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  1. What Australian drifting needs

    So, why don't ADGP just create a lot of lower tear seed tournaments, where the top 4/winner/whatever advances to the ADGP rounds? Make it easier for real talent to join the ranks of ADGP, and don't focus on how rich a driver is.
  2. What Australian drifting needs

    Meh, you could argue what Australian drifting needs until the cows come home I reckon. Much won't change until peoples attitudes change though. Australia needs less focus on "You need X amount of power to drift", and more focus on "just fukn drift". It's pathetic to see people getting shot down for wanting to give it a go in an N/A, simply because some ill-informed person decided that 400hp, along with an entirely modified suspension setup, was the bare minimum behind getting sideways. Of course those with some knowhow are aware that this isn't the case, but for the most part there just seems to be this myth about drifting = power. Less ego's would be nice too, although it seems like a lot of the more popular guys (fan wise, not $$$ wise) are the ones with the no-ego approach, so I can't point my finger at them at all. Would be cool if spectators wouldn't shoot down someone who spun out, even if the spectator is more experienced than them. Maybe I'm indifferent but I don't think the competitive scene should be the main focus of it. There should just be more accessible drift days where people of all skills can go and f**k around. Get some 5 car trains going so people can learn about distances and tandems, and then you'll eventually see a huge improvement in the competitive scene itself, driver skill wise at least. Pretty much anything I'm gonna say would have been said some 1000 times already. I'm yet to get into the "sport" myself either as I'm a poor *milkshake*, so just take this as an observation and nothing more.
  3. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I can guarantee Vettel won't do as well this season. Webber's definitely not going to be helping him out whenever Vettel comes up the rear.
  4. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    The Silverstone incident is different. Why? Because Vettel asked for the team to have Mark stay behind him. "Be wise now, be wise" "Understood. We understand what you mean, and we're controlling the situation", before sending a message to Mark telling him to maintain a 3 second gap. If Mark got on the radio in Sepang and requested for the team to deal with a "situation", only to have Vettel storm ahead, I think it would be different. When two drivers are told "Mix 21", or "Save fuel, you're not under risk", I don't think it's fair for one of them to suddenly face a challenge from a teammate unsuspectingly. Besides, how many times has Mark Webber obeyed team orders to assist in a Vettel victory? I don't think Webber winning was what Red Bull had in mind, anyway. I believe Red Bull figured that they had a 1 and 2 in the bag, Alonso was out of the race, Raikkonen was far behind, and that 1 and 2 with the combining factors of the other championship contenders was sufficient enough to not need to risk their two cars for absolutely 0 gain. Remember the Turkey incident? When you've got teammates who have had a small history of coming together, I think it's important to do what you can as high entity amongst the team (such as Christian Horner) to control both drivers, to allow for a safe and easy return of the vehicles. Hence the team orders. If Horner wanted to Vettel to win above Webber, why didn't Horner tell only Webber to turn to Mix 21? The fact of the matter is Vettel risked both cars, while under orders, to gain absolutely nothing for the team with a huge risk. That's something that needs to be punishable by the team. If they don't I suspect we'll see Webber taking Massa's seat next year.
  5. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    It wouldn't surprise me if RBR actually suspended Vettel for a single race, to be honest. Christian Horner (spelling?) sounded absolutely furious during the radio transmissions, which is completely understandable given the severity of the driving that was shown for the sake of making up that one spot. I don't like Mark Webber as much as most Australian's do (More of an Alonso fan myself), but I seriously feel bad for him today. Alonso not pitting is a huge wtf.. I don't know whether he was unaware (the way he was driving may indicate that), or if the team never told him, or if he was told "stay out until it's dry" which is a stupid move either way. Ernie will be loving the drama of it all though, that's for sure!
  6. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    http://asia.eurosport.com/formula-1/red-bull-tyre-woe-its-own-fault-lotus_sto3680607/story.shtml Red Bull should learn to compensate for upcoming changes.
  7. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Did you guys see how quickly the Super Softs blistered on the drying track? Holy shit. I think Vettel did... what, 3 laps? And the tyres looked as bad as though would from 15 - 25 laps at Monaco. With the amount of pitstops that's suspected to happen during the race, 2013 is going to be VERY interesting.

    Saw a gold/grey S13 yesterday near Chirnside park. Green P-plater, stock wheels but looked a tad low.

    Spotted a two-tone (Gold/Grey) S13 turning off Dorset Road tonight. Sporter some very aggressive negative camber up front, with some wheels similar to the Enkei RPF1's that protruded from the guards like an obese man in an airplane seat. Looked good!
  10. things that annoy you

    N/A Skylines, especially. Actually, most N/A variants or an otherwise cheap-ish turbocharged JapCar.
  11. Rota wheels a problem?

    Companies also go for the cheapest-standard-approved items, so what's your point? Why do you think aftermarket parts can make a car handle SO much better? because the companies just go for the cheapest stuff they legally can use.
  12. Cheating bitch.

    HAHAHAHA Greatest joke ever! You.. A girlfriend... LOL
  13. I hate this. So over my iPhone. It's a hunk of junk, and 95% of it's usage is non-phone related (maybe I'm just a loner though). Brick back the old Nokia's.

    Saw a Gold/Grey two-tone S13 on it's way towards Chirnside park today at about 12 - 1pm. Only got a quick glance of it, but it looked pretty clean.