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  1. Tyre question

    Thanks, think ill stick to the 16's and just get a cheap set of new tyres, will probably be better for resale than a set of 18's anyway
  2. Tyre question

    Oz honda have a shit sign up process that won't allow me to get in, i'm sure it's been covered a million times, i'm just not sure how to calculate it
  3. Tyre question

    I'm looking at a set of 18" wheels and tyres for my accord euro-they are 245-40-18 and 235-40-18, what i'm wondering is will they be too big (tyre wise) and affect rwc? Is there a calculator I can use? Or an expert that can help? Thanks!
  4. Honda tech expert

    Yeah did a bit more research and turns out aussie got the d16y4 which has 120 hp and the Brecht version has 126, so totally not worth it, yeah I'll probably go down the road of someone else spending Thier time/money or just buy something completely different...Anyone want an ek? Haha
  5. Honda tech expert

    i cant sign up because i dont pay for my email address, very annoying, i tried some american sites, turns out no dohc heads will work which means i go for the non vtec head for a mere 20 hp gain or do a full swap-big hassle! so i might just try to sell and buy something better... thanks
  6. so i want to do a vtec head swap, i know its been covered and ive done some research... i have a D16Y7, ive read that the Y8 (vtec head) will nearly bolt straight on, but this is a single cam head, what im wondering is-what dohc head will go on this block if any? or am i better off doing a full engine swap? if so will my gearbox cope or will that need upgrading at the same time? big ask but thanks for all help!
  7. Wheel spacers

    Yeah they look the best way to go, cheers
  8. Wheel spacers

    So what I'm considering is getting some wheel spacers, mainly to stop/help my tyres from scrubbing on lock and also to gain a little "stance" what I'm wondering is-how far/big can I go with standard wheel studs or where can I get extended ones? Would this be a speciality item? I'd like to go 10mm but not sure that it'll be safe? Thanks for any help.
  9. Civic fuel economy

    Odd, red book says fuel tank is 45 liters? Can't imagine there is 2 liters worth of plumbing to the tank? Yeah I have 55 profile on the front atm and 50 on the rear, want some more low so gunna try out a set of 45's or 40's hoping this won't make much difference to fuel...
  10. Civic fuel economy

    Oh and I'm getting new tyres soon-195 or 205, 45 or 40, 16's will having a smaller diameter affect my economy much? As I'm 90% highway, might be dumb question but thought id ask, cheers
  11. Civic fuel economy

    Turns out it has a 45 litre tank? which is odd because I'm in the red when it takes 35ish liters to fill, so apparently there's another 10+ liters in the bottom of my tank hiding from me? I'm gunna run till the red light comes on this week and see how I go...
  12. Thanks, well I was thinking some koni struts and something equivalent to king spring ultra lows or super lows, as I want a bit of comfort as it is a daily, these were the same or cheaper than king springs so that does help, what would be a good comfort spring rate- 4&2? And no, car has no stickers, I know it's a Honda and I get plenty of shit for it, it's just a good daily
  13. Look at this on eBay: Skunk2 Adjustable Coilovers Coilover Sleeve 88-00 Honda Civic Integra 10kg/18kg http://bit.ly/MRcDmU As far as I can tell, these slot over the oem struts and affix to them and by magic (it seems) converts them to coilovers? Has anyone had any experience with them? Are they as awful as I'm thinking or could this be an alternate to buying new struts and new springs, or coilovers? Car needs new struts anyway and probably springs too, so just wondering if anyone could give me some advice based on experience? Cheers! Edit: won't be going for 10 and 18 kg springs!
  14. Civic fuel economy

    Yeah just over 35 liters I think, thanks for that, just needed some reaffirming