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  1. since my semi-recent trip to the USA last year I have been slightly obsessed with ribs.. generally pork but I am not biased. Any one have any good recommendations for places in Adelaide that they have tried. So far I tried from the following: Outback Jacks (Glenelg) - Combo BBQ Ribs Lamb/Beef/Pork. Pork and Lamb were great, the beef was a bit tough and didn't pull away from the bone. Tomorrow night am heading to the Hogs Breath Cafe in town to try their Boss Hog BBQ ribs. I have also heard mixed reviews about the Pink Pig in North Adelaide, some good, some bad - but am yet to try them.
  2. another one for the Onkyo receiver, I purchased an Onkyo TX-NR509 last year and it has been great.
  3. I was only thinking about window tinting late last week.. will keep an eye on this thread but from previous threads I can remember Michaels name and also Scorpion Window Tinting on Main North Road coming up quite often.
  4. it's been a while since I had my 180.. isn't the oil filter reasonably low down on the engine? If it is up higher and the oil is settled then he shouldn't lose too much oil.
  5. well drain the oil into a clean pan and then take the filter off, replace it and reuse the oil - easy.
  6. 18-55 will work as a good all purpose lens. I would always recommend adding in a 30-35mm fast prime lens for any camera.
  7. General chit chat thread!

    The forums have been pretty dead lately. That would be a pretty shit feeling on bitumen. I had it happen to me when I was racing an enduro event on a dirt bike. Speed wasn't that high, maybe 60-70km but there was no bringing the bike back, and went for a nice slide. Have put a set of mufflers on order from JC Whitney in the USA they are Emgo 19" cocktail shakers. These will mate with the factory headers (1-3/4") and should add a decent amount of sound. Virtually straight through with a removable/repackable baffle. I will then replace the carb springs, change the needles and go up to 130 main jets (from a 125) and throw it on a dyno for a power run to see how the A/F's are (don't care to much about the power increase).' I was also considering the short slashcut which is what I have on the bike at the moment, but a 19" version, however I thought the cocktail shaker suited the Triumph style a bit better.
  8. General chit chat thread!

    saw this beast while browsing on bikesales.. wow! http://www.bikesales...id=138FBB1BBC79
  9. Samsung Galaxy S 4

    I agree with pyro and Chris.. Just looks like an update to me. The Sony xpheria or HTC One looks like the phone to buy. Not sure why you are defending it so much Antonio, did you design it? Or do you have shares on Samsung?
  10. General chit chat thread!

    quick video before work this morning... http://youtu.be/woF9gEKXlTQ
  11. General chit chat thread!

    Yeah it has the Triumph off-road (TORS) short slash cut pipes on it plus the intake mods. It's not overly loud on idle/cruising but has a nice bark on WOT throttle. Having said that I'll probably hole-saw out the restrictor plate out on the back end to up the volume a bit. I have stock pipes if it ever gets defected. Will throw up a video of start-up tomorrow morning on the way to work.
  12. General chit chat thread!

    The bike finally arrived over the weekend and I picked it up yesterday! On the downside I didn't realise that they had crated it in a manufacturer delivery crate and the front wheel, mudguard and handle bars were all of. Spent from 8-10pm last night putting it together and here is the finished result: Either way, its great to ride and looks literally brand new for a 5 year old bike.
  13. HTC One, best looking phone ever made? Reposted

    Depending how i feel about the iPhone 5S (currently on a 4S) this could well be my next phone, not having a sd card slot doesn't bother me. It looks much better then the mock-ups of the Galaxy S4 I have seen, plus it is smaller and made of proper materials not plastic. The last HTC phone I ever played with was my brothers HTC Touch Pro with the slide out keyboard a few years ago and it was f**king horrid compared to my iPhone 3, so I will definitely be having a play with it first (I understand HTC have come along way since 2009)
  14. General chit chat thread!

    I have actually reconsidered the whole black thing.. and saw a photo on the Triumph RAT forums the other day.. this is a 2010 model so different front forks to mine. The exhausts will stay polished and I will just powdercoat the center console (more to reduce glare), headlight cone, and speedo. And get some black mirrors and levers.
  15. General chit chat thread!

    Bike is now crated up at Team Moto awaiting pickup tomorrow by the transport company... the countdown begins.
  16. General chit chat thread!

    this waiting game is shit.. damn QLD for having more bikes for sale then SA.
  17. Looking to have a set of header pipes, plus a motorbike exhaust ceramic coated black, unless there are any other options for going black over stainless steel exhausts? Any recommendations locally are much appreciated. Cheers
  18. Ceramic Coating for Exhausts

    just incase anyone else searches for this topic.. I spoke to Shaun at Ceramic Coat Australia - a division on Pacemaker headers in Adelaide. Pricing for the 2 x motorbike exhausts (headers pipes and mufflers) was $200 in satin black. Still awaiting a price on the manifold. http://www.pacemaker...ramic_coat.html 6 Reese Avenue Richmond SA 5033
  19. General chit chat thread!

    Go with the Yammy scorpio's they have at the testing facilities, easiest bike to manoeuvre. For the double u-turn ride the clutch, use the rear brake to control your speed (don't touch the front) and you will find that with a tight turn like that you will end up leaning the opposite way to what you are turning.. Keep your pace slow and you should have any problems. The other area I saw people struggle with was the straight line slow speed, again it's similar principle ride clutch/rear brake. It's one is easy to practise on the road in normal riding conditions, ie when you are approaching traffic lights that are red. Basically most of the tests are all about good brake and clutch control, if you have these you should be fine.
  20. General chit chat thread!

    Haha.. I'd love to not ride in the rain.. But as of a few weeks ago we are down to one car and the bike.. I could always get dropped into work by the missus on her way in but where's the fun in that.
  21. General chit chat thread!

    Yeah I had a Skype with the owner this morning and he showed me around the bike, it's pretty much flawless. He's a triumph guy through and through and definitely has cared for the bike.
  22. General chit chat thread!

    I ended up uplling the pin on a Speedmaster yesterday coming from a 50 year old english guy. So very early next week I will be transporting the new ride down to Adelaide from Brisbane. 2007 Triumph Speedmaster Inline twin 865cc (carby) Gloss black 11,000kms Slash cut TOR 'shorty' exhausts K&N 'freak' intake kit with re-jetted carbs Zodiac indicators ISO grips Custom Guzzler touring seat. It will be coming freshly serviced from Team Moto Triumph, with a new front tyre and brake pads. He is throwing in the bike lift, stock pipes/indicators and logbooks/workshop manual also. Cannot wait! Future plans are a solo seat with removable pillion pad/sissy rack (for the fiancé) black mirrors and possibly ceramic coated black exhaust.
  23. Ceramic Coating for Exhausts

    Thanks for the reply. Is Rex Kelway a member on here or does he have a business name?
  24. General chit chat thread!

    Yeah looking at second hand, should be able to pick something up for around 9-10k. Went in with the fiance on Saturday to have a look at tem and I have a test ride booked today. Apparently the dealer is getting a black and white version traded in soon which I quite like the look of.. As for Victory I'm a big fan of the Judge (except for the quirky seat/tank/side plate detail) but again they are still high teens for second hand. I do love the V-Twin engine detail on them - not sure how the Victories handle or if they are much the same as Harley's? The thing I like about the Triumph is that the bike is based on the Bonneville/Thruxton chassis and engine.
  25. General chit chat thread!

    haha.. I don't think I will be getting one any time soon. I'm not sure if I could live with it as a daily commuter (super uncomfortable). To be honest I have been slightly bitten by the cruiser bug, I have been riding the fiance's Dads second bike a Honda Shadow Ace 750 around the last couple of weeks to give it a bit of a run as it hasn't been used in 2 years. Apart from the hugely wide handle bars, its surprisingly pleasant in traffic and I love the torque curve. So I am considering the Triumph Speedmaster (would love the Thunderbird Storm but can't justify spending 20k+ on a bike)