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  1. I've got a few diffs/ratios sitting around & want to swap out my locked diff anyway was hoping one may have been the correct ratio...
  2. Which diff ratio would give me correct speedo reading auto to manual the car is a 97 200sx originally auto but I've converted to manual
  3. clutch for 200kw

    I run a Orc 409d in my s14 I found that it holds my power well (200rw) super light too, but for daily driving I preferred my old extreme hd 3-400$ special! (No rattling when clutch is in! Also more clutch feel) Also sometimes I've noticed that it will slip if I clutch kick 3rd... I found the best clutch I've ran so far was a basic hd excedy in my s15 which was a bit heavier on the foot but never slipped and very easy to feel/drive
  4. It's an adjustable thread/nut style aswel as using a turbotech boost tee... Cooler is just a your normal return flow
  5. So you think the cooler will be holding the car back from making more power on the same boost? Would this also have something to do with the boost dropping off?
  6. Curious as to why my boost is hitting 19 then dropping back! Running z32 afm
  7. I'm running a hypergear high flowed t28bb ATR28G1 making 203rwkw tuned my chasers... Running 19psi but drops back to 15 psi higher in the rev range will get a dyno sheet up when I get a chance! Other mods include: turbotech boost tee, z32, 740cc nismo injectors, full 3in exhaust, return flow cooler and bigger fuel pump
  8. Wheels to suit a 180SX Type X

    Ame are the go! Would the 17x9 +22 hit coilover?
  9. Another RB25 S14 build

    Thanks for the reply... I must have posted as you were as I've just seen all the new photos coming along really well should be an animal lol yeah misses doesn't driving my sil anyway with the coilovers and welded diff ha
  10. Another RB25 S14 build

    Great build! Love the wrinkle black look and high mount! How'd you find the 33 compared to the 14? I've been thinking of either converting my s14 to rb or selling and just buying a 33 as it seems the easier option and also I like 33s just as much!
  11. RB25 S14 Daily

    Jeeez I'd be to scared to slide the thing if it cost me 16k on top of the car itself! I was thinking more along the lines of 5k for myself 1500 motor 2k box and clutch 500 in kframe mounts and box member and 1500 for the tail shaft and some wiring finishing touches I sure it would go a little over! None the less love the set up your running!
  12. Brimstone103's Blue build

    So nice colour looks mint
  13. RB25 S14 Daily

    Unlucky with the crashing!! I'm considering putting a neo in my s2 14 how hard would you say it was to convert and what roughly did it cost if you don't mind me asking? Was it worth it?
  14. S14a 200sx street drift project

    diff doesnt whine anymore turns out the pinion wasnt tight enough! so no more whine = winning just needs some boost and tune !
  15. RB25 S14 Daily

    Looks good how's it go with the 25? Handle well?