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  1. MILLERS 180SX

    Just wondering; why didn't you clean up/paint the engine bay while everything was out?
  2. Box frame silvia - now with cage!

    When I read mid mounted engine, I thought "Awesome! Like an NSX!" Then is saw it was front mid mount, I was slightly disappointed, but still interested. Hope you can get it going one day.
  3. Hey Taark, just wondering if you can get a factory side mount intercooler for an rb20?
  4. Epic car fail thread

    I know the guy that owns this! he got the car for $300 and put about 10G into it! So much f**k in his brain. I'm sorry but this is owned by a 40 year old fillipino woman. I see it every day. Don't make s**t up to sound cool.
  5. 5 stud conversion for 180sx

    Thanks for the link and info. It's very helpful.
  6. Looking to do the 5 stud conversion on my 180. Just Jap had a hub kit for $550. Anybody used this before? I'm looking for a relatively cheap option as I don't have alot of money, but I don't want to comprimise my safety (obviously). What do people suggest?
  7. Love tappp....should buff out! :)

    Just wondering with the skirts and bumpers you've bought, are they brand new or secondhand? They look super clean if they're secondhand items.
  8. Genuine Origin Aero Parts, Lenses & Wheels

    Another question. Can you get the carbon canards? I'm after the front and side
  9. Hey taark I'm need a new rubber o ring. It's the one that seals where the fuel pump it bolted into the tank. Do you know the one I'm after? Its for my 180sx.
  10. Cars like Pokemon, Gotta catch em all.

    Why is One direction is working on your car?
  11. Genuine Origin Aero Parts, Lenses & Wheels

    Just wondering if I can get just the racing line side skirts and rear bar for the 180sx. Also after a price for the 30mm rear over fenders. And a price for freight to emerald queensland 4720. Thanks
  12. I'm chasing a replacement passenger seat rail for my 180, can you help?
  13. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to more updates after the tune.
  14. Hey. Just been looking through your build. I'm just wondering, how difficult was it to fit the gtr cradle?