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  1. Work VS-KF 18s WIDE! - $2,200

    Price : $2,200 Condition : Used SOLD!

    Hey guys, Im looking for a few things, need them as soon as i can, S13 sil factory bonnet 180sx front guards S13 front coilovers. thanks kids! Chris
  3. NSW 2 DAY DRIFT MATSURI---Nov 26 & 27

    i got a whole bunch of shots of you guys, should have a big post of photos up in the next few days
  4. make me a sticker

    like this?
  5. Rego Check Help

    Hey champ I have a stock drivers seat you can borrow, pm me. I'm assuming this is for a s13?
  6. Stripping my modified S13

    http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=468162&pid=5997485&st=0entry5997485 free 180 shell
  7. Stripping my modified S13

    pm also sent
  8. Need another S13 shell please

    ... this thread raises more questions than it answers! but if your old bonnet is alright ill take it off your hands
  9. JDM Fest 2010 - Ultimate Tunes - 4 September @ 8:30am

    that is correct. and very tempting. i will be heading out, not in the 180 unfortunatly, ill be rocking the ADM fairmont!
  10. front suspension

    ok, so somebody on this forum borrowed my front struts. about 9 months ago and i never got them back. the were out of my 180 i lent them because they got defected( or somthing along those lines) i dont have the PM's saved anymore and i need them back, i had a bit of an "incident" at raleigh and i need the struts back because my passenger side coilover is bent like a bannana. the person who borrowed them drives a white 180sx, with black wheels, if that is you i would appreciate my suspension back! granted its not the best suspension, but i need the car in half decent condition before the cage and paint go ahead. Cheers Chris
  11. Sydney NS.com users, coming to Canberra

    Well I'm hoping I can make it, looks like I'll be drivig a mates s15, hopfully I'm not too wrecked from toysprintas bday partay the night before!

    ^ yeah the jd slushies/fire engines get dangerous after the first 5 or 6, you end up forgetting that they cost $8a pop and you end up a poor man me and a couple of mates from Canberra go every year, it is a great fun weekend, and the quality of the top 100 is absolutely amazing. I recommend you go atleast once, just for the experience! But as wanna_slide said, sat night is fair rowdy. alot of the entrants head into Canberra city/braddon most nights of the weekend
  13. WANTED: S13 Silvia bonnet

    Hey guys, i was wondering if there is anybody in canberra who has a factory S13 bonnet they want to get rid of, i want to put it onto my 180 to get this sort of look on my drift car! Cheers Guys Chris
  14. WANTED: S13 Silvia bonnet

    He's taking Julia Gillard's $2K cash for clunkers offer? ooh harsh words!
  15. Sydney NS.com users, coming to Canberra

    what does everybody think of a sunday cruise? i wouldnt mind putting a permit on the 180 for this
  16. raleigh round 2

    yeah im heading up aswell. not in my daily though!
  17. Car Rig Shots + Randoms - Just a Few

    man that 350 shot is nice! only thing that i would change is you can still see the reflection of the boom on the back of the car, other than that, cool shot champ!

    matte black.... my car has been matte black for ages, i sprayed mine with pressure packs for about 70 bucks, looks good for a couple of weeks, then turns to shit, and there is no way to clean it either. go satin and get it done properly, unless you want to be spraying your car all the time. this is what it looked like at DA last year.
  19. JDM Showdown

    Well I'll be going! Can't comment on anybody else tho!
  20. Club Outrun DVD Premier Night

    Ah Scott I think you need some more practice in the drinking department.... I'm sure me and sol can put you thru some training!
  21. Complex on Majura Rd

    Hmm find out if permits are all cool and I'm there! Either that or it is rally rego time!
  22. Complex on Majura Rd

    bring the 121!
  23. Complex on Majura Rd

    if you need a car dude, my 180 has a street legal exhaust and no screamer, its actually fairly quiet!
  24. Club Outrun DVD Premier Night

    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=220081&id=566890409&ref=mf pics from last night!
  25. Rims/s13 parts

    Hey champ, how much are you looking for the rota grids? I'm assuming they are the 16s?