude, i think you should have done some more research before making a decision on a turbo, there's a lot to take into account.... as you well no. -HiBz
  15. turbo question

    how accurate are you estimates though? cos you don't really wanna run your baby at a level that your gunna hurt it, make sure that its built and prepared to run the power output that you've created. I'd hate to see you spend money and it all go down the drain.... -HiBz