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  1. 10 years

  2. 10 years

    I used to kill so much time on here . Deakin Uni thread back in 08 I remember when i first joined, there was some team style scavenger hunt race thing.
  3. 10 years

    Same ....
  4. 10 years

    Just wanted to tell everyone I've been here 10 years ! Cant believe how fast time goes by.. Anyone else celebrating a milestone ? -Peter
  5. any original ns.coms still here?

    Class of '04 here!
  6. Monash/Citylink police operation

    Tell me about it.. Been seeing HWP all over the place..
  7. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    This happens to be a bit too.. as im leaving my house.. its a 50 zone and then a 40 (everyone, and i mean everyone goes ~50-60 just because the road is soo wide).. on cold starts i stick to the speed limit just to allow oil/water to get to temp.. I get people tailgating me on a daily basis.. and because the road is soo wide, i usually veer to the left. but dont slow down (stay at speed limit) .. Id say 1/10 actually overtake.. and im fine with that, its their points/money they can do what they like with them.. I usually catch up through the round-abouts anyway lol Its the other 9/10 that stay behind me? I mean WTF? I mean you want to go faster, I let you overtake and you still say no? Must like the rear of my car!
  8. Melbourne Drivers driving too fast

    I would suggest that this fits the stereotype of being Victorian... har har har. But no really, where is this thread going? I'm amazed the thread made it past 1 page... LOL +1
  9. SR20 to RB30 conversion.

    this ...
  10. New impound laws

    you get arrested charged with an extra offence heavily fined and car gets impounded regardless but good news is you can fight to prove your innocent 6 months later in court! welcom to victoria the police state cheers please enjoy your stay and teddy thanks you for your contrabution to his coffers http://www.nissansil...c=74315&st=1650 oh and i nearly forgot local cop thought it was worth bragging about to the local rag lol that they also now have the power to defect your car and fine you some moar while your car is impounded Arrested for what?? Sitting in your car? Yeh I don't get how this works....thats why I wanna know what happens. Like that girl that apparently did a burnout but no marks etc... you'd get stung for hindering police. not saying its right, but you'd end up in a cell for it As far as i know, its pretty much like refusing a PBT ..
  11. New impound laws

    WTF are u on about man?
  12. questions on 3rd impound

    If they've got reason to suspect that your car is un-road worthy.. ofcourse!
  13. Two tradies


    very very nice S15!!!